Jackson County, Illinois

Records and Summaries

MATHIAS SORGMANN: Naturalization Records of the court of Jackson County, Illinois; page 34. A petition which states that on June 9, 1887, Mathias SORGMAN [AKA Matthew SORGMANN] renounces all allegiance to Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria, to whom he had originally been a subject. It is signed as Mathias Sorgman and noted with an 'X' as "made his mark". Court action, dated April 18,1892 for the final certificate of naturalization, noted in ledger on page 257; filed at the Jackson County court in Murphysboro, Illinois, concerning Mathias SORGMANN, and attested to by John STOLTZ & Henry BORGSMILLER, as character witnesses...Donated by Karen Souhrada


WILLIAM KORDT: Jackson County, Illinois, court action dated, dated February 1, 1892; page # 257 [this is the same page as shown above, for son-in-law Mathias SORGMANN] Final certificate of naturalization for William KORDT, wherein he renounces allegiance to William II, Emperor of Germany. Attesting to Mr. KORDT's character were witnesses Dominic AIMO and John MC MAHON...Donated by Karen Souhrada


HENRY BORGSMILLER: Jackson County, Illinois court action filed on February 1, 1892, page 257 of ledger is filed legal action of a minor filing for a petition of citizenship. The final oath and certificate of naturalization was filed on February 1, 1898, page 557 of ledger. For this final oath, Mr. Henry BORGSMILLER swears that he emigrated from Germany and has been in the United States for the previous 11 years. He forswears allegiance to William II, Emperor of Germany. Witnesses on his behalf were William KORDT & Rufus HARDY...Donated by Karen Souhrada

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