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Lindsay History

by Isadore Lindsay

Mine La Motte, Mo, Jan 18 1936


The great grand father of Isadore Lindsay immigrated from Green County, Kentucky in 1815 or 1816, locating in Jackson County, Illinois, in the Southern and Western part. My great grand father Caleb Lindsay had a large family of 14 children, 8 boys and 6 girls. There were four, if not five, married in Kentucky before coming to Illinois. My great grand father brought 2 married sons and 2 married daughters with him when he came, he located west of where Pomona, Ill now stands. Pomona wasn't built until 1872-73, there was no railroad in the southern part until the Illinois Central was built. I think it was started in 1844.

I will not be able to tell you the ages of any of these except in my father's family, as I am writing from tradition, what my father, great uncles and aunts have told me. I was born in 1850.

Now these people took up land and built homes, and put out fruit trees. At that time there was fine timber, but no saw mills. Father said they sawed lumber by man power to make their floors and doors. They hewed logs square and put them on a scaffold. One man stood on the scaffold and one on the ground and sawed. They cut and hewed logs to make the house.

I will tell you about my great grand father, he settled on the hill west of Cave Creek and made a farm of what is now known as the Adam Stearns farm. Aunt Easter, daughter of my great grand father, married old Uncle John Stearns, the father of Adam Stearns, and they bought out the heirs. There is a cemetery on that farm, a man by the name of Jesse Gordon is buried there, "To the Memory of Jesse Gordon, a soldier of the Revolution, born Oct 3, 1755 died Aug 27 1850, age 95 years" He came from Kentucky with the Lindsays as 2 of the Lindsay boys married Gordons and his son Lavern Gordon married Nancy Lindsay, my grand mother and a daughter of Caleb Lindsay.

Now I will tell you the names of the 8 sons of Caleb Lindsay, they were my great uncles, William Lindsay, we call him uncle Billy, and uncle Green Lindsay, were both preachers of the gospel. My great grandfather was a preacher, and another of his sons preached. Uncle Billy and uncle Green both married Gordons and located North of their father. Uncle Martin located on Birks Island, 2 miles south of Grand Tower, Ill. Uncle Caleb located south of his father. Uncle James located North of his father on the same ridge where uncle Green lived. Uncle Jim was a doctor. There were three doctors in my great grand father's family. Aunt Betsy was a doctor (midwife) and Jess, uncle Billy's son was a doctor. Uncle John located on the same hill where his father lived and joining his father's farm. Uncle Joshua located on Cave Creek, North of Pomona, Uncle Lewis located on Cave Creek north of Pomona. Now the 8 sons of my great grand father were: William, Green, Martin, Caleb, James, John, Joshua and Lewis.

I will give you the names of the daughters later, I want to tell you that these men were farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, shoemakers,, doctors, and preachers. Old uncle Simon Hiller married into the family, he was a preacher and a good man. Those men organized the Christian Church, the first in the county. This church was organized on the farm of old uncle Billy Lindsay 2 1/2 miles west and a little north of west of Pomona, Ill. The church was organized by these brothers and Henry Casey. They built a big hewed log church house on my great grand father's farm west of Cave Creek and close to the cemetery where Jesse Gordon is buried. I think it was first called the Lindsay cemetery, or Gordon cemetery. I want to say this old church stood many years. Caleb Lindsay, my great grand father, had built south of the church, the spring being between his house and the church. Old uncle John Stearns moved the house. Let me say I stayed all night with uncle John before he moved the house up on the hill where it now stands. I was a small boy at that time and I saw the walls of the old log church, with no roof on it. They had built at Mt Pleasant (Jerusalem) and moved over there. I was a small boy when that church was built for a church and a school, that was after they had gotten free schools, before that they had subscription schools.

