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I will tell you bout Aunt Becky (Rebecca). She married Simon Hiller.  They lived on Crab Orchard Creek, on Jonesboro and Murphysboro road about 6 miles from Carbondale, Ill. Mr. Hiller had been married and they raised two sets of children. Aunt Beccky was father's aunt and my great aunt. I never saw her but once or twice. I only saw Mr. Hiller once or twice, I heard him preach at our annual conference, and I heard Uncle William preach his funeral. They built a church on uncle Simon's farm. I stayed all night with one of his sons at our annual conference meeting. They had 40 people there that night. I later took dinner with one of his daughters, I told her about that meeting.

I will now tell you about Nancy Lindsay. She was my grandmother.  She married Lavern Gordon and my father was raised by a step father and called Reuben Gordon. Later he changed his name to Lindsay (Note- nothing is know of Reuben's father except that his name was Morse or Morris) Nancy and Lavern Gordon had 5 girls and 1 boy. The oldest girl was Nancy, she married Jesse Gregory. They went to California. And he worked awhile in Salt Lake City. They buried a little boy while there. They moved back to Illinois after the war and raised most of their family. They had 7 girls, Lou, Cass, Jane, Dora, May, Nora, and Ella. They first lived at Makanda, later at Cobden, then Alto Pass. Ill (Note-It is said they moved to Pennsylvania finally). Louise married a Hanson and lived at Boskeydell, Ill. I don't know who Madora married, Jane married an Underwood, I think they went to Randolph County, Ill. (the writer didn't say who the rest married). Aunt Nancy was at my house when I lived by the church.

Margaret was the 2nd of Nancy's daughters, she married Andrew Rodgers. They raised 3 children, George and Lizzie. Medora married a Cook and the other two died. Rodgers died and Aunt Margaret married Phillip Cripps, they had 2 children, the son was Phillip and the little girl died. (Note-Margaret later married a Bryant, after Phillip died).

Another daughter of Nancy and Lavern Gordon was Marinda, she married Joseph Russell, they had a boy and a girl, the girl married a Foster, and had a son Frankie Foster, who lived in Jonesboro, Ill., the son was George. I don't know what became of him. Marinda had a hard life.

The 4 th daughter of Nancy and Lavern Gordon was Celia, she married a Hagler. They had a son, George Loyd. He married a Lipe, he was an engineer. Hagler went to the war and died. Aunt Celia married Marian Guinn and they had 2 girls. Nora married George Minton. Nina married a Holliday.

The 5 th daughter of Nancy and Lavern Gordon was Mary, she married James Tope. They had a son and a daughter. Edward, the son, married a Beard. They lived at Grand Tower, Ill. Nettie went to Ark. Uncle James went to war. Aunt Mary stayed at father's part of the time and part at Aunt Celia's. After James came home he was cutting a tree and it fell on him and killed him. Aunt Mary died at father's house.

Janier died and was never married (this is evidently another of Nancy's daughters). Robert Gordon, half brother to my father, went to war and died and was never married. Lavern Gordon died when I was a small boy and was buried in Stearn's cemetery. It was in winter and was very cold with snow on ground.

The 5th daughter of Caleb Lindsay was Easter, she married a Tope first. They had 2 girls and a boy. The oldest girl, Elizabeth married Reece Walker. They moved to Kansas. Charlotte married Franklin Bays. They had 2 daughters. He went to war and died. She got a  pension. She married Harrison Hutchins. Fred Tope, Easter's son went to war and died. (note-Frederick Tope, Co. E 31st Reg. Ill. Vol Inf. Died June 1 1862, age 21 years 3 months, stone in Stearns cemetery in his memory). Easter drew a pension. After Tope died Easter married Uncle Green Coleman a half brother to my mother (This is not the same Green Coleman that married Delilah Hagler) she and Green had no children. After Green died she married old Uncle John Stearns, they had a son William Stearns, he ran a dairy in Murphysboro, Ill. In 1889.

