Jackson Co., Illinois "B" Obituaries

Bagwell, William Age: 23 years    
Born: Died: Buried: Looney Springs Cemetery murdered--shot
Mother: name not given Father: Askins M    
Other Persons:      
Other information Mobile & Ohio freight brakeman    


Bailey, Fulah D Age:87 of DeSoto  
Born: 03 Nov 1910 DeSoto, IL Died: 07 Sep 1998 DuQuoin, IL Buried: DeSoto Cemetery  
Mother: Laura Sigers Father: John Cross    
Married: 19 Nov 1927 DeSoto Spouse:  Thomas E Bailey (d 03 Dec 1969)  
Children: daughter deceased Thomas G & wife Joyce of DeSoto Claude O & wife Regina of Porterville, CA
Children: Mrs. Blanche Long w/o Wayne of Ava Mrs. Betty Prowell of Elkville  
Brothers: 5 deceased brothers    
Sisters: deceased sister Mrs. Noveda Royster of DuQuoin, IL Mrs. Beulah Piper of DeSoto
Other Persons: 2 deceased grandsons deceased granddaughter 21 grandchildren, 37 great grand & 10 great great grandchildren
Other information retired from shoe factory    

Barringer, George William Age:1-5-22    
Born: 18 Feb 1932 Died: 10 Aug 1933 Buried: not listed  
Mother: not listed Father: Herbert    
Brothers: Ray    
Sisters: Bernice Betty Lou  
Other Persons:      
Other information      


Beasley, Electa Age:   donated by Regina Bailey
Born: Died: 18 Mar 1925 DeSoto, IL Buried: Beasley Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Noah    
Children: John Wesley Earl Edward Joe
Children: Richard Noah died 18 Mar 1925 Lucy Blumenstock Beulah Kemp
Children: Dora Griffith Edith A Myrtle
Children: Mary A (deceased)    
Other Persons:      
Other information died in tornado    


Benson, W Charles Age: 71    
Born: 24 Feb 1915 Willisville Died:27 Feb 1986 Murphysboro Buried: Murdale Gardens  
Mother: Margaret Ann Crisler Father: Wm Charles Benson    
Married: 09 Jul 1938 Spouse:  Helen E McCoy (d 27 Feb 1976)  
Children: Charles D of Murphysboro Dennis of Murphysboro Rodney of Murphysboro
Children: Mrs. Charlotte Curry of Ava Mrs. Ruth Moutria of Murphysboro Mrs. Judy Hester of Walsh
Children son deceased    
Brothers: 3 brothers deceased    
Sisters: Mrs. Anna Easton of Murphysboro Mrs. Irene Stoffel of Willisville 4 sisters deceased
Other Persons: 9 grandchildren, 2 grandsons deceased 5 step grandchildren 6 great grandchildren
Other information retired Murphysboro Ice Plant    


Berkbigler, Esther Elizabeth Age: 81 300 block of N 9th donated by Mary Marcy
Born: 09 Aug 1905 Murphysboro Died: 19 Dec 1986 Murphysboro Buried: Pleasant Grove  
Mother: Bessie Hennessy Father: Clarence Blackwood    
Married: 01 Oct 1949 Oceola, AR Spouse: Julius Henry Berkbigler (d 27 Oct 1975)  
Brothers: James (deceased)    
Sisters: Mrs. Alice Kortkamp of Murphysboro    
Other Persons: niece Mary Marcy of Murphysboro niece Connie Fielding of Granite City nephew Skip Blackwood of West Frankfort
  nephew Dennis Kortkamp of Carbondale nephew Dennis Lee East of Las Vegas, NV sister in law Loretta Blackwood of Murphysboro
Other information retired teacher for 45 yrs graduated from SIU  


Bilderback, Ida Age: 74    
Born: 25 Feb 1893 Randolph Co, IL Died: 01 Oct 1967 Murphysboro, IL Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Mary Father: William Beisner    
Married: 28 Jul 1910 Jackson Co, IL Spouse:  Ephraim Bilderback (d. 16 Jul 1951)  
Children: Edith Marie of Ava Roscoe (deceased)  
Brothers: 4 brothers Fred (deceased)  
Sisters: 2 sisters    
Other Persons:      
Other information      


Bilderback, Russell I Age: 83    
Born:  05 Jun 1913 Ava, IL Died: 09 Jul 1996 Ava, IL Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother:  Pearl Bessie Guy Father:  Hiram Garfield Bilderback    
Married: 21 Jul 1947 Pinckneyville Spouse: Bette Minter (living)    
Children: Gary of Ava William of Ava Mrs. Donna Russey of Quitman, TX
Children Mrs. Carol Schroeder of Jacob Mrs. Sharon Dagner of Ava  
Brothers: Robert Lee of Ava Willis of Ava Calvin (deceased)
Sisters: Mrs. Florence Rosenberger of Murphysboro Mrs. Hazel Sullivan of Murphysboro Mrs. Fern Thompson of Vergennes
Sisters: Roberts (deceased)    
Other Persons: 12 Grandchildren 7 great grandchildren  
Other information retired guard at Menard Prison buried w military services  


