Jackson Co., Illinois "H" Obituaries

Hagler, Charles M Age: 74 819 S Marion St  
Born: Died: Aug 1954 Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse:    
Children: Harold of Carbondale Raymond of Carbondale Alvin of Gulfport, MS
Children: Vernon of Cincinnati, OH Mrs. Connie Hopkins of Clinton, IA Mrs. Beulah Connor of Ridgeway, IL
Children: Mrs. Gladys Bittler of Clinton, IA    
Sisters: Mrs. Hattie Mosley of Carbondale Mrs. Ollie Blankenship of Herrin Mrs. Effie Crowell of Carbondale
Sisters: Mrs. Cora Bitt of Little Rock, AR    
Other Persons:      
Other information retired carpenter at SIU    

Hagler, Frank Age: 72 Rt. 51 Carbondale  
Born: Died: May 1952 Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Lillian    
Children: Paul (d 1949 in well accident) Robert (d 1949 in well accident) Mrs. Harold Chew of Carbondale
Children: Mrs. Clifford Devores of Villa Park    
Brothers: C M Hagler of Carbondale    
Sisters: Mrs. Joe Crowell of Carbondale Mrs. Hattie Moseley of Carbondale Mrs. Hollie Blankenship of Herrin
Sisters: Mrs. Charles Britt of Little Rock, AR    
Other Persons:      
Other information died of injuries in a farm accident inquest held  


Hagler, Harold E "Whoop" Age: 72 of Carbondale  
Born: 08 Feb 1913 Carbondale Died: 16 Mar 1985 Carbondale Buried: Pleasant Grove  
Mother: Dora Keyes Father: Charles Hagler    
Married:16 Mar 1958 DeSoto Spouse: Sussie Robinson    
Brothers: Vernon of Brooksville, FL Alvin of Brooksville, FL brother deceased
Sisters: Connie Hopkins of Milwaukee, WI Gladys Bittler of El Cajon, CA sister deceased
Other Persons:      
Other information retired presser for Horstman's Cleaners WWII, US Army  


Hagler, Ida Mae Age: 88 of Cahokia  
Born: 18 May 1893 Jonesboro, IL Died: 22 Sep 1981 Buried: Walker Hill Cemetery  
Mother:  Melvina Smalley Father: Albert Clutts    
Married: Spouse: Elmer Hagler (d  10 Mar 1936)  
Children: Marie Derossett (Deceased) Earl of Cahokia Mrs. Edna Brooks of Cahokia
Brothers: 4 brothers (deceased)    
Sisters: 3 sisters (deceased)    
Other Persons: 7 grand, 12 great grand & 7 great great grandchildren    
Other information      


Hagler, Irvy A Age: 47 of Carbondale  
Born: Died: about 28 Sep 1952 Carbondale Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Helen    
Brothers: Don of Murphysboro Ray of Taylorsville  
Sisters: Mrs. J E Fisher of Murphysboro Mrs. Earl Etherton of Carbondale Mrs. M E Fisher of Carbondale
Sisters: Stella Hagler of Carbondale    
Other information president of Hod Carriers Building & Common Laborers #227 member IOOF & Woodmen  


Hagler, Jefferson Age:    
Born: 11 Feb 1852 Pomona, IL Died: 09 Oct 1936 Carbondale Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Father: Phillip Hagler    
Married: Spouse: Sarah Grammer (living)    
Children: Mrs. Robert Blankenship of Herrin Frank of Carbondale Charlie of Carbondale
Children: Mrs. S S Mashley of Carbondale Mrs. J A Cravill of Carbondale Mrs. Corine Baskins of Little Rock, AR
Brothers: Ike Hagler of Carbondale    
Sisters: Mrs. Houston Minton of Boskeydell    
Other Persons:      
Other information retired carpenter    


Hagler, Minnie Age: 81 106 Park St. Hurst, IL  
Born: 28 Nov 1892 Goreville, IL Died: 21 Jul 1974 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Nancy Batson Father: Ulysses S Jolly    
Married: 15 Jan 1911 Spouse: Louis Franklin Hagler    
Children: Mrs. Dorothy Shirley of Hurst Evaleen Devor of Villa Park  
Sisters: Mrs. Lilly Makson of DeSoto    
Other Persons: 3 grandchildren    
Other information      


