Jackson Co., Illinois "C" Obituaries

Campbell, Martha Francis Age: 85 of Murphysboro  
Born: 1867 Murphysboro Died: 01 Jan 1953 Murphysboro Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 1887 Spouse: John Warren Campbell (died 1939)  
Children: son, WA of Murphysboro John of Champaign Mrs. Myrtle Hill of Murphysboro
Children: Mrs. Al Digregorio of Carbondale    
Other Persons: 7 grandchildren 7 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Carr, Warren Ernest Age: 29-8-14    
Born: 19 Dec 1890 Ava, IL Died: 03 Sep 1930 St Louis, MO Buried: Ava Evergreen Cemetery Died of heart disease
Mother: Father: Peter    
Married: Spouse: Lillian Bledsoe from Jonesboro, AR  
Children: Warren R Jr.    
Brothers: AW of Ilmo, MO Fred of Jackson Co, IL Walter of Ilmo, MO
Sisters: Mrs. Angie Brickey of St Louis, MO Mrs. HW Underwood of Ava, IL Mrs. WE Fletcher of Granite City, IL
Sisters: Mrs. Ed Fisher of Venice, IL Mrs. Henry Greggersen of St Louis, MO Mrs. Alva Bilderback of E St Louis, IL
Other information conductor for Cotton Belt RR lived in Jonesboro, AR for 11yrs member of W H DeFrance Lodge #358


Carruthers, Florence B Age: 90    
Born: Randolph Co, IL Died: 01 May 1965 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Mary Lawder Father:  Samuel Carruthers    
Married: never Spouse:    
Children: None    
Brothers: 3 brothers deceased    
Sisters: Bernice of Ava 5 sisters deceased  
Other Persons: 2 nephews 4 nieces  
Other information retired teacher of 65yrs graduated Indiana Normal University  


Castell, Joseph N Age: 68 yrs    
Born: Died: 01 Jan Ava, IL Buried: Zion Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse:  Rebecca    
Children: James A    
Other Persons:      
Other information      

Castleberry, Charles East Age: 4 yrs 700 N 23rd St. Murphysboro, IL  
Born: 01 Apr 1963 Murphysboro Died: Jun 1967 St Louis, MO Buried: Pleasant Grove  
Mother: Charlene Reiman Father: Donald Castleberry    
Brothers: Joseph    
Sisters: Gwena Ruth    
Grand mothers Mrs. Donna B Reiman Mrs. Leona R Castleberry  
Other information shot him self with a pistol    


Castleberry, Leona P Age: 76 725 N 23rd Murphysboro  
Born: 17 Jun 1907 Carterville Died: 07 Feb 1984 Cape Girardeau, MO Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Effie Hagler Father: Joseph Allen Crowell    
Married: 28 Sep 1925 Carbondale Spouse: Earl Harvey Castleberry (he d. 11 Mar 1956)  
Children: Gene of Lakewood, CO Harvey of Murphysboro Don of Murphysboro
Brothers: 1 brother (deceased)    
Sisters: 2 sisters (deceased)    
Other Persons grandson (deceased) 8 grandchildren 5 great grandchildren
Other information      


Cheatham, Florence Marie Age: 83 of Murphysboro donated by Linda Dyjak
Born:  27 Jan 1905 Died: 11 Jan 1989 Carbondale, IL Buried: Pate Chapel  
Mother: Effie Wheeler Father:  James Harris    
Married: 04 Mar 1922 Spouse:  Oliver Cheatham (d 1967)  
Children: Lloyd of Elkville Paul of Corpus Christi, TX Robert of Corpus Christi, TX
Children: Mrs. Wilma Dillow of Covina, CA    
Brothers: James Harris of Yakima, WA    
Sisters: Mrs. Flora Asa of DuQuoin    
Other Persons: 9 grandchildren 11 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Cheatham. Gladys Age: 97 of Ava  
Born: 13 Sep 1902 Wayne Co Died: 19 Apr 2000 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Cora Ellis Father:  Joshua W Hickey    
Married: 29 Jun 1924 Spouse: Clyde Cheatham (d 01 Dec 1981)  
Children: Frank W & wife Cynthia of Ava    
Brothers: brother deceased    
Grandchildren Nancy Bailey w/o Jack of Memphis, TN Sally Cheatham of Alexandria, VA Andrew Cheatham of Laurel, MD
Other information graduate of SIU taught Latin & English in Willisville  


