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Limbert, Rosa Mary Age: 80 of Rt 7 Murphysboro donated by Danette Porter
Born:  05 Aug 1906 Murphysboro Died: 29 Nov 1986 Jackson Co, IL Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Addie May Hayes Father:  Flaude C Johnson    
Married: Feb 1927 Spouse: Harry M Limbert (living)    
Children: Harry of Washington, MO Rosa Mary Richardson (daughter deceased)  
Brothers: Harold Johnson of DeSoto, IL Clifton Johnson of St Louis, MO  
Other Persons: 6 grandchildren 2 great grandsons  
Other information      


Lingle, Clifford Age: 23   donated by Carol Brown
Born: Died 26 Jul 1944 France (KIA) Buried: E St Louis Journal 21 Aug 1944
Mother: Marie of DeSoto Father: Clifford H Lingle of Richmond, CA    
Married: Spouse: Opal    
Children: Karen Lovette 13 months    
Other Persons:      
Other information Staff Sgt, US Army Inf enter service 29 Aug 1942, overseas since 01 Feb 1944 in England  


Lipe, Elmer G Age: 60 yrs of 312 W Main St Carbondale  
Born: Died: Oct 1952 Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Mae    
Children: Mrs. Betty Baldwin of Columbus, GA Mrs. Nola Mae Schmidt of Detroit, MI  
Brothers: Loren of Carbondale Bill of Miami, FL  
Sisters: Mrs. Dorothy Lindgren of Chicago Mrs. Maurice Hopkins of Carbondale Mrs. Luther Asbell of Carbondale
Sisters: Mrs. Jennie Baggott of Marconi    
Other information      


Lively, John Campbell Age: 51 yrs    
Born: Died: 13 Sep 1889 Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: wife (living)    
Children: names not listed    
Other Persons:      
Other information died of softening of brain GAR post #620  

Loy, Jane Age: 88-5-26    
Born: Died: 04 Sep 1925 Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Father: William Bradley    
Married: 23 Oct 1856 Spouse: John A Loy (d 19yrs ago)  
Children: Mrs. Henry Williams Will, Alfred & Lee all of Murphysboro
Sisters: Mrs. Betty Snyder of Campbell Hill    
Other Persons: 4 children deceased 24 grand & 26 great grandchildren  
Other information      

Loy, Laura Age: 18    
Born: 19 Oct Murphysboro Died: Colorado Springs, CO Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Father: Alfred Loy    
Brothers: Alfred, Charles, Elmer, George & Walter    
Sisters: Augusta    
Other Persons:      
Other information died of TB, she had went west about 2 months before    


Lufkin, Benjamin H Age: 2yrs of Ava donated by Nancy Attey
Born: Died: 25 Apr 1890 Buried: King  
Mother: Father: Jason Lufkin    
Married: Spouse:    
Other Persons:      
Other information hit by a train inquest held  


Lynd, Alma K Age: 84 of Granite City since 1926  
Born:  13 Mar 1913 Pomona, IL Died: 16 Jun 1997 Buried: Sunset Hill  
Mother: Monnie Provence Father: George Ellis    
Married: 1951 Spouse: Stanley    
Brothers: Floyd (deceased) Elbert (deceased) Walter (deceased)
Sisters: Mrs. Mary Tellor (deceased) Mrs. Stella McCracken (deceased) Mrs. Gertie Winters (deceased)
Other Persons:      
Other information retired International Garment Workers for 40yrs    

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