Jackson Co., Illinois "G" Obituaries

Gale, Helen Hazel Age: 81    
Born:  23 Aug 1918 Died: 18 Apr 2000 Chester, IL Buried: Bower Cemetery in Ava  
Mother: Sophia Weissgerber Father: George D Kessel    
Married: 07 Oct 1950 Ava, IL Spouse: Oakley Gale (living)    
Children: Albert, his wife Julie of Murphysboro    
Brothers: Lester (deceased)    
Sisters: Mrs. Elda Saul of Rockwood    
Other Persons: 3 grandchildren    
Other information      


Gale, Rachel Age: 91   w/o Wm F
Born: 26 Jun 1909 Raddle, IL Died: 06 Nov 2000 Murphysboro Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Lillie Korando Father: Oren Downen    
Married: Spouse: William F Gale Jr. (d 21 Oct 1948)  
Children: Mrs Patricia A Mohr of Manteca, CA    
Brothers: Benton deceased    
Grandchildren: Steven, Truda & Sandra Mohr    
Other information retired teacher from Gorham school    


Garver, James H Age: 88 Rt. 1, Ava donated by Shayne Pugh
Born: 1866 near Ava, IL Died: 1959 Buried: Evergreen at Ava  
Mother: Nancy Cheatham Father: Jacob Garver    
Married: 1888 Spouse: Malinda C Modglin (d 1949)  
Children: Walter of Ava Warren of Ava Ross of Ava
Children: Ralph of Ava Van of Ava Vern of Ava
Children: Mrs. Earline Bryant (d 1942) infant (deceased)  
Half sister: Mrs. Carol Williamson of Oxnard, CA    
Other Persons: 20 Grandchildren 15 great grandchildren  
Other information retired farmer    


Garver, Malinda Catilla Age: of Ava, IL donated by Shayne Pugh
Born: 13 Jan 1869 Ora Twp Died: Apr 1949 Buried: Evergreen at Ava  
Mother: Elmira Father: Isaac Modglin    
Married: 26 Dec 1888 Spouse: James Hansford Garver    
Children: 6-1 Gracie (d as infant) Mrs. Elsie Earline Bryant (deceased) Walter Henry age 60
Children: Warren Ottis Harmon Ross Ralph James
Children: Raymond Hansford Van William  
Grand Children Eldon Bryant Earl Bryant  
Grand Children of Walter Gladys, Beulah, Helen, Louise Grover  
Grand Children of Warren Geraldine, Blanche & Aleta    
Grand Children of Harmon Raymond, Dorothy & Ruth    
Grand Children of Ralph Marie, Mildred & Marilene Harmon (d 1945), Delbert, Glenn & Gale  
Great grand Children 9    
Other information died on Easter    

Garrett, Arthur Logan Age: 43-4-10    
Born: 29 Jun 1887 Died: 08 Nov 1930 Valley Park, MO Buried: Lone Oak Cemetery shot by police for resisting arrest
Mother: name not given of Springfield, IL Father: George    
Married: 16 Sep 1906 Spouse: Ida Armstrong (deceased)    
Children: Mrs. Lorna Fields of E St Louis Mrs. Ruth Hineman of Valley Park, MO Oscar of Valley Park, MO
Children: Lawrence of Valley Park, MO 2 children died before 1930  
Brothers: Leo of St Charles, MO    
Sisters: Mrs. Clara Yeakel of St Louis, MO Mrs. Sadie Berry of Springfield, IL Mrs. Madgie Vroman of Philadelphia, PA
Sisters: Mrs. Eubia Wissman of Oklahoma City, OK    
Other Persons:      
Other information served 14 months in prison for threatening a policeman with a gun    


Gill, Hardy Age:    
Born: 18 Jun 1852 Died: 04 Dec 1893 Somerset twp Buried: Zion Church  
Mother:  Messissa (d Nov 1893) Father: Wiley B Gill (d Nov 1893)    
Married: Spouse: not listed    
Children: not listed    


Gill, Rachel Age:    
Born: 20 Feb 1803 KY Died: 11 Mar 1869 Jackson Co, IL Buried: not listed  
Mother: Father: John Byars    
Married: 29 Dec 1823 Spouse: Peter Gill (d 28 Oct 1857)  
Children: had 7 Amelia Pyle of Worth Co, MO Adelia Adkins Leaper of Jackson Co
Children: Mrs. Aletha Logan w/o Thomas (deceased) Edwin T (deceased) Benton of Jackson Co
Children infant (deceased)    
Other information came to Jackson Co, in 1810    


