Jackson County, Illinois





Constitution...Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church Of Zion, in Jackson County Illinois

Art. I. This Church shall be subject to the control of that Evangelical Lutheran Synod to which the Pastor is a member

Art. II No minister shall or can take charge of this church unless he   is a regular member of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod that is connected with the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the United States of North America

Art. III The Officers of this church shall consist of a Pastor and   church council composed of not less than one nor more than two Elders and also not less than one nor more than two   Deacons who shall be elected from among the regular male   members of this church. There term of Office shall be two years.

Art. IV The Government and Discipline of this Evangelical Lutheran Church shall be as it is laid down in the Formula which is found in the English Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book and such laws as is may be found good. So as not to conflict with the constitution in letter or spirit. That is in the Formula of our Hymn Book.

Art. V Resolved that this constitution can be altered or amended at any regular meeting of the congregation by a majority present of the members.

Resolved. That we the members of this E. L. church will enact a by law prohibiting any of the members of this E. L. church in keeping any kind of ardent Spirits about them to sell and make a business of keeping it and selling it out as a beverage. Those members who will not adhere to said by-law shall be treated as offenders in general

Resolved. That we the members of this E. L. church when attending to the baptism of our children hand over to the clerk of the same the date of their births. Their names as well as the names of the Parents

These Resolutions and By-laws passed and adopted this second day of January 1854


Church Officers Date of Expiration of Name. Office. Installation. Official Term. Remarks

Peter Will Elder Sep. 2-1849

Philip Kimmel Decon Sep. 2-1849

Peter Will Elder Sep. 6-1851

Philip Clotfily Elder Sep. 6-1851

Philip Kimmel Deacon Sep. 6-1851

Ephram Younkin Deacon Sep. 6-1851

Peter Will Elder Sep. 1853

Philip Kimmel Elder Sep. 1853

Stephen A. Holiday Deacon Sep. 1853

Wiley B. Gill Deacon Sep. 1853

Peter Will Elder Jan. 7 1860

Stephen A. Holiday Elder Jan. 7 1860 Reelected 1860

Philip Kimmel Deacon Jan. 7 1860 Reelected 1860

John G. Griffith Deacon Jan. 7 1860 Reelected 1860

Wiley B. Gill Elder Sep. 16 1860 Unexpired term Bro Peter Will dec

Henry Bouscher Deacon Aug. 23 1863 Unexpired term John G Griffith

Stephen A. Holiday Trustee Jan. 16 1864 ? 5 years

Ephram Younkin Trustee Jan. 16 1864 ? 5 years

Samuel Bouscher Trustee Jan. 16, 1864 ? 5 years

Stephen A. Holiday Elder June 7-1866

Philip Kimmel Elder June 7-1866

Wiley B. Gill Deacon June 7-1866

Henry Bouscher Deacon June 7-1866

Philip Kimmel Elder June 8-1873

Henry Bouscher Elder June 8-1873

Josiah Spangler Deacon June 8-1873

George G. Will Deacon June 8-1873

Adam Bitner Elder Sep. 18-1910 Sep. 1912

Josiah Kimmel Elder Sep. 18-1910 Sep. 1912

Norah Will Deaconess Sep. 18-1910 Sep. 1912

John Griffith Deacon Sep. 18-1910 Resigned

Emile Jacquot Deacon April 27, 1912 Resigned To fill vacancy

George Bost Elder April 26, 1913

Josiah Kimmel Elder April 26, 1913

Emile Jacquot Deacon April 26, 1913

Harlan Nausley Deacon April 26, 1913

H. H. Nausley Oct. 1938

Frank Jacquot Oct. 1938

Prosper Jacquot Oct. 1940

Filmore Bitner Oct. 1940 Resigned Oct 1939

Ernest Fager Nov. 1938 Oct. 1941 Vice Pres

Raymond Nausley Nov. 1938 Oct. 1941 Treas

Frank Jacquot Nov. 1938 Oct. 1942 Sec'y

Wiley Bost Nov. 1938 Oct. 1942 Fin. Sec'y


(Note - the successive Pastors are requested here to record the date of their taking or relinquishing the charge of this church, and such other facts connected therewith as they may deem of importance or interest to the Church.)

Sep. 2, 1879 Rev. John Krack-Relinquished

Aug. 1851 Rev. Daniel Jenkins

Rev. Isaac Short

1860 Rev. E. Schwartz

May 26, 1866 Rev. Cyrus Thomas

May 10, 1872 Rev. Ezra Baker

1875 Rev. A. R. Knight

Sept. 1, 1934 Rev. Paul T. Hersch Jan. 31, 1939

Nov. 1, 1939 Rev. Herman Wennemark (sp?)

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