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McBride, Francis Clifton Age: 72 of Ava, IL  
Born:  01 Sep 1923 Ava, IL Died: 09 Jan 1996 St Louis, MO Buried: Evergreen at Ava  
Mother: Cosa Duff Father: Ben McBride    
Married: 26 Sep 1942 Jackson, MO Spouse: Melba J Pugh (living)    
Children: Clifton Ray of Ava Larry Dale of Taylorville Donald Gale of Ava
Children: Allen Bruce of Dixon Mrs. Carol Jean Davis of Edwardsville  
Brothers: Duffie of Ava Danny of Murphysboro Ivan (deceased)
Sisters: Mrs. Lucille Worthen of Ava Mrs. Julia Pugh of Murphysboro Mrs. Virginia Doetch of Poplar Grove
Sisters: Mrs. Wilma Dewey of Cutler Mrs. Louise McGuire of Malta Mrs. Helen VanHoy (deceased)
Other Persons: 3 step grandchildren 11 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren
Other information retired equipment operator for Burning Star & Consolidation Coal UMWA local 1825 in Cutler  


McGinnis, John C Age: 90-0-22 at 210 S 9th St donated by Joyce Morgan
Born: 08 Apr 1820 Jonesboro, IL Died: 01 May 1910 Buried: Tower Grove  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Nov 1845 Spouse: Alythe Toler    
Married: Spouse: Mary Merriman    
Children 1st marriage: Harry Mrs. Carrie Nicholson of Percy, IL Mrs. Adaline Clark of Percy, IL
Children 2nd marriage: not lived all deceased    
Other Persons:      
Other information veteran Mexican Co F 2nd IL & Civil Wars Co E 109th IL, then Co C 11th IL    


McGowan, John L Age: 87yrs    
Born:  Union Co, IL Died: 02 Jun 1931 Buried: not listed  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: not named (his 2nd wife, living)  
Children: had 15 children total son Kenneth age 16 at home Mrs. Verna Ward of Carbondale
Children: Miss Daisy of Carbondale Earl of Carbondale William of Carbondale
Children: Mrs. W E McNeil of Carbondale Mrs. W H Davies of Centralia Mrs. RC Wright of Grand Rapids, MI
Children: Harry of Evanston Mrs. Albert Sabey of Chicago Mrs. John Sullivan of E St Louis
Other information Civil War Veteran lived in Carbondale for 35yrs carpenter & plasterer
Other information 10 grandchildren 1 great grandchild  


McGowan, Sam Age: 79 yrs    
Born:  Died: no date Buried: not listed  
Mother: Father:    
Never married      
Brothers: Warren of Carbondale John T of Carbondale  
Sisters: Mrs. Mary Brooks of Chicago Mrs. Theodore Halter of Carbondale  
Other information shot himself in shed of brother Warren, lived with him    


McCowan, W D Age: 83 yrs    
Born:  Bowling Green, KY Died: 10 Mar 1930 Carbondale Buried: Oakland Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse:    
Children: Louis of Carbondale son, CP of Carbondale Mrs. Margaret Brown of Chicago
Children: Mrs. Maude Weier of Chicago Mrs. Lillian Harrison of Chicago Mrs. Harry Baird of Carbondale
Brother: John L of Carbondale age 85    
Other information Civil War Veteran Co F 136th IL Inf son Sidney died last Dec  


McMurphy, Kattie E Age: 68 of Makanda Twp  
Born: 28 Jan 1900 Makanda Twp, Jackson Co, IL Died: 1968 Buried: Lipe  
Mother: Gertie Hagler Father: Charles Braswell    
Married: 11 Mar 1921 Spouse: Herbert McMurphy    
Children: Glen of Makanda Twp Byron of Makanda Twp Mrs. Margaret Holder of Makanda Twp
Brothers: Ernest Braswell of Makanda Twp    
Sisters: Mrs. Maggie Brimmer of Carbondale Mrs. Bertha Hartsock of Boskeydell Mrs. Minnie Thompson of Murphysboro
Sisters: Mrs. Gracie Streans of La Verne, CA    
Other Persons: step-mother Mrs. Maggie Braswell of Carbondale 6 grand children 1 great grandchild
Other information      


Miller, Mamie E Age: 69 of Murphysboro  
Born: 18 Mar 1909 Carbondale Died: 22 Jul 1978 Murphysboro Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Effie Hagler Father: Joseph Allen Crowell    
Married: 16 Mar 1929 Spouse: Ray E Miller died 22 Apr 1961  
Brothers: 1 brother deceased    
Sisters: Mrs Leona Castleberry of Murphysboro 1 sister deceased  
Other Persons:      
Other information Makanda Eastern Star 441    