When I was a little fellow my father had a long spell of sickness and water was so unhandy that Aunt Easter had him brought to her house, that was while Uncle Green was living, and they took care of him. Aunt Easter would come to our house and help mother with her work, and Aunt Betsy Coleman would come stay a week at a time and help mother.

I have told you about 5 of Caleb's daughters. Now I will tell you about Charlotte. She married John Wilson. They had 4 girls and 2 boys. Alzada married an Edwards, I know nothing of her children. Curtis, the oldest son,, married Rhoda Russell after the war. Isaac married a McGates. I don't know who the rest married. Wilson and Charlotte parted and she and 3 of the girls stayed at fathers a few days. She just stayed with her folks, she and Lewis were the first to die of the family of 14 children.

Now I will tell you of my father, Reuben Lindsay. He married Sarah Coleman and they raised 5 children of their own and 5 orphan children.

There were 4 boys and 1 girl, the oldest was Tilman Lindsay, born 1844 Pomona, Ill. He married Margaret Meredith. They had 5 boys and 3 girls. Junior Milton married Emma Tope, the son Irve married Nell Courtwright, the girl Maude married Ed Higgins. Next of Tilman's was Isabell. She married Henry Clark, they had 3 sons and 4 girls, Carrie Clark , the oldest, married a Sizemore (first) they had 2 children. Isabell and Henry's oldest son married a Ward, his name was Albert. Ada, the next of Isabell's girls, I don't know who she married. Elmer died and never married. I don't know who Rosella married. Henry, the youngest son married Irene Batson.

Tilman's 2nd girl, Rosella, married a Dickson, they had 2 children, the girl, Bonnie, married Ben Wilson (They live in Gurdon, Ark 1955)

Next of Tilman's children was William Isadore, he married first Laura Pipes. They had a son, Dewey Lindsay. Laura died and he married a Cassman, they had 3 girls and 1 boy. Mary Margaret was the oldest (b. Aug 1910) then Golda and Cecil, the son's name was James (William).

Next of Tilman's children was Joseph Lindsay, he married Jean Mainer, they raised 4 girls and 3 boys - Mabel - Marie - Beulah - Josephine - Joseph Albert - Ogle - James and Joy Belle. (one of these boys goes as Tilman, I believe it is James Tilman) I don't know who Joe's children married.

Next of Tilman's were twins Cleveland and Arthur. Arthur married Margaret King. They had several children, Leroy - Everette - twins Pauline and Rosine - Carl and (?) Paul.. Arthur lives at Carbondale and Cleve at Jonesboro, Ill. (they still do, 1955)

Next of Reuben's children was Mary, she married William Finch and they had 2 girls and 1 boy (Mary was born Sept 25 1846) The oldest Isabell married Sol Lyerla, they had 3 girls and 3 boys, Floyd Lyerla - Gladys married a Montgomery - Ariel Lyrla - Esta Lyerla - Annis Lyerla. Mary's daughter, Ella Finch, married William Friese, they had 7 boys and 3 girls. Leo Friese married Velma Courtright. I don't know how many children they had. Finnis Friese married Gertie Miller, they had 3 girls and 1 boy. Brooks Friese, I don't know about his family. Orville Friese died. Mary Friese married James Rendleman, they had 1 girl. Archie Friese is a teacher, I don't know who he married. Richard died. Jessie, a little girl, died. Next is Adelaid (she married a Jones) Next is Russell Friese.

Now I will tell about Jesse, next oldest of Reuben's children. He married Naomi Black (the Blacks came from near Little Rock, Ark after the Civil War). They had 2 boys and a girl. George Married Estella Bowdoin, they had a 1 son, Jesse Lindsay. Stella died. George remarried, divorced, and married Mabel Smalley, formerly of Van Buren, Mo. Jesse's 2nd son, Hollie Lindsay married Belle York, grand daughter of Robert "Squire" York. They had 3 boys and 1 girl. Millard married Beulah Robinson, Tol Ivan and Otto died of diptheria when quite small. Ruby married Clifford Minton. Jesse and Naomi's daughter, Florence, married Tol Foster, they had 3 girls, Avis - Wanda and Florence.