Cluster, George Jr. Age: 66 yrs    
Born: 11 Sep 1929 Died: 30 Apr 1996 Marion, IL Buried: Rushing Cemetery  
Mother: Naomi Qualls (living in Caseyville) Father: Basil Cluster    
Married: 23 Jun 1955 Peoria Spouse: Joann Treat (living)    
Children: Mrs. Vicky Younkins of Carterville Mrs. Pattie Killman of Marion Mick of Ozark
Brothers: Randle of FL Wayne of Steamboat Springs, AR  
Sisters: Rosie of Las Vegas Mrs. Margaret Hendricks of Collinsville Mrs. Claudine McDonald of St Louis
Sisters: Mrs. Fleta Casey of Phoenix Mrs. Mary Jo Vance of Phoenix deceased sister
Other Persons: 10 grandchildren 1 grandchild deceased  
Other information retired iron worker Local 392 E St Louis    


Coad, Samuel H Age: 82-8-29 of 314 S 6th St, Murphysboro  
Born:  Rosiclare, TN Died: no date Buried: City Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 1902 Spouse: Minnie Wilburn of DuQuoin    
Children: Elmer & Elbert of Murphysboro Wilella of CA Thelma died in 1939
Other Persons:      
Other information came to Murphysboro age 8    


Coad, Samuel Age: about 62 yrs    
Born: Old Country Died: 27 Nov 1899 Buried: not listed  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: unknown (died Feb 1897)    
Married: 23 Apr 1898 Spouse: Mrs. Margaret Bevans    
Children: several, names not given    
Other Persons: grandson Harry Sanquin    
Other information came to USA as a boy came to Murphysboro with 1st family in 1868 miner at Mt Carbon in 1878, retired in 1884 from grocery business
Other information: alderman of 4th ward mason He killed himself & his 2nd wife


Coad, Margaret Age: 31 yrs    
Born: Died: 27 Nov 1899 Buried: not listed  
Mother: Father: Mr. Arthur    
Married: 1889 Spouse: William Bevans (1898 divorced)  
Married: 23 Apr 1898 Spouse: Samuel Coad    
Children: Mary May Bevans (her daughter) age 6    
Other Persons: grandson Harry Sanquin    
Other information she was known as Margaret Jones she was murdered by her 2nd husband her mother died when she was 18 months old, raised by Mrs. Wm Muir


Cochran, James A Age: 80 of Hickory Ridge  
Born: AR Died: no dates given Buried: Fairview  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: 1st wife d 20yrs ago    
Married: Spouse: Living    
Children: Thomas of Granite City Lee of Portland, OR Wm of Royalton, IL
Children: Willis of Murphysboro James Monroe of Jackson Co Frank of Pomona
Children: Dawl of Pomona    
Brothers: William of Sand Ridge (1/2 brother)    
Other Persons: Delia --step daughter    
Other information came to IL 60 yrs ago    


Colp, Eula Age: 86    
Born:  24 Feb 1896 DuQuoin, IL Died: 18 May 1982 Murphysboro Buried: Oakwood  
Mother: Rebecca Davis Father:  Elmer S Harris    
Married: 22 Jun 1920 Spouse: Ryburn R Colp (d 23 Sep 1980  
Children: Bill of Carbondale    
Sisters: Arleen H Hughes of Christopher, IL    
Other Persons: 4 grandchildren 4 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Crawshaw, Minnie Alice Age: 90 formerly of Carbondale  
Born: Died: 13 Aug 1984 Hillsboro, IL Buried: Hiller Cemetery  
Mother: Louisa Ann Grammer Father: Thomas Jefferson O'Guinn    
Married: 01 Jan 1910 Pomona, IL Spouse: Crate Crawshaw (d 1937)    
Brothers: 2 brothers (deceased)    
Sisters: 3 sisters (deceased)    
Other Persons:      
Other information retired (1957) cook at SIU Woody Hall    