Old Uncle Simon Lyerla (Lirely) gave ground for the church and school. It was about 3 miles west of Pomona, Ill. Mr. Lirely was a good man, he lived there a long time, then traded farms with Mr Halderman and moved to Montgomery Co Ill. Uncle Simon Lirely raised a big family, 5 or 6 boys and 1 girl. His youngest boy married my niece, Isabel Finch. (This was Sol Lyerla, he was a school teacher). Cal Lirely was ordained to preach in the first church that was built on his father's place, I think old Uncle Fletcher helped ordain him. Uncle Fletcher was a fine old man, he was a farmer, school teacher, and preacher, he married Ciely Ellis.

There was a settlement of Ellises north of the church on Murphysboro road, but Murphysboro was not built when this church was organized. Brownsville was the county seat at that time. Dr .Jim Lindsay said they made salt there when first settling.

Grandpa Fletcher (Oliver Ensign Fletcher) said before he died that he had been preaching 65 years, he was converted when 13 years old, he was 82 when he died.

I met all of the 8 sons of my great grand father Caleb Lindsay, except Lewis. I don't recall meeting him. I think uncle Billy was the oldest of the boys, he had 4 boys and 1 girl that I can think of now. Jesse Green, the oldest, was a doctor and farmer, he and my father Reuben Lindsay worked together at the old water mill on Cedar Creek, (Jackson Co Ill.) After they built it it was called Wolf's mill. They ground corn and sawed lumber there. I remember going with one of my uncles there once when I was little.

Genire, the girl, may be the next, she married Fielding Jones, he was in the Mexican War (1844). He and old Peter Cripps, Tice Hagler and old man Milligan were all in the war. He was a farmer and traded some. (Note-Jackson Co Records: Margaret Genire Lindsay married Fielding Jones Sept 22, 1849) I can't say if uncle Billy had another daughter or not. The next son, I think, was Caleb, named after his grand father. One time while father lived on the river (Big Muddy) Caleb come to our house on his way to see Uncle Martin Lindsay, and the river was frozen over. He got a little ax from father to cut the ice and dropped it in the river. I was a little fellow and father had given me the ax, so I was mad at him for losing my ax.

I have not told about Jesse Green's children. He had 3 boys and 2 girls. Billie, named after his grandfather, he was farmer, carpenter, and preacher. He pastored the old church at Mt. Pleasant several times. Next was Newton, he bought and sold stock. John was the young boy, he went to Arkansas. I saw him once. Jesse Green's oldest girl married L. D. Grissom, they lived at Anna, Ill. I think he ran a store. I met him once when I was preaching at Jonesboro, Ill.  Mary, the youngest girl, married a Jones, I met him once, he was a delegate to the annual meeting and was at my house once.

I think Uncle Billy had a son James, the youngest of the boys. I don't know all their names. Uncle Billy moved away from Jackson County to near Springfield, Mo. James Lindsay came back to see the old place and was at my house. We were having conference meeting. Uncle Billy moved away before the Civil War, and the two old folks came back to Jackson Co after war broke out and stayed until the war was over, then went back home. My sister Mary and I went to see them and took dinner with them while they were back. I was 10 or 11 at that time. Uncle Billy was back again to preach Uncle Simon Hiller's funeral, I was about 20 then. (1870)

I want to tell you about uncle Green Lindsay, he married Sarah Gordon. They raised 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. Billie Green, Simon, Caleb and Richard. Billie Green's children were Sarah and Perly (Piety?). Sarah married a Cook and Piety married a Cook, Billie Green raised one boy, he died and never married.

Simon Lindsay, son of old uncle Green married Tabitha Ellis (Records: Simon Lindsay married Tabitha Ellis July 1 1852 - Jackson History says Tabitha came to Jackson Co. Ill from Warren County, Tennessee 1852) They raised 4 boys. Richard, the oldest, married Narcissi Bradbury, they raised 4 or 5 children, 1 boy was Isaac, Tabitha married John Jackson.

