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Kessel, Herman Age: 70 years    
Born: Died: unknown in Buried: Bower Cemetery died when thrown from a wagon and horses ran over him
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: name not listed    
Children: George & John    
Other Persons: John, Fred, George, Anna, Martha Mrs. James Manor & Mrs. Cyrus Bower  
Other information      


Kessel, Mary Ethel Age: 84    
Born:  11 Jul 1914 Grand Tower Died: 04 Mar 1999 Ava, IL Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Alice Lydia Worthen Father:  Charles Browder    
Married: 25 Jan 1931 Campbell Hill Spouse:  Herbert H Kessel    
Children: Freddie C of Warrenton, MO Mrs. Ella Guetersloh of Murphysboro Mrs. Ruby E Bush of Carterville
Children: Grace of Ava    
Brothers: 3 brothers deceased    
Sisters: 3 sisters deceased    
Other Persons: 18 grandchildren 1 great grandchild grandson deceased
Other information      


King, George W Jr. Age: 53 of Caseyville, IL  
Born: Died: 01 Oct 1994 Belleville, IL Buried: cremated  
Mother: Lucile Leonard Father: George W King of Nokomis, IL    
Married: Spouse: Shannon E Spracklen    
Children: Samara of Winfield, MO Mrs Teresa Jones of Caseyville, IL  
Brothers: Dwight (deceased) Rodney of Niantic, IL Terry of Tucson, AZ
Grandchildren Cara & Candace Jones    
Other Persons:      
Other information service advisor for Southland Imports in St Louis, MO    


King, Grover L Age: 62 yrs of Chester  
Born: 28 Apr 1917 Harrison Died: 16 Nov 1979 St Louis, MO Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Ida Qualls King Hargis Father: Grover Cleveland King    
Married: 12 Feb 137 Jackson Co, IL Spouse: Ina Laverne Gruber    
Children: Mrs. Ina Bridges of Chester Rev Wayne King of Freeburg  
Brothers: 2 brothers deceased Kenneth King of Wyoming  
Sisters: Mrs. Ladean Davis of Eldorado    
Other Persons: stepfather James Hargis of Eldorado 4 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren
Other information retired coal miner UMW #1345    


King, Margaret Age: 42 yrs    
Born: 11 Mar 1897 Ava, IL Died: 12 Jan 1940 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Pate Chapel  
Mother: Father: Albert Qualls of Ava    
Married: 01 Sep 1917 Perry Co, IL Spouse: George King    
Children: George W Jr. at home Loren Edward at home Mrs. Roy Reiman
Children: Mary Elizabeth at home Billie Rose at home Mrs. Genevieve Hagler of Grand Tower
  child (deceased)    
Brothers: Albert Jr. of Ava Carl of Ava Eugene of Ava
Brothers: Howard of Ava    
Sisters: Mrs. Etta Nicrols of Oraville Mrs. Dorain Cluster of Ava Mrs. Eula Bastien of Oraville
Sisters: Mrs. Ida Hargas of Buckner    


King, Margaret Ann Age: 94 of Ava, IL  
Born: 07 Oct 1873 Jackson Co, IL Died: Chester, IL Buried: Bartlett Cemetery  
Mother: Ann Richards Father: Michael Crisler    
Married: Spouse: Pate Lee Spouse: Wm Benson Spouse: Wm King (deceased)
Children: Mrs. Anna Easton of Ava Mrs. Pearl Newton of Ava Mrs. Irene Stoffel of Willisville
Children: Mrs. Fredia Kessel of Monlo Park, CA son Charles Benson of Murphysboro  
Step Children: Lester King of St Louis Murel King of Indianapolis, IN Mrs. Sarah Poston of Peoria
Step Children: Pearl King of E St Louis, IL    
Other Persons: 33 grandchildren 77 great grand children 35 great great grandchildren
Other information      


Knauer, Belle Age: 79 yrs    
Born: 29 Dec 1874 DuQuoin, IL Died: 29 Dec 1953 Ava, IL Buried: Evergreen in AVA  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 02 Nov 1892 Union City, TN Spouse: H S Knauer (died 27 Jan 1943)  
Children: Mrs. Eola Lindae of St Louis Mrs. Beulah K Strachan of Ft Wayne, IN  
Sisters: Mrs. Emma Dawson of Ava    
Grandchildren: J Connor Austin of Detroit Mrs. Mary Louise Austin of Carterville 4 great grandchildren
Other Persons sister in law Mrs. Mary L Hope of Ava    


Koen, John C Age: 76    
Born: 16 Jan 1889 Ava, IL Died: 04 Apr 1965 Ava, IL Buried: Evergreen at Ava  
Mother: Louella Lively Father: John Koen    
Married: 1909 Murphysboro, IL Spouse: Rebecca Casteel (living)    
Children: Lester of Sparta Wilma of Ava  
Brothers: Lawrence of Murphysboro    
Sisters: Mrs. Della McCurdy of St Louis, MO Mrs. Audrey Krause of Elmhurst  
Other Persons: 3 grandchildren    
Other information      


Korando, Betty Lou Age: 65    
Born: 29 Jan 1934 Murphysboro Died: 06 Nov 1999 Carbondale Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Imogene K Starzinger Father: Roy M Higgs (living)    
Married: 31 Jul 1954 Spouse: Robert Donald Korando    
Children: Kevin, his wife Gloria of Flower Mound, TX Tara (daughter, her husband Keith Wooden of O'Fallen, MO  
Grandchildren: Ashley & Heather Wooden    
Other information      


Korando, Ruby Josephine Age: 85 of Columbia, IL  
Born: 02 May 1914 Cora City, IL Died: 08 May 1999 Columbia, IL Buried: Glenn  
Mother: Clara Weissgerber Father: Robert N Davis    
Married: 29 Jun 1946 Ava, IL Spouse: George W Korando (d 07 May 1954)  
Children: Phillip Marcella Jean Georgia Sue
Children Mrs. Loretta A Peters of Columbia    
Other Persons:      
Other information      


Kuehn, Matilda Age:    
Born: 30 Nov 1882 DeSoto, IL Died: 20 Feb 1979 DeSoto Buried: Pleasant Grove  
Mother: Dora Sophia Weidner Father: Frederick Dietz    
Married: 18 Sep 1902 DeSoto Spouse: Sebastian Kuehn (deceased)  
Children: Edgar of DeSoto Raymond of St Louis Elmer of Vandalia
Children: Mrs. Clara Dahmer of Marion Mrs. Eva Clark of Phoenix, AZ Mrs. Alma Parish of Vergennes, IL
Other Persons: 14 grandchildren 28 great & 1 great great grandchildren  
Other Persons: 2 sons deceased 1 grandson deceased 2 great grandchildren deceased

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