Crisler, Howard Logan Age: 47-7-4    
Born: 02 Jul 1887 Ava, IL Died: 06 Feb 1935 Murphysboro Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Ann (Mrs. Smith living in Ava) Father: Mike Crisler    
Married: 06 Oct 1907 Spouse: Lydia Fulford    
Children: Earl of Ava Mrs. Ruby Rury of Ava Miss Dena May of Ava
Children: Miss Bernice of Ava Miss Bernette of Ava Virgil of Ava
Brothers Ben of Cambria James of Ava  
Sisters: Mr. Margaret King of Ava Mrs. Lettie Qualls of Ava Mrs. Turzie Cross of Ava
Other Persons:      
Other information died of a chronic appendix    


Crisler, Lucille Age: 90 of Olathe, KS formerly of Ava  
Born: 22 May 1933 Died: 20 Jun 1998 Overland Park, KS Buried: Ava Evergreen  
Mother: Lulu B Akers Father: Charles F Lienert    
Married: 01 Aug 1931 Spouse: Howard V Crisler (d 30 May 1993)  
Children: Charles of Olathe, KS    
Brothers: 4 brothers deceased    
Other Persons: 5 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren  
Other information member Eastern Star    


Cross, Fred Age: 99    
Born: 14 Oct 1885 Ava, IL Died: 27 Oct 1984 Murphysboro Buried: Cain Cemetery  
Mother: Samantha Mifflin Father: Henry Cross    
Married: 02 Jan 1907 Chester, IL Spouse: Rosie Alice Moore (d 10 Dec 1961) They had 9 kids  
Married: 02 Jul 1966 Murphysboro Spouse: Mrs. Rachel Martha Easton (living)  
Children: Mrs. Iola Gamblin of Murphysboro Melba Rose Cross of Murphysboro Mrs. Aletha Vigor of Eight Mile, AL
Children: Mrs. Helen Vancil of Sparta, IL Mrs. Lillian Presson of Marion, IL Randol of Arcadia, CA
Children: Fred of Cape Girardeau, MO Wm of Eight Mile, AL Wayne of Brea, CA
Step Children: Mrs. Elsie Pierson of Raddle, IL Robert Easton of Gorham, IL  
Other Persons: 1 foster step daughter 19 grandchildren & 10 step grandchildren 18 great grandchildren & 4 step grandchildren
Other information retired from Missouri-Pacific RR    


Cross, Julia Etta Age: 77 514 W Pecan St, Carbondale  
Born: 04 Jul 1889 Died: 08 Feb 1967 Buried: Old Rosehill in Marion  
Mother: Lorana Harris Father: James Stowers    
Married: Spouse: Alvin Cross (d 1949)  
Children: Mrs. Mildred Croslin of Carbondale Mrs. Lucille Hancock of Iuka Raymond F of Huntington, NY
Brothers: Silas of West Frankfort    
Other Persons: 12 grandchildren    
Other information      


Crowell, Earl H Age: 66 Rt. 3 Carbondale 19 Jul 1972 Southern Illinoisan
Born: 29 Mar 1906 Carbondale, IL Died: 18 Jul 1872 Carbondale, IL Buried: Murdale Gardens  
Mother: Caroline Father: William Crowell    
Married: 1927 Spouse: (Gladys) Mae Moulton (living)    
Children: Myles of Murphysboro Barbara Ann of Rt 3 Carbondale  
Brothers: Addie of Carbondale Rollie of Carbondale  
Sisters: Beulah Collins of Carterville    
Other Persons: 8 grandchildren 1 great grandchild  
Other information retired coal miner found with a gun shot in backyard, 12 gauge found near body coroner Harry Flynn death further investigation


Crowell, Effie Age: 79 705 N 23rd Murphysboro  
Born: 19 Aug 1883 Makanda Twp Died: Jan 1963 Murphysboro, IL Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Sarah Father: Jefferson Hagler    
Married: Spouse:    
Children: Mrs. Leona Castleberry of Murphysboro Mrs. Mamie Miller of Murphysboro Lawrence W of Centralia
Sisters: Mrs. Ollie Blankenship of Herrin Mrs. Cora Britt of Little Rock, AR Mrs. Strater Mosely of Carbondale
Other Persons: 5 grandchildren    
Other information Spanish Amer War Vets Auxiliary    


