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McGuire Family Tree


G1-Patrick      born: unk (1780-1790)           died: 1853

G2-Edward     born: 05 Aug 1837                 died: 30 Nov 1923

G3-Willie        born: 24 Aug 1866                 died: 12 Aug 1905

G4-E.D.          born: 12 Jul 1895                   died: 29 Jan 1996

G5-Dan           born: 19 May 1932                 died: 17 May 2007

G6-Brad          born: 06 Nov 1958                 died: Living

Submitted by Brad McGuire

Brad’s Theory

(revised December 29, 2009)

I recall Grandma McGuire “believing” that our line of McGuire’s came through noble lineage. She preferred this view or given the limited research at that time, I don’t know. I suspect a bit of both. Her typed notes on spare paper (read: re-used paper), Mom and Dad’s memories and notes, Uncle Val’s memories and research, and my own memories, web-surfing and research are all that I have to go on. As more and more records are moved into electronic media, this becomes an easier and more enjoyable task.

Assuming we came from Scotland/Ireland… from the Middle Ages clans of nobility and as most official history was written by clerics, priests, abbots and bishops. The family’s wealth, position and stature were reflected by the quality of priest they had in their household. Less wealthy clans had less educated or experienced priests, so the spelling of your name and family history may change depending upon the good graces of the church you are affiliated with. Dumb friar? Mis-spelled names and overlooked history. Just my theory….

“Where did WE come from?”

I suspect when you chase the DNA patterns far enough back, we do actually originate in the Hebrides Island chains of Scotland (~500-900 AD). From there we break off to Ireland. [Now it appears as if our DNA has little in common with the Scottish variant] As for which side (senior or junior line) we diverged towards…no idea, but again DNA says it leads towards the ruling line. If you follow Grandma’s thoughts, then it’s probably the junior line since they were the last “ruling” line at the castle. Grandma’s notes state:

“Patrick McGuire born in Enniskillen, Ireland came on same ship with his future father-in-law, worked his passage over. He was “In-Line” for the McGuire Stronghold, their title was “The First Lord of Fermanaugh”. The stronghold castle is on Loch Earne. The coat of arms Rampart white charger with mounted knight with drawn sword. Cobalt blue fading to white background. In Latin Motto read “Honor and Integrity are Invincible”. Patrick McGuire sold his right to his title.”

“How did we arrive in the United States?”

It would be great to believe we arrived in noble fashion, chose the Patriot path, fought in the American Revolution, etc…Rarely does reality match “beliefs” and hopes. Grandma’s notes refer to North Carolina then Ohio to Illinois finally.

In fact, I found Patrick’s marriage certificate dated 27 Dec 1827 in Guernsey County, Knox township, Ohio to a Miss Sarah (Spence)!! So that part is laid to rest in my mind. However, a twist…1850 census shows Patrick aged 45 w/ the following children: James - 18, Mary Jane - 14, Edward -12 and John -9. “James” is a new name, although he may have elected to remain in OH and not move to Ill.

I also found a “Land Warrant” issued in 1818 for 160 acres to Sgt Patrick McGuire of the 16th Infantry Regiment (Ohio) for service in the War of 1812. This is less definitive to me. There are a lot of Patrick McGuire’s listed in ship’s logs arriving from Ireland. The census from County Fermanaugh show literally too many to count!! Maguire, McGuire being the most common spellings. Which did we really use????

I believe Patrick arrived on the East coast a relatively penniless Irish indentured servant to Mr. John Spence. They then headed to Ohio for a time (Patrick may have joined the Army to fight and lay claim to his Peoria land warrant to help settle his bill??) before ultimately moving to Southern Illinois. John Spence sold land to Patrick adjacent to his own holdings (this matches what I know from deeds, land sales and having walked the ground). William Spence (John’s brother) was the executor of Patrick’s estate, they may have been close friends and business associates as well as brothers in law.

3. What do I know?

a. I know that I am the Sixth Generation of Patrick McGuire’s clan.