Hall, Benjamin Franklin Age:    
Born: 01 Jan 1833 Died: 12 Sep 1894 Jackson Co, IL Buried: City Cemetery Murphysboro  
Mother:  Elizabeth Father: Phineas Hall    
Married: Feb 1874 Spouse: Emma Latta (living)    
Children: Frank B Ed (by former wife)  
Brothers: James W    
Other Persons:      
Other information 1st wife was Nancy Wallace Latta    


Halter, Mrs. Age:85    
Born:  Died: 23 Nov 1928 Buried:  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Theodore Halter    
Children: Grant Miss Della Bryant Mrs. Alice Brown
Children: Mrs. Rosa Lancaster    
Other information funeral held at 1st Baptist church    


Halter, Catherine Age: 86yrs    
Born:  Died: 23 Nov 1928 Buried:  
Mother: Father: Mr. Bryant    
Married: Spouse:    
Other information body at Carbondale Funeral Home    


Hamilton, Helen Hazel Age: 85    
Born: 25 May 1914 Wolbach, NE Died: 09 Jul 1999 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother:  Berdie Cook Father: Fred Nestor    
Married: 30 Nov 1945 Lincoln, NE Spouse: Robert Hamilton (living)    
Children: Beverly & Richard (s/l) Holt of Murphysboro    
Brothers: 1 brother deceased    
Grandchildren Debra w/o Alex Frey of Makanda Him & Joni (d/l) Holt of Phoenix, AZ  
Great Grandchildren Kevin Frey Benson Holt  


Handley, Bernice Age: 85    
Born: 03 Oct 1895 Chester, IL Died: 19 Apr 1981 Murphysboro Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother:  Ellen Hicks Father: William Ingram    
Married: 30 Dec 1914 Jackson Co, IL Spouse:  Lawrence L Handley    
Children: Henrietta Jones of Murphysboro    
Other Persons: son in law, Preston Jones of Murphysboro 2 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren
Other information      


Hanna, Arden Jeffrey Age: 6 months of Rt. 1 Murphysboro  
Born: 19 Jun 1952 Died: 01 Jan 1953 St Louis, MO Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery  
Mother: Father: Arden Hanna    
Sisters: Phyllis Lynn at home    
Grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Claude Nicholls of Birmingham, England Mr. Ray Hanna of Murphysboro  
Other information      


Harris, Mary Effie Mae Age: 53-4-22   donated by Linda Dyjak
Born: 08 Jan 1885 Hamilton Co, IL Died: 22 May 1938 Murphysboro Buried: DeSoto  
Mother: Eliza Bertha Johnson Father: John A Logan Wheeler    
Married: 01 Jun 1901 Spouse: James Richard Harris    
Children: Richard of Murphysboro Mrs. Florence Cheatham of Makanda Twp Herman of Murphysboro
Children: Roy of San Diego, CA Mrs. Flora Asa of Murphysboro James Monroe at home
Children: Trumen (d in 1930) 2 infants deceased  
Brothers: Otis R Luther of Henderson, KY James O Luther of St Louis, MO John C Luther of Harrisburg, IL
Sisters: sister deceased    
Other Persons: 13 grandchildren    
Other information Came to Murphysboro 41yrs ago mother living listed as Mrs. Eliza B Luther of Murphysboro  


Harris, Roy Raymond Age:68 313 1st St, Elkville donated by Linda Dyjak
Born:  17 Sep 1915 Murphysboro Died: 17 Feb 1983 Carbondale Buried: DeSoto  
Mother: Mary Effie Wheeler Father: James Richard Harris    
Married: Spouse:    
Children: Judy of Laguna Beach, FL Diane of Laguna Beach, FL James R of Huntington Beach, CA
Children a son deceased    
Brothers: James M of Yakima, WA 4 brothers deceased  
Sisters: Mrs. Flora Asa of DuQuoin Mrs. Florence Cheatham of Corpus Christi, TX a sister deceased
Other Persons: 3 grandchildren    
Other information USMC retired landscaper  


