Jackson Co., Illinois "J" Obituaries

Jacquot, Arnold H Age: 71 Rt. 3 Murphysboro donated by Danette Porter
Born: 20 May 1912 Jackson Co, IL Died: 09 Jul 1983 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Murdale Gardens  
Mother: Ann Deitz Father: Emile J Jacquot    
Married: 22 Aug 1931 Jackson Co Spouse:  Myrtle Tucker    
Children: Daniel of Carbondale Roy of Ft. Worth, TX Gene of Murphysboro
Children: Bernadine (d as infant)    
Brothers: Edward of New Athens Louis of Carbondale William & Charles (both deceased)
Sisters: Mrs. Rachel Beasley of DeSoto Mrs. Helen Lovercheck of Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO  
Other Persons: 9 grandchildren 3 great grandchildren  
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Jacquot, Joseph Age:    
Born: 10 Feb 1867 Centerville Station, IL Died: 08 Aug 1939 Buried: Mt Zion Cemetery  
Mother: Salina Ellionard Father:  Propser Jacquot    
Married: Spouse:  Mary Dietz    
Children: Prosper Frank Mrs. Dora Kimmel
  Mrs. Lena Schuster Mrs. Rose Anna Smith Mrs. Lucy Mae Heiple
  Mrs. Estella Beasley Mrs. Ethel Smith Mrs. Mary Ferrell
  Mrs. Edith Gordon    


Jarrett, Disney Age: 80-2-28 of Kinkaid Twp donated by Rick Brush
Born: 28 Jul 1846 Jackson Co, IL Died: 26 Oct 1926 Buried: Glenn Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 1870 Spouse: Eliza Qualls (deceased)    
Married: 1890 Spouse: Mary Jones    
Children 1st marriage: Ben of East St Louis Mrs. Belle Posten of East St Louis 4 children deceased)
Children 2nd marriage: Mrs. Carrie Easton of Jacob Mrs. Laura Bergman of Jones' Ridge Mrs. Lura Carter of Ava
Children 2nd marriage: Mrs. Frankie Hiser of Ava Park of St Louis, MO Mack of Jones' Ridge
Children 2nd marriage: 1 child deceased    
Brothers: Owen of Ava    
Other Persons: 31 grandchildren 16 great grandchildren  
Other information Civil War veteran of 9th IL Inf last 5 yrs at Jones' Ridge, IL  


Jarrett, Mary Jane Age: 58-4-7 of Jones' Ridge, IL donated by Rick Brush
Born: 30 May 1866 Kinkaid Twp Died: 05 Sep 1922 Buried:  Glenn Cemetery  
Mother: Father: Mr. Jones    
Married: 1891 Spouse: Disney Jarrett (living)    
Children: Parker of Washington DC Mack of Jones' Ridge Mrs. Charles Bergman of Jones'Ridge
Children: Mrs. David Easton of Wilkinson Island Mrs. Coleman Carter of Ava Mrs. Robert Hiser of Willisville
Children: Horace of Jones' Ridge    
Step children: Sid of Murphysboro Ben of East St Louis Mrs. Belle Poston of East St Louis
Brothers: George of Murphysboro    
Sisters: Mrs. John White of McClure Mrs. John Berry of Carterville Mrs. Perry Armstrong of Biggers, AR
Sisters: Mrs. Harve Ball of Jones' Ridge    
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Jarrett, Wallace Age: 4 yrs died at Dry Hill  
Born:  05 Nov 1902 Died: 1906 Buried: McBride Cemetery  
Mother: Mary Jones Father: Disney Jarrett    
Other information died of  spinal meningitis    

Johnson, Addie Age: 80 of Murphysboro donated by Danette Porter
Born: 15 Mar 1883 Mound City, IL Died: 1963 Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Mary Potts Father:  William Smith    
Married: 17 Jan 1904 Spouse:  Flaude Johnson (d in 1945)  
Children: Mrs. Harry Limbert of Carbondale James of Toledo, OH Lawrence of Toledo, OH
Children: Harold of DeSoto Clifton of St Louis, MO 2 children died young
Other Persons:      
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Jones, Daisy Age: 89    
Born: 12 Mar 1910 Jackson Co, IL Died: 22 Oct 1999 Jackson Co, IL Buried: not listed  
Mother: Nellie Ledbetter Father:  John Morber    
Married: 05 May 1927 Murphysboro Spouse: Freeman V Jones d 10 Feb 1984  
Children: Virgil W & Doris (d/l) of Fairview Heights daughter (deceased)  
Brothers: 1 brother deceased    
Sisters: 3 sisters deceased    
Other Persons: 2 granddaughters 4 great grandchildren  
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Jones, Vergil O Age:    
Born: 17 Nov 1914 Nashville, IL Died: 11 Jun 2000 DeSoto, IL Buried: not listed  
Mother: Emma Lucker Father:  Elvanus Jones    
Married: 01 Jan 1938 Patoka, IL Spouse: Eileen Breeden (living)    
Children: Marvin (d 16 Dec 1965) Kerry  
Brothers: 3 brothers deceased    
Sisters: 4 sister deceased    
Other Persons: daughter in law Lola w/o Kerry grandson--Robert Jones of Simi Valley, CA, wife Monica grandson--Steven Jones of St Charles, MO, wife Rachel
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