Blacklock, David Age: 76   donated by Terri Harvey
Born:  Scotland Died: 1916 Murphysboro Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 16 Mar 1864 Spouse: Adeline Murphy    
Children: Messrs of Murphysboro Charles of Murphysboro Wallace of Murphysboro
Children: Robert of Murphysboro Mrs. Rosie Delzell of Murphysboro Mrs. Jane Crews of Vergennes
Children Mrs. Mollie Vancil of Pomona, IL    
Brothers: Thomas W of Poplar Bluff, MO    
Other Persons:      
Other information father of 15 children, 6 living was a carpet weaver came to US as a young boy on ship "Forest King"


Blackwood, James Clarence Age: 66 at 1904 Spruce St, Murphysboro  
Born: 06 Oct 1914 Harrisburg, IL Died: 17 Jul 1981 St Louis, MO Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery  
Mother: Bess Hennessy Father: Clarence Blackwood    
Married: 21 Feb 1943 Spouse: Loretta Buck    
Children: Mrs. Connie Fielding of Granite City, IL James D of West Frankfort, IL  
Sisters: Mrs. Alice Kortkamp of Murphysboro Mrs. Esther Berkbigler of Murphysboro  
Other Persons: 3 grandchildren    
Other information retired Superintendent of Murphysboro Dist 186 High school teacher 1939-1957 MA from SIU in 1953

Botterbusch, Mary Louise Age:   donated Regina Bailey
Born: 09 Sep 1922 DeSoto Died: 18 Mar 1925 Buried: Indian Hill Cemetery  
Mother: Lucy Dietz Father:  Edward Botterbush    
Brothers: Charles Louis Ralph


Bradley, Bessie Day Age: 68 of Vergennes  
Born: 12 Mar 1896 Vergennes Died: 16 Sep 1964 Vergennes Buried: Parrish Cemetery  
Mother: Mary Jane Blacklock Father: Julius Allard    
Married: 20 Oct 1915 Spouse: Claud Bradley (d 27 Nov 1948)  
Children: Claudine of Vergennes Mrs. Archi Williams of Vergennes  
Sisters: Mrs. Cora Craig of Vergennes Mrs. Fred Kuehn of Elkville 1 sister deceased
Other Persons: 2 grandchildren    
Other information      

Bradley, William Sr. Age: 73    
Born: Feb 1814 Jackson CO, TN Died: 19 Aug 1887 Buried: Holliday Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse:    
Brothers: a Brother, no name    
Sisters: a Sister, no name    
Other Persons:      
Other information came to Jackson Co, IL in 1820 County Judge  

Brandon, Joseph M Age: 91 of Dexter donated by Jeana Gallagher
Born: 1842 Jackson Co, IL Died: 22 Aug 1936 Dexter, MO Buried: South County Line Cemetery in Jackson Co, IL
Mother:  Jane Tygett Father: Thomas S Brandon    
Married: Aug 1865 Williamson Co, IL Spouse: Martha Bell Allmon    
Married: Spouse: Mrs. Juanita F McFarlen    
Children: Dr. W L of Poplar Bluff, MO Mrs. Ida Qualls of Poplar Bluff, MO Dr JP of Essex, MO
Children: WA of Carbondale, IL Mrs. Mary Reynolds of Jonesboro, IL  
Other Persons: nephew--Dr JP Hiller of Pollard, AR nephew--Dr FM Hiller of Centerville, IL grandson--Dr CL Qualls of Poplar Bluff, MO
Other information lived in Essex, MO since 1910 veterinarian of SIU and SEMO 16 doctors in his family
Other information 9 grandchildren large number of great grandchildren 4 great great grandchildren


Braswell, Maggie Age: 87    
Born: 17 Jun 1894 Makanda, IL Died: 18 Dec 1981 Carbondale, IL Buried: Oakland Cem  
Mother: Alice Livingston Father: Joseph McDaniel    
Married: Spouse: William Treece Spouse: Charles Braswell (deceased)  
Children: Mrs. Flo Nevins of Vidor TX Max of Panna, IL Billy Joe of Orange, TX
Step children: Mrs. Minnie Thompson of Murphysboro, IL Mrs. Gracie Stears of LaVerne, CA Mrs. Bertha Hartsock of Centralia
Step children: Ernest Braswell of Carbondale    
Other Persons: 4 grandchildren 9 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Brewer, Viola E Age: 76 710 W Freeman St Carbondale  
Born: 1887 Jackson Co, IL Died: 1963 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery  
Mother: Mary Father: Isaac Wright    
Married: Spouse: Arthur Brewer    
Children: Mrs. Virginia McKnight of Peoria Mrs. Beulah Casper of Peoria  
Brothers: John I Wright of Carbondale    
Sisters: Mrs. Lula Brown of Baltimore, MD    
Other Persons: 2 grandchildren 1 great grandchild  
Other information VFW Auxiliary    