Heern, Finis A Age: 82    
Born: 15 Feb 1903 Makanda Twp Died: 05 Jan 1986 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Evergreen in Makanda  
Mother: Nancy Presson Father: J W Heern    
Married: 01 Sep 1927 Jackson, MO Spouse: Vera Gher (d 14 May 1975)    
Children: Jack of Murphysboro Mrs. Jean Nichols of Odessa, TX  
Brothers: Ira of Makanda    
Sisters: Stella of Makanda    
Other Persons: 6 grandchildren 1 great grandchild  
Other information Mason Salesman Golden Rule Life Insurance, a teacher & barber  


Heern, Nancy Age: 87    
Born: 03 Sep 1870 Camden, TN Died: 1957 Makanda Buried: Evergreen in Makanda  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse:    
Children: Wm of Makanda Ira of Makanda Finis of Makanda
Children: Pete of Centralia Jesse f St Petersburg, FL Mrs. Amby Tripp of Makanda
Children: Stella Heern of Makanda    
Sisters: Mrs. George Eaton of Carbondale    
Other Persons: 12 grandchildren 24 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Henry, Donna Marie Age: 36    
Born: 06 May 1959 Murphysboro Died: 12 Mar 1996 Jackson Co, IL Buried:  
Mother: Eula Qualls Father: Wm Bastien    
Married: 20 Mar 1993 Dowell, IL Spouse: Paul Henry    
Children: Jennifer & Lesliann of Murphysboro    
Step Children: Brittiani of Johnson City, IL    
Brothers: Perry of Murphysboro Gilbert of Murphysboro Don of Marion, AR
Brothers: Mike of Cambria Robert of Hampton, AR  
Sisters: Mrs. Beverly Fager of Peoria Mrs. Marilyn Ridings of Peoria Mrs. Sharon Hartline of Murphysboro
Sisters: Mrs. Carolyn Clover of Vergennes Mrs. Sandra Stroud of Carterville Mrs. Delores McCalla of Cambria
Sisters: Mrs. Debra Rains (deceased)    
Other Persons: Father & mother in law, Patrick & Anne Henry of Carterville, IL    
Other information      

Hester, Clara Katherine Age: 93 of Ava  
Born: 20 Mar 1905 Died: 01 Jun 1998 Chester, IL Buried: Ava Evergreen  
Mother: Margaret Leniman Father: William Kiehn    
Married: 22 Mar 1923 Spouse: Theodore A Hester (d 08 Mar 1996)  
Children: Donald W of Walsh Ralph of Ava Lucille Syson of Niles, MI
Children: Dorothy Pfifer of Niles, MI    
Brothers: 5 brothers deceased    
Sisters: 3 sister deceased    
Other Persons: 8 grandchildren (1 deceased) 4 great grandchildren 1 great great grandchild
Other information      

Huseman, Norman Age: 18 yrs    
Born: Died: 30 Aug 1930 Buried: died from a fall into a cistern silo
Mother: Father: Ernest    
Married: Spouse:    
Brothers: Walter Arthur  
Other Persons:      
Other information      


Huthmacher, Emma Age: 69    
Born: Died: Feb 1929 Buried: Walker Hill  
Mother: Father: Mr. Schultz    
Married: Spouse: CC    
Children: Ralph of Grand Tower Mabel at home  


Huthmacher, Nellye Age: 70    
Born: 1890 Makanda, IL Died: Sep 1960 Buried: Walker Hill Cemetery  
Mother: Father: Mr. Miller    
Married: 1914 Spouse: Ralph Huthmacher (living)  
Children: Charles of Decatur    
Sisters: Mrs. Bessie Smith of Marion Mrs. Kate Fly of Lima, OH  


Huthmacher, Ralph C Age:    
Born: Died: Mar 1962 Phoenix, AZ Buried: Walker Hill Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse:    
Children: Charles of Decatur    
Sisters: Mrs. Mabel Hines of Grand Tower    
Other Persons: 2 grandchildren    
Other information former president 1st National Bank of Grand Tower died on vacation  

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