Jackson Co., Illinois "A" Obituaries

Armstrong, William Wallace Age: W College St in Carbondale  
Born:  25 May 1852 Died: 06 Apr 1912 Buried: Hiller Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Susan Greathouse    
Children: Mrs. Will Nelson of Wolf Creek Mrs. J T Turner of Jackson Co Benjamin H of Jackson Co
Children: Gate of Jackson Co    
Other information justice of the peace    


Atkins, Worley Age: 88 300 N 7th Murphysboro  
Born: 28 Nov 1889 Fries, VA Died: 09 Dec 1977 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Caroline Wysong Father: William F Atkins    
Married: 28 Aug 1910 Vergennes, IL Spouse: Bertha M Nausley (d 21 Jan 1971)    
Children: John of Newland, NC Victor of Moline, IL Mrs. Alburna Herrin of Hurst
Children: son died before 1977    
Brothers: Clint of Salem, IL    
Other Persons: 10 grandchildren 23 great grandchildren  
Other information retired caretaker Riverside Park    


Aubry, Beulah E Age: 84    
Born: 23 May 1912 Campbell Hill Died: 22 Jun 1996 Jacob, IL Buried:  
Mother: Martha Rebbeca Snider Father: Frederick M Valerius    
Married: 17 Dec 1941 Perryville, MO Spouse: Raymond H Aubry (d 13 Aug 1994)  
Brothers: 1 brother deceased Homer of Harlington, TX  
Sisters: 1 sister deceased LaVaughn Lindner of Lakeland, FL  
Other Persons: nephew--Roger A Rees of Jacob    
Other information      


Auer, John Age: 84yrs    
Born:  1868 Lincoln Died: Feb 1953 Murphysboro Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 1897 Spouse: Elizabeth Henedeldt (died in 1923)  
Children: Ernest of St Louis Mrs. Catherine Knoblauch of Murphysboro Mrs Mabel Moler of Los Angeles, CA
Children: Mrs. Clara Drake of Ingelwood, CA    
Brothers: Ernest of Lincoln    
Sisters: Mrs. Lizze Whipple of St Louis Mrs. Edward Beach of Godfrey Mrs. Norbert Haven of Alton
Other Persons:      
Other information lived in Murphysboro for 56yrs operated a cigar shop in Murphysboro worked at steel mill at Egyptian Iron Works

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