Now I want to tell you about Caleb, uncle Green's 3 rd son and his family. He married Nancy Haun, she was a Smith and married a Haun first. She had a girl Sirena Huan. They raised 4 children. Their oldest, Rebecca married William Tripp, they raised 3 boys, Elmer. was a school teacher, Harvey a farmer, Caleb's 2nd girl, Ritty married John Nance, they raised 3 children and moved away. The 3 rd girl, Cynthia, married Grant Minton, he died and she married Jeff Robinson, they lived near Carbondale, Ill. Caleb's boy died and was never married, his name was Wilson

I want to tell about Richard Green, 4th son of old uncle Green Lindsay, Richard, married a widow Lewis, Sarah Lewis. She had two children, James and Jane Lewis. They raised 4 Lindsay children, 3 girls and 1 boy.  The oldest girl Sarah died and was never married, 2nd Margaret married Marion Nobel, they had a boy and a girl. The girl married Elmer Lindsay, William Lindsay's son. William was grand son of old uncle Fletcher and of Dr Jim Lindsay. The son married a Smith. (These were Viola Nobel who married Elmer Lindsay and Harry Nobel who married Edna Smith.)

Now I will tell about Uncle Martin Lindsay, son of Caleb. He married Nina Masters, they lived on Birks Island, he bought 200 acres of land there and had a fine farm. They had 3 children that I remember.... Caleb married and moved to Texas...John Clary married one of the girls, and they raised several girls (records-Sarah Clary married Joseph Burns Nov 9 1890, parents, Sarah Lindsay and John Clary). Bud Sullivan married one. Sam Siegler married one, John Burns married one. Henry Bruce married one of uncle Martin's girls. They raised 2 or 3 girls, I don't know all of them, that's the last of Uncle Martin's family. Peter Atchison married a great grand daughter. They all lived on Birks Island.

Uncle Martin married a widow the 2nd time, a Mrs. Maxie, they had 2 children, Henry and Ida, I don't know who they married.

At this time I want to stop and tell you of Uncle Green's daughters, and two of Richard's children. I should have mentioned them before, but they slipped my mind. Richard's son was named Jacob. He married a widow Reeves, she had 2 little boys. Jacob was a farmer and a school teacher, they lived on Poplar Ridge Road south of Murphysboro about 6 miles south.

In 1899 we had a terrible cyclone in March. Jacob was teaching away from home, he rode home to find his house blown down, his wife lying unconscious under some timbers and one of her little boys killed, his wife didn't regain consciousness until after the little boy was buried. Jacob's youngest, I think her name was Ida, taught school too. She married and moved away. (The writer doesn't say if Jacob had any more children or not)

Richard's wife died suddenly, they had a good home and were well fixed. They were good singers and we sure did miss them at church. In a few years Richard married a widow Covergate, Woods Covergate's widow.

We were talking about Uncle Green's daughters. He raised 4 daughters. I should have taken this up before I told you about uncle Martins' family. I just got thru telling about Richard's family, Uncle Green's youngest son and his family.

Uncle Green's oldest daughter, Minerva Jane, married Reuben Ellis. They located north of the church, close to her folks. They raised 4 girls and 5 boys. Daniel born in May 1850 married Glaffery Cook, Robert York married their oldest girl, (Daniel's and Glaffery's). After Daniel died the family moved away. Johnson Ellis was next oldest, he married a Summers, they raised several children. I can't tell you their names.

George Ellis was next, he married Mona Provens, they had several children, my grandson married one of the girls. George and John bought farms across the road from their father. Billie also. Billie married an Ellis, they raised several children, Harvey, Ira, Charles, and the girl was Ivy.

Reuben Ellis, youngest son of Minerva and Reuben Ellis, married a Summers, and moved away. Minerva had 4 girls, the oldest, Amine married Scott Douglas, they had several children. The next daughter was Ciely Ellis, she married David Cripps. They raised 1boy and 3 girls. Jane Ellis married Loransy Parker, the youngest daughter married Dan Hagler, they had 1 boy.

