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The Murphysboro Mutual County Fire Insurance Company assessed each policy holder on a pro rata basis for losses suffered by policy holders during the 1907 year. The assessment notice lists the names and circumstances of the losses. The following assessment notice was received by John Garrett Dillinger, Jr. (1843-1908).

Office of Murphysboro Mutual County Fire Insurance Company
Murphysboro, Illinois, July 11, 1908.
You are hereby notified that owing to the fact that certain members of the Murphysboro Mutual County Fire Insurance Company having sustained loss of property by fire, the Board of Directors did, on July 11, 1908, levy an assessment of seventy cents on the one hundred dollars on all Certificates in force previous to January 1908 and the same on all renewals; the pro rate of loss on all new insurance issued since the above date. This assessment, No. 23, is made for the purpose of raising funds to pay the following losses, which have occurred since last assessment, to-wit:

Frank X. Moil: damage to barn by lightning July 18, 1907 $5.30
Ben T. Williams: barn burned by lightning, and hay July 18, 1907 $364.00
James Turner: hay, grain and farm tools by lightning on July 18,1907 $288.80
Trustees Zion Church by lightning Aug. 9, 1907 $900.00
Ike Glenn: grain, hay, farm tools and live stock by fire Aug. 20, 1907 $534.32
Lone Oak Church: damage to building by lightning July 20, 1907 $56.30
Scott Crows: live stock by lightning July 19, 1907 $100.00
C. D. Adkins: hay by lightning Aug. 15, 1907 $12.00
Ed. Wayman: loss of grain by fire July 20, 1907 $10.50
Calvin Bowlby: live stock by lightning July 18, 1907 $50.00
Eugene Hinchcliff: damage to barn and live stock by lightning Oct. 3, 1907 $440.00
William Claunch: granary and grain by fire Oct. 23, 1907 $558.00
Jacob Millhouse: dwelling house by fire Nov. 11, 1907 $700.00
Sarah Butcher: damage to barn by lightning Dec. 9, 1907 $20.00
Peter McCoy: household goods by fire Dec. 18, 1907 $43.65
Eda Kimmel: damage to dwelling by lightening Oct. 22, 1907 $5.90
John J. Griffith: damage to dwelling by lightning Sept. 10, 1907 $2.50
Wm. Bullard: damage to dwelling by fire Dec. 30, 1907 $8.00
Mrs. M. J. Butler: damage to dwelling by fire Dec. 21, 1907 $5.60
Levi H. Bower: barn burned by fire Jan. 26, 1908 $481.30
Frank Dillinger: damage to dwelling by fire Feb. 13, 1908 $12.00
John R. Crawshaw: live stock, hay and farm tools March 16, 1908 $263.00
Sarah Young: damage to dwelling April 5, 1908 $4.00
Robert Korando: dwelling and furniture by fire May 19, 1908 $3,658.00
Henry Doerr: live stock by lightning May 27, 1908 $80.00

And your assessment on Policy Numbers [etc., total assessment to John G. Dillinger was $16.80]

And is due at this office and must be paid by the 1st of October ... at the company's office ...
Respectfully, Geo. W. Leeright, President; H. L. Graff, Secretary and Treasurer.

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