Brimmer, Maggie Age: 87    
Born: 01 Dec 1897 Makanda, IL Died: 23 Mar 1979 Carbondale, IL Buried: Stearns Cemetery  
Mother: Gertie Hagler Father: Charles Braswell    
Married: 31 Aug 1922 Makanda Spouse: Basil B Brimmer (d 03 Dec1939)    
Children: Frank of Carbondale Mrs. Mary Givens of Carbondale Mrs. Marguerite Schubert
Brothers: Ernest of Carbondale    
Sisters: Mrs. Gracie Sterns of CA Mrs. Bertha Hartsock of Makanda Mrs. Minnie Thompson of Murphysboro
Other Persons: step mother Maggie Braswell 6 grandchildren 3 great grandchildren
Other information      


Britt, Cora Age: 75 formerly of Carbondale  
Born: 29 Oct 1888 Makanda Twp Died: Apr 1954 Little Rock, AR Buried: Oakland Cemetery  
Mother: Sarah Father: Jefferson  Hagler    
Married: Spouse: Frank Britt (d 1961)    
Children: Kenneth of N Little Rock, AR Mrs. Leta Mae Bright of N. Little Rock, AR  
Sisters: Mrs. Ollie Blankenship of Herrn Mrs Hattie Moseley of Carbondale  
Other Persons: 6 grandchildren    
Other information      


Brownfield, Clyde Sr. Age: 61   donated by Anita Childs
Born: Died: 03 Jan 1954 Ava Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Nannie Simpson Father: Andrew Brownfield    
Married: Apr 1913 Spouse: Freida Modglin (living)    
Children: Clyde Jr. of Ava Mrs. Mildred Austin of East Alton  
Brothers: William of Wilmette, IL    
Sisters: Mrs. Beulah Minter of Ava    
Grandchildren: Andy, Anita Kay, Nancy & Ricky Austin    
Other information operated Ava Machine Shop member Dean Lodge #833  


Brownfield, Frieda E Age: 80 yrs of Ava, IL  
Born: 16 Feb 1897 Ava, IL Died: 19 Nov 1977 Alton, IL Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother:  Louisa Davis Father: James Modglin    
Married: 03 Apr 1913 Jackson Co, IL Spouse: Clyde Brownfield (died 03 Jan 1954)  
Children: Mrs. Mildred Austin of E Alton, IL son deceased  
Sisters: 2 sisters deceased    
Other Persons: 6 grandchildren 8 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Brownfield, Harry Age: 78 of Willisville  
Born: 02 Dec 1886 Ava, IL Died: 12 Jun 1965 Murphysboro, IL Buried: Looney Springs  
Mother:  Belle Modglin Father: William Brownfield    
Married: 07 Jun 1907 Spouse:  Emma Stoffel (living)    
Children: Mrs. O M Hanson of Huntington, WV Mrs. WA Richman of Tulsa, OK, Mrs. Eugene Garab of Peotone  
Sisters: 2 sister deceased    
Other Persons: 3 grandchildren 3 great grand children 1 grandson deceased
Other information lived in Willisville for 51 yrs retired coal mine electrician UMWA local 1325 in Elkville


Bryant, Grant Age: 76 yrs 512 N Springer St  
Born:  29 Sep 1867 Macedonia Died: 01 Sept 1944 Carbondale Buried: Oakland Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Ann (living)    
Children: Mrs. J R Stafford of Whiting, IN son W R of Carterville Earl G of St Louis, MO
Children: Mrs. John Hurzeler of E St Louis Ward J a seaman 1st class on SS Benjamin H Grierson (in the war) Mrs. Raleigh Dillinger of Carbondale
Children: John R of Carbondale Mrs. Howard D Sharp of Carbondale Mrs. Leo E Smith of Carbondale
Sisters: Mrs. Gus Brown of E St Louis Mrs. Joe Etherton of Carbondale Miss Della Bryant of Carbondale
Other information retired switchman from ICRR lived in Carbondale 52yrs 18 grand & 3 great grandchildren


Bryant, Nancy Ann Age: 85 yrs    
Born:  23 Mar 1872 Marion, IL Died: 28 Apr 1957 Carbondale Buried: Oakland Cemetery  
Mother: Father: Mr. Ward    
Married: Spouse: Grant Bryant (deceased)  
Children: William of Carbondale John of Carbondale Ward of Cairo, IL
Children: Earl of St Louis, MO Mrs Howard Sharp of Carbondale Mrs. Raleigh Dillinger of Carbondale
Children: Mrs. Hattie Smith of E St Louis Anna of E St Louis Mrs. John Hurzeler of E St Louis
Children: Mrs. Thomas Stafford of Hammond, IN    
Brothers: Dick Ward of Marion Phil Ward of Carterville  
Other Information 21 grandchildren 20 great grandchildren  

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