Next of Uncle Green's daughters was Margaret, she married Philip Wolf. They raised a boy and a girl, John and Sarah Wolf. Margaret died and Richard Lindsay took the boy and Uncle Green took the girl to raise.

Next of Uncle Green's girls was Sarah, David Bays wife. They raised 4 boys and 2 girls. James Bays married a Ragins and moved away. Cal married a Linn. Albert married Etta York, a grand daughter of R. L. York. The youngest, Walter, moved away. The oldest daughter, Laura Bays married George Davis. Mary Bays married a Ragins first, he died and she married Tom Baysden. Uncle Green's youngest daughter was Rebecca, she married Henry Gregory, they raised 3 children, 1 girl and 2 boys. Mary Ann, the oldest married a Smith, James took care of the express at Murphysboro a long time. Jessse, the youngest, was a farmer, I don't know who he married.

Now I have given you a sketch of 3 of my great grandfather's sons. Now I will tell about the 4th son, Caleb, (Caleb was born Green County Ky, 1817). He married Perlee Walker, or Henson. I think Mr. Reese Walker and John and Ben Walker were her half brothers.

Old Uncle Caleb and aunt Perlee raised a large family. Joshua, was the oldest, he married Ellen Cluff, she had been married before and they raised 10 children, 5 Cluff, and 5 Lindsay children. Josh's youngest son killed himself. He took his gun and started rabbit hunting and came by my place to get my son to go with him. I told him he could go when we finished sawing some ties in two. Ephriam sat down on a stump and we went on sawing. I heard the gun fire. I looked up to see him falling. I jumped to catch him but he fell on his face in the snow. I sent my son to tell his folks. There was snow and the coroner didn't get there that day. Robert L. York had us take him in and the coroner came the next day. This was a grandson of Uncle Caleb. Joshua's oldest girl was Lavitia (Lavisa?). She married Ellison Foster, they raised two girls and two boys, and Joshua's other girl married a Reeves. They raised several children, the boy married and the youngest married and they moved away.

Uncle Caleb's oldest girl was Jane, she married a Bellew. He deserted her and she married a Huntsberger, they raised several children.

The 3 rd son of Uncle Caleb was Marvel Lindsay, he married Susan King, they raised 10 children. Rebecca, the oldest, married a Ledbetter, they moved to California. Ellen married John Hagler, they had a son, Ned. Sarah married Charles Johnson, they had a girl, Madge. They moved to California. Laura married Irve Johnson, they raised 4 girls and 2 boys, they moved to California. Carrie was the youngest, I think, and the oldest son was Jefferson. Elmer was next, then Edgar, then Ray. Letha was next to the youngest. She married Alonzo Fuller, they raised 8 or 9 children. I united Laura and Letha to their husbands in marriage.

Next of Uncle Caleb's family was James, he married Jennie Jones. They had a son Charles. Next was John Calvin, he died and was never married. Next was William, he married Isabell Freeman. They had 2 boys and 2 girls. Albert the oldest married a King and Cyrus married a King. Pearlie was the oldest girl, then Norma, Pearlie taught school.

Elisha was next of Uncle Caleb's sons, he got a good woman, they raised 2 girls, Jessie and Ruth. Ruth married and died. Jessie taught school. Elisha died suddenly.

Next of Uncle Caleb's family was Lydia. She married Cyrus Freeman, and they had 2 boys and 2 girls. Fulva, the oldest, married a Runfelt, Bryan was the oldest son's name.

Next of Uncle Caleb's sons was Willis. He married Emma Tope, he died suddenly, they had no children.

Uncle Caleb sold his farm and moved to Springfield, Mo., from there to Arkansas, he died and the family moved back to Illinois.

I will now tell about old Uncle James Lindsay, the doctor, the 5 th son of my great grand father, Caleb Lindsay. Uncle Jim married Sarah Hagler. They located on a high hill west of Cave Creek. They raised 3 boys and partly raised 4 orphan boys and they had 5 girls.