Gordon, Dora L Age: 78    
Born: 10 Nov 1881 Jackson Co, IL Died: 09 Oct 1960 Mariposa, CA Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Hannah Leman Father: Henry Jackson Killon    
Married: 24 May 1903 Spouse: Wm Arthur Gordon (d 13 Mar 1931)  
Children: Mrs. Susie Carter of Mariposa, CA Walter of Liecester, MA infant daughter (deceased)
Brothers: Harry Killon of Ava, IL Shelley Killon of Los Angeles, CA  
Sisters: Vinnie Killon of Ava, IL    
Other Persons: 4 grandchildren 7 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Gordan, James Oscar Age: 83    
Born: 03 Apr 1882 Coffeen, MO Died: 05 Apr 1965 Buried: Evergreen at Ava  
Mother:  Aretta Caroline Isom Father:  William Gordan    
Married: 1907 Spouse: Ida Mae Modglin (d 21 Nov 1954)  
Children: James T of Ava Mrs. Aaron Pulcher of Ava Mrs. John Bryant of Murphysboro
Children: Mrs. Laverne Kessel of Santa Cruz, CA    
Brothers: Harry of Eugene, OR Ralph of Royalton, IL 3 brothers deceased
Sisters: Mrs. Sadie Rammelkamp of Benton Mrs. Lucy Holley of Chester 1 sister deceased
Other Persons: 10 grandchildren 18 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Gorden, Harry B Age: 26 years    
Born: Died: 15 Aug year not given Buried: Ava Evergreen Cemetery died of consumption
Mother: deceased years ago Father: Parker L    
Other Persons: grandfather Rev Henry S Gorden    
Other information      


Graeff, Adda Age: 72    
Born: 21 Jun 1888 Died: 02 May 1960 Buried: Elkville Cemetery  
Mother: Ella Father: William Leming (both parents deceased)  
Married: 13 Jun 1909 Elkville, IL Spouse: Ernest D Graeff    
Children: Marc of Chicago, IL    
Brothers: Edward Leming of Elkville Burt (deceased)  
Other Persons: 2 grandchildren, no names    
Other information      


Grammer, Jesse Age: 82 223 S 16th Murphysboro  
Born: 10 Apr 1898 Jackson Co, IL Died: 29 Jul 1982 Murphysboro Buried: Crab Orchard Cemetery  
Mother: Julia Catherine Williams Father: Lewis Frank Grammer    
Married: Spouse: Hallie Crawshaw (d 1962)    
Married: Spouse: Juanita Wright (living)    
Children: Carol (son) of Murphysboro    
Brothers: Frank of Metropolis Robert of Carbondale Howard of Murphysboro
Sisters: Mrs. Lean Turner of Carbondale Mrs. Mabel Duncan of Dyer, TN Mrs. Edna Pieron of Dyer, TN
Sisters: Mrs. Helen Albers of Murphysboro    
Other Persons: 8 grandchildren 3 great grandchildren  
Other information former mayor of Grand Tower    


Grammer, Lillian Age: 75 of Elkville  
Born: 29 Mar 1884 Jackson Co, IL Died: no date given  DuQuoin, IL Buried: Dutch Ridge  
Mother: America Rogers Father: Joseph Williams    
Married: Spouse: George Grammer (d 1944)    
Children: Mrs. Agnes Kimmel of Elkville Kenneth of Meredosia Carvel of Wood River
Sisters: Mrs. Julia Grammer of Murphysboro Mrs. Edna Hightower of Carterville  
Other Persons: 3 grandchildren 3 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Griffin, Elliott Age: 87 of Murphysboro, IL  
Born: 18 May 1878 Jackson Co, IL Died: 1964/65 Buried: Camp Creek  
Mother: Caroline E Ripley Father: John Griffin    
Married: 22 Jun 1899 Ava Spouse: Ida Qualls    
Children: Mrs. Ruby Woll of Detroit, MI Mrs. Otis Reiman of Murphysboro Mrs. Jack Jatho of Murphysboro
  daughter deceased    
1/2 Brothers: Will of Belleville, IL Jack of AR John of E St Louis, IL
1/2 Sisters: Mrs. Agnes Wehrheim of Ava Mrs. Anna Williams of Ava  
Other Persons: 13 grand, 28 great grand & 1 great great grandchildren    
Other information retired section foreman for Gulf, Mobile & Ohio RR    

Griffin, John Lucian Age: 61-11-17    
Born: Died: 18 Jul 1910 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Evergreen Cemetery in Ava  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Caroline E Ripley    
Married: Spouse: Telitha E Williams    
Children: son    
Other Persons:      
Other information died of a stroke    

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