I will tell you about myself. I was born May 1 1850 in Jackson Co Ill. on Simon Lindsay's farm near R. L. York's place. I was 85 my last birthday. I married Mary Jane Norton. When we moved from Simon Lindsay's place I tried to catch my cats and one ran under the floor and I cut my head trying to catch it. Grandma Blevins was there, she had come to see mother before we moved. I was 2 years old then (Grandma Blevins was alive in 1852).

While we lived on Muddy River my brother Jesse almost drowned, mother sent Tilman for Dr. Jim Lindsay. My father was taking care of some stock for Thompson Keith when we lived on the river. When Mr. Keith died, they made a sale and divided the stock and father bought a farm in the hills. I was 5 years old when we moved to the hills.

It was winter when we moved to the hills. Uncle John Coleman, mother's half brother and Samuel Cripps helped us move. The river was frozen over and they sledded our stuff over. Sam would run and skate on the ice and mother was afraid he would get in an airhole and go under. We had 5 miles to go after we got across the river. We got to Uncle Isadore Cripps's house and stayed all night. He married Aunt Nancy Coleman, half sister to my mother. She had 2 boys, one my age, and one older than me.

It snowed the night we stayed with Uncle Isadore Cripps and the two boys covered me up with snow. We had a mile to go. We went down and unloaded and father built a fire which was welcome. Father and Uncle John Coleman went back and butchered our hogs. It was so cold they froze and didn't thaw for several days.

I have already told you I married Mary Jane Norton, daughter of Hiram Norton. We had 2 girls and 2 boys. Sarah Ellen married Charles Finch, they separated. Walter Isadore married Elizabeth Lewis. They had 10 children, Arah, the oldest born Nov 30 1899, married Louis Bryant, he died. Irma married H. H. Cissel of Cotran, Mo. They had 4 children, 3 girls, 1 boy. Mildred, Walter's next daughter, lives in Des Moines, Iowa. She has 6 children. Clara, the 4th daughter married a Doty. They have 3 children. They live in Des Moines, Iowa. Next is twins, Burnie Marie and Merle Lee. Merle married Alma Ellis. Burnie married a Ragons. Next is Eugen, he married a Wolf. Next is Hiram Virgil, he was born Oct 16 1915. Walter's youngest is Leota, (she lives at Jonesboro, Ill, she married a Brimm boy)

The next of our children was Mary Caroline, she was born Sep 12 1875. She married Adam Lyerla. They had no children. She died.

Our next son is Hiram Reuben, born Dec 12 1876. He married Ida Adams of Flat River, Mo. They had 3 children. Earl, the oldest, married a Barton, they had 2 children (He died). Beulah married Ed Garner (They live in Farmington Mo 1955) Ola married Eaulen (sp) Provens (They live in St. Louis Mo 1955)My father was nearly 82 when he died. He died April 5 1905. He had been married 3 times. His first wife was Sarah Coleman, his second was Sarah Johnson (Note: Sarah Johnson was Sarah Elizabeth Hagler. She married (1) James Marion Norton and (2) Addison Johnson - je). 3rd was Sarah Elizabeth Harris (Note- I've heard all three of his wives were Sarah Elizabeth).

Next I will tell of Willis, the youngest of Reuben's children. He was born 1862 in Union County, Ill. He married Nellie Wisom, her people lived at Rockwood, Ill. They had 4 boys and a girl. The oldest son died of appendicitis, next was Harry, he married Malissa Kraft, daughter of Jacob Kraft. Harry had 3 girls and a boy. Connie was the oldest, then Byrd (Elnora) and the son Oral and (the youngest daughter is called "Tootie"). Willis's daughter Cora married Alonzo York. They had several children, Virginia married Ray Grah. Lucille married Joe Gagnepian, Chas married Jean (Brann?). Arvy married Evelyn Maes, Clarence married Evelyn Peters. Ruth married Roy Smith.

Ernest Lindsay died and Howard Lindsay died after they were grown.

Clarence Lindsay married Loretta Jett of Gasconade, Mo. They have several children.

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