Ralph (Phillip?) Lindsay, the oldest. married a Hancock. They had a son Phillip. The doctor raised him.  James married Elizabeth Fletcher, old grandpa Fletcher's daughter, they raised 3 sons and 2 daughters.  William was oldest, Elizie, and Minta Lindsay. William married Lavina Johnson. They raised a son, (Elmer) he married a Nobel. Eliza married a Johnson, they raised several children, one of their sons fell of a bluff, I can't tell you all their names, one daughter married Jacob Weber. Minta Lindsay married Marion Cripps, I don't know their children's names. Now this was James Lindsay's family, son of Doctor Jim Lindsay. James went to the Civil War and died, his family lived with her parents, Grandpa Fletcher. The doctor's daughter Sarah married John Fletcher. John went to war and Sarah died during the war.

William Lindsay, the doctor's 3 rd son married twice, he and the first wife had 1 son, Lindard. His wife died and the grand parents raised Linard. William's 2 nd wife was a Cook, they raised 4 children, I think. David the oldest, married a Gray, they raised 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls. Raymond married a Pirtle, I can't say who the others married. I must say Linard and David were fine boys, and I mustn't forget their brother Alfred.

I have given you the doctor's boys and grandsons, Uncle Jim raised Phillip Lindsay, his grandson and Linard, his grandson. He gave Phillip 40 acres of land on Cave Creek, and when Pomona was built, it was built on part of Phillip's place. Phillip married an Anderson.

The doctor's girl Sarah was the oldest, I have already told you who she married. Easter was next, she married John Childers, I think he left her. Barbara was next, she had asthma so bad she never grew like she should. Martha Ann married Markeenis Ellis. Mary, the youngest, married James (Thomas?) Rains, he was a preacher, they raised 4 boys and 2 girls. Nora, the oldest, married a Tweedy. I don't know who Sylvester married. Fount married Louise...and Elzo married after I moved away. Anna married one of David Ellis's sons. This is all of the doctor's family. The doctor's house burned in 1873, Henry Gregory rebuilt his house for him. (Note- the doctor was still living in 1879, I found his name on a death record of that year, this was a Mary Cripps, born Tenn, married, 23 years old, buried Mt. Pleasant)

I will tell you about old Uncle John Lindsay, another of my great grandfather's sons. He married Catherine Sumner, they lived south of his father, they had 4 boys and 2 girls. Margaret married a Qualls, they had a son. Qualls died and Margaret married uncle Charles Baysden, they raised 2 boys and 3 girls. Charles married John Jones's daughter. Tom married an Ellis, she died and he married Mary Bays (Ragins). Uncle Charles Baysden had been married before and had 1 boy and 1 girl, his son George was a fine man. Margaret had a good home, one of her daughters married Morgan Moutell, one married Doc Thompson, one married Jesse Franklin, one married David Ellis, he died and she married Henry Thompson.

Lewis, the oldest son of old Uncle John, married and lived in Pomona, Ill. I don't know how many children they had. He lived to be 97 years old. One of his girls married Sherman Moutell, they lived close to the church.

Mary, next of old Uncle John's girls, married William Crowell. They had 3 boys. Later he died and she married Peter Cook. Ely Lindsay died and was never married. Thomas, the next, he married and farmed awhile then took up saw milling. He sawed for Bill Lindsay. I think Tom and his wife separated. The youngest of Uncle John's was John, he married and bought out the heirs on the old home place, and lived there all his life. I don't know the names of his children, one got killed by some heavy lumber falling on him, another could tinker with watches. That is all of Uncle John's children I remember. He lived to be 70 years old.