He arrived in America at some point prior to 1827 due to marriage certificate. A Jackson County census 1870 lists Edward’s state of birth as OH in 1847 so the family arrived somewhere around 1848-50. 1850, see “Indenture note regarding land sale”. Grandma McGuire’s notes say ”Sarah Spence”. I suspect the Brownsville Courthouse fire (10 January 1843) is where much of our family records lie, the timeline would support that as well but there is no mention of a McGuire in Jackson County Census of 1840. Although on-line records research is spotty at best many records are still being transcribed (which means someone reads it, interprets it, then types it into a database for electronic use). One day I may make it back to IRAD to search their hard copy records. Marriage record – unavailable LOCATED.

However, there is a statement of death by William Spence regarding Patrick’s passing on or about 1 Sept 1853.

Wm Spence then became the administrator of Patrick’s estate, dividing the shares up between surviving children. Each share was $100.11 in 1853 dollars ($2462.71 in today’s 2007 Dollar according to the consumer price index of dollar values).

From the 1860 US Census of Makanda Township William Spence is listed:

SPENCE, William 40 Farmer OH…(so he was born in Ohio in 1820??? When the heck did he come over from Ireland?)[There is some evidence that points to Wm arriving years before John Spence….so maybe this does work out??]

Lydia 35 IL

Lucinda 13 IL

Alice 12 IL

Samuel 9IL

James 7 IL

Mary 8 IL

Ellen 5 IL

William 3IL

Gabriel 1IL

Puzzling though this, IF Edward is from Ohio then it follows that Patrick must’ve had a wife to bear the children. Who was she? How long did they live in Ohio and WHERE?

Again no mention of Patrick’s wife, did she precede him in death? Children surviving were:

(James McGuire)

Mary Jane McGuire

Edward McGuire – GEN2

John McGuire

So we have Patrick who died in 1853, had three kids, the youngest of whom is the next generation or GEN 2.

According to an 1870 Census Edward was 33yrs old at the time, married to Lousia Hill (who was 34, but of note, he was listed as BORN in OHIO. They had the following children (at that time):

Josiah 5 yrs old

“Willie”[GEN 3] 3 yrs old – born 1866

Arthur –not listed

Sylvia – not listed

This census was divided into two districts, Northern and Southern. The Districts were divided by the Big Muddy River. The Green on the map indicates the Northern District and the Blue the Southern. Don't bother to ask why not East and West, I have no idea.

Willie’s full name was Willie B who married Mary Emily Wiley on 26 April 1894, also known as M.E. McGuire to the business community. Willie was not a long lived McGuire but he was my Grandad’s Dad. Willie and Mary had six children, the oldest is GEN 4 and my Grandad, Edward David McGuire or most commonly known as:

E.D. McGuire b-12 Jul 1895 d-29 Jan 1996

“Emma”Emily Louise McGuire b-03 Apr 1896 d-17 Oct 1986

Mabel le Maude McGuire b-21 Dec 1898 d-xx Sep 1991

Bessie Olga McGuire b-10 Dec 1901 d-xx May 1992

Patrick Irl McGuire b-15 Apr 1903 d-26 Jan 1936

“Bert” Willie Bertram McGuire b-15 Feb 1905 d-xx Apr 1991

He married Fern Bradley in the 1920’s and they had a trio of sons:

William Bradley McGuire

Daniel Davie McGuire [GEN 5]

Charles Vallow McGuire

Then there’s my Dad, GEN 5, Dan McGuire to friends and family, Daniel D. McGuire to the business community. He married the beautiful Elizabeth Irene Hartline and they had a couple of sons:

Bradley Hart McGuire [GEN 6]

Dana Lee McGuire

Brad married twice. His brief first marriage to Virginia Ann Bigler brought one son into the mix:

Matthew Hart McGuire [GEN 7]

Then his second lasting marriage to the lovely Katerina Joesephine Graham saw a continuation of GEN 7 with:

Kelsey Danielle McGuire

Sean Patrick McGuire (Named after the guy who started this whole thing)

G1-Patrick born: unk (1780-1790) died: 1853

G2-Edward born: 05 Aug 1837 died: 30 Nov 1923

G3-Willie born: 24 Aug 1866 died: 12 Aug 1905

G4-E.D. born: 12 Jul 1895 died: 29 Jan 1996

G5-Dan born: 19 May 1932 died: 17 May 2007

G6-Brad born: 06 Nov 1958 died: Living


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