Jackson County, Illinois


Submitted by Suzie

Man-William N. Reeves Age-20

Woman-Mary A. Bagwell Age-20

When Married-Jan 28, 1876

By Whom Certified-John W. Gearheart, JP

Man-Joseph N. Roberts Age-35

Woman-Liddie Sigur Age-28

When Married-Jan 29, 1876

By Whom Certified-Stephen Dillon, JP

Man-John N. Ranes Age-24

Woman-Mahala A. Bowers Age-16

When Married-March 5, 1876

By Whom Certified-Benjamin Suddoth, JP

Man-Christian J. Rine Age-45

Woman-Ruda A. Johnson Age-45

When Married-March 10, 1876

By Whom Certified-William Saul, JP

Man-John B. Rosson Age-28

Woman-Louisa Perry Age-20

When Married-March 26, 1876

By Whom Certified-C. W. Easterly, MG

Man-Charles Roysler Age-24

Woman-Josephine Ridden Age-17

Consent To Marriage Given By Whom-Parents

When Married-Apr 11, 1876

By Whom Certified-Josiah Schrvarlz(?), JP

Man-George Rogers Age-51

Woman-Catharine Jones Age-32

When Married-June 15, 1876

By Whom Certified-Smith Archolas(?), MG

Man-Jesse R. Roach Age-39

Woman-Ellen Prickett Age-18

When Married-June 15, 1876

By Whom Certified-James Prickett, JP

Man-James W. Roach Age-26

Woman-Elizabeth J. Duke Age-21

When Married-Aug 4, 1876

By Whom Certified-D. A. Thomas, MG

Man-John Russell Age-20

Woman-Sarah Jane Snivck Age-18

Consent To Marriage Given By Whom-Parents

When Married-Sept 1, 1876

By Whom Certified-Samuel McAsce(?), MG

Man-Hugh M. Rogers Age-28

Woman-Ann Mifford Age-28

When Married-Feb 5, 1877

By Whom Certified-L. H. Spencer, JP

Man-Thomas J. Rains Age-21

Woman-Mary C. Linsey Age-19

When Married-Mar 26, 1877

By Whom Certified-Thos. W. P. Bishop, MG

Man-John W. Ray Age-26

Woman-Talitha C. Glenn Age-18

When Married-Apr 5, 1877

By Whom Certified-G. D. Ward, MG

Man-Edmond Rude Age-22

Woman-Mariah Sullivan Age-26

When Married-Apr 23, 1877

By Whom Certified-J. V. Brown, JP

Man-John Roberts (Col) Age-27

Woman-Minnie A. Reynolds Age-22

When Married-Jun 21, 1877

By Whom Certified-T. Earnheart, MG

Man-William S. Rogers Age-29

Woman-Dorthrnla H. Skinner Age-40

When Married-July 19, 1877

By Whom Certified-A. L. Yount, MG

Man-Alexander Ripley Age-21

Woman-Amey Fraley Age-19

When Married-Aug 2, 1877

By Whom Certified-William Bradley, Sr., MG

Man-James L. Reeder Age-24

Woman-Sarah Ann Casey Age-17

When Married-Aug 5, 1877

By Whom Certified-G. W. Reeder, JP

Man-Henry T. Rhodes Age-21

Woman-Cynthia A Derieksen(?) Age-21

When Married-Aug 22, 1877

By Whom Certified-John A. McCluer, MG

Man-Peter Rosenberg Age-27

Woman-Margaret A. Bringer Age-19

When Married-Aug 22, 1877

By Whom Certified-M. S. Murphy, MG

Man-Aaron Gisel Age-21

Woman-Ellen Lumfles Age-18

When Married-Aug 23, 1877

By Whom Certified-(?) Hagler, JP

Man-Andrew Pleasant Age-22

Woman-Emeline C. Ahl Age-18

When Married-Aug 23, 1877

By Whom Certified-W. S. Murphy, PM

Man-James M. Reynolds Age-24

Woman-Lidia A. Knight Age-17

Consent to Marriage Given by Whom-Father

When Married-Aug 23 or 29, 1877

By Whom Certified-(Can't read) MG

Man-Theophilus E. Robinson Age-22

Woman-Izella A. Culley Age-14

Consent to Marriage Given by Whom-Father

When Married-Sept 6, 1877

By Whom Certified-William Hagler, MG

Man-Robert M. Rhea Age-65

Woman-Angeline Wallace Age-45

When Married-Sept 20, 1877

By Whom Certified-George Kennedy, JP

Man-James Rouse Age-26

Woman-Margaret Shite Age-20

When Married-Nov 26, 1877

By Whom Certified-Hagrkisch C. Hodges, MG

Man-Frank Robinson Age-35

Woman-Nancy A. Ford Age-40

When Married-Nov 19, 1877

By Whom Certified-Jamie C. Nurshere(?), JP

Man-George W. Reiman Age-22

Woman-Priscilla Levan Age-18

When Married-Nov 29, 1877