Next was Joshua Lindsay, he married Sarah Sumner, they had several children. The oldest was Marion, he went to war in 1861. After the war he married Nancy Wolf. Their oldest son Sherman married a Morrow, they didn't live together long. His parents were not satisfied and he killed himself. I think Reba was the next oldest and that she married John Edwards. Margaret married Leopold Wackly. Jackson was next, I don't think he ever married. Washington was the youngest, he married Emma Ellis. She was Isaac Ellis's oldest daughter. This was all of Uncle Joshua's family.

Next was Uncle Lewis Lindsay, he married Nancy Summers, (Sumner?) a sister to Uncle Josh's wife. I don't know much about his family. I don't recall ever seeing him. They had 3 children, John Lewis was the oldest, I don't know who he married. This is all of the 8 sons of my great grand father, Caleb Lindsey. He was a preacher and 3 of his sons were preachers.

Now I will tell you something of the daughters of Caleb Lindsay, my great grand father. There was 6 of them. I think the oldest was Sallie More. She lived on Ellis Ridge, on one of Dr Jim Lindsay's farms, the one he gave his son William. Aunt Sallie raised 4 boys and 2 or 3 girls. Caleb Moore, named after her father, I don't know who he married. He was about the same age as my father, (Reuben Lindsay). He moved to Pulaski Co., Ill.  I saw him once when I was a traveling salesman. I stopped of at his house and stayed all night with him. I met 2 of his daughters while there and 1 of his brothers. Sallie's oldest girl, Nancy married a Tope, she had 2 boys and 3 girls. Sarah Tope, her oldest married John Coleman, my uncle on my mother's side. William Tope, her oldest son, and Catherine the next oldest daughter and Lavina the youngest daughter....Jesse Tope, the youngest son, and Aunt Sallie's next oldest son, William, moved away. I don't know who he married, he worked for my father, Reuben Lindsay awhile. Martin Moore married an Ellis, and moved to Pulaski Co., Ill. He was the one I met when I stayed all night with Caleb Moore.

Now I want to tell you about Aunt Elizabeth, another daughter of my great grand father, Caleb Lindsay. She married James Beard, they had 1 son, James. He married Serena Sumner, they had 2 daughters, William Bishop married 1 of them, and John Cochran married the other, he left her and she married Edward Tope of Grand Tower, Ill. Beard died and she (Eliz) married Franklin Coleman. They lived near Carbondale, Ill. They had 1 boy and 4 girls. Green Coleman was their oldest, he was a carpenter, his father, Frank, was a carpenter. Green married Delilah Hagler, they had 1 son. The oldest daughter of Aunt Betsy, Martha Ann, married Thomas Robinson of Grand Tower Ill. (Note-we found record of John Thomas Robinson marrying Dorothy Adaline Coleman Sept 10 1857 - Jackson Co Ill. Could the writer be wrong here?) They raised 1 son Caleb Robinson, named after his grand father. Robinson died and she married James Hambric. They lived near Carbondale, Ill. They had 2 girls (3?) Sarah and Laura. Hambric was in the war and she drew a pension. Aunt Elizabeth's next daughter, Diza, married Pembrook King. They lived near Alto Pass, Ill. They had 2 boys and 1 girl. Samuel, the oldest, married a widow Butts, their daughter's name was Laura and Albert was the youngest son. I don't know who he married. Mary, aunt Betsy's 3 rd daughter married 3 or 4 times. Sarah, the youngest, married James Batson. (Note - I think the writer is confused here, Sarah Batson was a Hambric, she had a sister Mary, who married an Axley. Possibly she is the one who married 3 or 5 times. The writer says there was a Laura but I've never heard of a Laura). Sarah Hambric married James Batson, they had 4 boys and 3 girls. John, William, Roy and Charles. I don't know who John married. Will married a Batson, Roy married a Grammer, Charles married a Groves. The oldest girl married a doctor (Dutch Doc) and the next married John Bush, she died and I preached her funeral. The youngest girl died and never married. This is all of Aunt Betsy's family.  She was a good old woman, she was a doctor. (Midwife)


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