Crowell, Gladys Mae Age: 60 of Rt. 3 Carbondale, IL 30 Jul 1972 Southern Illinoisan
Born: 12 Nov 1911 Carbondale, IL Died: 29 Jul 1972 Carbondale, IL Buried: Murdale Gardens  
Mother: Mae Trail (deceased) Father: Miles Harden Moulton    
Married: 1927 Spouse: Earl H Crowell (died 18 Jul 1972)  
Children: Myles E of Murphysboro Barbara Ann of Rt. 3 Carbondale Wm Wayne (deceased)
Brothers: Myles Moulton of Carterville Virgil Moulton of Carbondale  
Sisters: Libby Alexander of Carterville Mildred Crowell of Carbondale Ethel Smith of Murphysboro
Other Persons: 8 grandchildren 1 great grand daughter  
Other information died of cancer, in hospital since 05 June employed at University Center at SIU also worked in kitchen of Doctors Hospital in Carbondale
Other information found died from shotgun wound, a 12 gauge found near the body, under investigation    


Crowell, Joseph Allen Age: 84 705 N 23rd Murphysboro  
Born: 04 Jul 1875 Jackson Co, IL Died: 20 Jul 1959 Murphysboro Buried: Oakland (military burial rites)  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 20 May 1906 Carbondale Spouse: Effie Hagler    
Children: Mrs. Leona Castleberry of Murphysboro Mrs. Ray Miller of Rt. 2 Carbondale Lawrence of Centralia
Other Persons: 5 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren  
Other information Spanish American War served in Cuba & Philippines retired ILL Central shop worker member of VFW


Crowell, Nannie Age:    
Born: 03 Jul 1882 Makanda Died: 21 Sep 1952 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Dutch Ridge Cem  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Ben    
Children: son Fred Stearns of Murphysboro Hazel of Carbondale  
Brothers: Alva Nance of Carbondale Albert Nance of Carbondale  Rev. S H Nance of Cairo
Sisters: Mrs. Liza Forby of Carbondale Mrs. Malinda Palmer of Carbondale Mrs. Claudia Tripp of Carbondale
Sisters: Mrs. Alice Mays of Cobden    
Other Persons: 8 grandchildren 6 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Culley, Riley C Age: 36-0-17    
Born: Died: unknown Buried: Ava Evergreen Cemetery died of consumption
Mother: Jane Father: B F (deceased)    
Brothers: R L Sylvester James
Sisters: Mrs. F M Russell Mrs. Lizzie Curtis  
Other Persons:      
Other information      


Curd, Effie Age: 83 of DeSoto  
Born: 02 Jun 1896 Cave in Rock, IL Died: 22 Jun 1979 Murphysboro, IL Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery  
Mother: Augusta Father: Joseph Underwood    
Married: Spouse: Fred Muellwe (d 1956)    
Married: Spouse: Edward Curd (d 1971)    
Sisters: Mrs. Tressie Steel of Elkville Mrs. Viola Lindsey of Hot Springs, AR  
Step Sisters" Mrs. Lillian Higgins of Elkville Mrs. Mary Snyder of Pinckneyville Mrs. Edna Zacher of Pinckneyville
Other Persons:      
Other information retired teacher PM of DeSoto post office  


Curd, Holland Age: 84    
Born: 19 Apr 1887 KY Died: 20 Nov 1971 Carbondale Buried: DeSoto Cemetery  
Mother:  Margaret Whitis Father: George Curd    
Married: Spouse: Effie    
Children: Mrs. Jean Rigden of Hammond, IN Mrs. Fay De Bold of Palm Springs, CA Mrs. Mary Bell of Palm Springs, CA
Children Mrs. Ellen Dietz (minister) of Tuttle Field, TX    
Other Persons: 2 grandchildren 4 great grandchildren  
Other information retired telegraph operator of IC RR, worked there 55 yrs Mason  

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