By Whom Certified-A. C. Jacob(?), MG

Man-William Rushton Age-51

Woman-Charlotte Vancil Age-51

When Married- Dec 31, 1877

By Whom Certified-W. S. Murphy, PM

Man-Samuel Reed Age-54

Woman-Francis C. Smith Age-30

When Married-Dec 26, 1877

By Whom Certified-D. B. Munger, MG

Man-Jerome Robinson Age-22

Woman-Elizabeth Sorrells Age-18

When Married-Jan 1, 1878

By Whom Certified-H. W. Coughanoivr(?), JP

Man-George Rollens Age-35

Woman-Eliza Green Age-30

When Married-Feb 19, 1878

By Whom Certified-Giles H. Rutler, JP

Man-William J. Russell Age-22

Woman-Louisa Rush Age-15

Consent to Marriage Given by Whom-Parents

When Married-May or Mar 10, 1878

By Whom Certified-Oliver P. Loudon, MG

Man-John M. Reeder Age-28

Woman-Lydia Taggart Age-22

When Married-Apr 4, 1878

By Whom Certified-C. W. Easterly, MG

Man-Harrison Reeves Age-19

Woman-Ada Burkey Age-16

Consent to Marriage Given by Whom-Parents

When Married-Apr 4, 1878

By Whom Certified-J. H. Garrett, MG

Man-John W. Rowan Age-21

Woman-Anna R. Pickett Age-16

Consent to Marriage Given by Whom-Parents

When Married-Apr 11, 1878

By Whom Certified-Izri Hagler, JP

Man-William H. Rees Age-21

Woman-Annie Foster Age-18

When Married-Apr 23, 1878

By Whom Certified-David L. Davis, MG

Man-Floyd W Robinson Age-24

Woman-Cassie Hessick Age-17

When Married-May 19 ,1878

By Whom Certified-W. C. Etherton, JP

Man-Francis M. Rhodes Age-32

Woman-Elizzie Sullivan Age-20

When Married-May 13, 1878

By Whom Certified-George Kennedy, JP

Man-Phil J. Rendhamau(?) Age-21

Woman-Kathy F Homner(?) Age-18

When Married-Oct 1, 1878

Man-Christopher G. Reeves Age-28

Woman-Annie E. QuallsAge-27

When Married-Sept 29, 1878

Man-Thomas A. Rossinios(?) Age-27

Woman-Jennie Fulton Age-27

When Married-Oct 4, 1878

Marriage Certificate State of Illinois
County of Jackson
This Certifies that Mr. Grant Bryant of Makanda in the State of Illinois and Miss Nannie A. Ward of Makanda in the State of Illinois were at Makanda in said county by me joined together in Holy Matrimony.
According to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State of Illinois at the Residence of T.J. Cover in said county on the twenty ninth day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety Two
In the presence of T.J. Cover
Frank M. Agnews(?)
W.B. Gibson
Minister of the Gospel (Under Frank M. Angews)

Submitted by Shauna Williams


Marriage License: Issued January 18, 1887, Jackson county, Illinoisml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Marriage Certificate and License on file in Murphysboro, Jackson county, Illinois court. 

Marriage License for Minor (Mary Kordt, "age of 16, next birthday" with parents approval) on file. 

Marriage Return for the Illinois State Board of Health, to the County Clerk's Office (Jackson County), states:


Place of Residence: Murphysboro

Occupation: Miner

Age Next Birthday: 30 years; Color: White; Race: German

Place of Birth: Plachoel Stein---, Austria


Mother's Maiden name: JULIANA COSHUTUIC(?)

Number of Groom's Marriage: First

Full Name of Bride: MARY KORDT

maiden Name, if a Widow, ----------

Place of Residence: Mount Carbon

Age Next Birthday: 16 years; Color: White; Race: German

Place of Birth: Essen, Westfalia

Father's Name: WILLIAM KORDT

Mother's Maiden Name: CATARINA BRAUNKAMP

Number of Bride's Marriage: First

Married At: Murphysboro in the County of Jackson and State of Illinois, the first day of February, 1887


Celebrant: FREDERICH BERGMANN, Rector of St. Andrew's, Murphysboro

Submitted: Karen Souhrada (karensouhrada@gmail.com)

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