Miller, Ray E Age: 55 of Rt. 2 Carbondale  
Born: 04 Oct 1905 Makanda Twp, Jackson Co, IL Died: 22 May 1961 Carbondale Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Ida Rendleman Father: Alex Miller    
Married: 16 Mar 1929 Murphysboro Spouse: Mamie Crowell    
Brothers: Robert of Carbondale Hugh of Makanda Ralph of Raymondville, TX
Sisters: Mrs. Dora Clutts of Carbondale    
Other Persons:      
Other information farmer & by SIU Masonic Lodge #434. 32nd degree  


Minch, Stanton Age: 74 of 1426 Gartside St,, Murphysboro  
Born: 24 Aug 1887 IN Died: about 27 Dec 1953 Anna Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 23 Oct 1898 Thompsonville, IL Spouse: Minnie Baskin (d 12 Sep 1946)  
Children: Mrs. Pearl Corti of Chicago    
Other Persons: granddaughter Mrs. Ralph King of Murphysboro 3 great granddaughters  
Other information moved to Murphysboro in 1902 retired car repairman doe GM&O RR  


Modglin, Delilah Age: 73-5-0    
Born: Died: 21 Mar 1904 Buried: Ava Evergreen Cemetery died of old age and recent stroke
Mother: Father: Mr. Miller    
Married:1855 Monroe Co, TN Spouse: William H age 77 in 1904    
Children: none living    
Brothers: had none    
Sisters: had none    
Other Persons: James Miller, nephew    
Other information she came to Jackson Co in 1864    


Modglin, James M Age: 61-6-3 of Ava donated by Anita Childs
Born: 28 Feb 1864 near Ava Died: 31 Aug 1925 Ava Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 26 Apr 1888 Spouse: Louisa Davis    
Children: Mrs. May Gordon Mrs. Minnie Brown Mrs. Frieda Brownfield
Children" Ira & Era (died as infants)    
Brothers: Wm T 1/2 brother Henry Brownfield of Heber Springs, AR  
Sisters: Mrs. J H Garver 1/2 sister Mrs. Pate McBride  
Other Persons: 8 grandchildren    
Other information died of a stroke    


Modglin, Louisa C Age: 78-4-26 of Ava donated Anita Childs
Born: 03 May 1862 Jackson Co Died: 29 Sep 1940 Ava Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Father: Mr. Davis    
Married: 26 Apr 1888 Spouse: James M Modglin (died 31 Aug 1925)  
Children: Ira & Era (deceased) Mrs. Oscar Gordon of Ava Mrs. Walter Brown of Ava
Children: Mrs. Lyde Brownfield of Ava    
Brothers: Robert of Ava Charles of Ava James of Ava
Brothers: Edward of Murphysboro 2 brothers deceased  
Sisters: Mrs. Will Koen of Ava 3 sisters deceased  
Other Persons: 9 grandchildren 6 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Morton, Ida Age: 86 of Jacob  
Born: 21 Mar 1881 Jackson Co, IL Died: 20 Jan 1968 Jacob, IL Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother:  Nancy Elizabeth Modglin Father: James Peyton McBride    
Married: 25 Dec 1899 Spouse: Joseph C Morton (d 02 Jul 1932)  
Children: Mrs. Edna Lester of Jacob, IL Mrs. Maude Brickley of Jacob, IL Lawrence of Pinckneyville, IL
Brothers: Luther of Ava Howard of Teodosia, MO  
Sisters: Mrs. Chloa Fehringer of Jacob Mrs. Clemmie Leinicke of Rockwood, IL Mrs. Lottie Griener of Indianapolis, IN
Other Persons: 2 grandchildren 3 great grand children  
Other information      


Moseley, Hattie P Age: 85    
Born: 07 Jan 1895 Jackson Co, IL Died: 10 Feb 1980 Murphysboro Buried: Evergreen in Ava  
Mother: Sarah Grammer Father: Jefferson Hagler    
Married: 02 Mar 1914 Spouse: Charles E Heern (died in 1924)  
Married: 05 Nov 1929 Murphysboro Spouse: SS Moseley ( died 31 Oct 1977)  
Children: James Edward Heern of Hurst William S Moseley of Sacramento, CA Mrs. Mary Louise Rollison of Needles, CA
Children: Mrs. Mae Fern Smith of Springfield, IL Mrs. Kathryn Barth of Riverside, CA daughter & son deceased
Brothers: 2 brothers deceased    
Sisters: Ollie Blankenship of Herrin 3 sisters deceased  
Other Persons: 13 grandchildren 15 great grandchildren 5 great great grandchildren
Other information      


Moulton, Miles H Age: 89   14 Jul 1961 Southern Illinoisan
Born: 05 Apr 1872 Williamson Co, IL Died: 13 Jul 1961 Buried: Oakland Cemetery  
Mother: Sarah Williams Father: Miles Moulton    
Married: Spouse: May Trail (living)    
Children: Mrs. Fred Alexander of Crainville, IL Mrs. Thomas E Kelley of La Grange Mrs. Rolla Crowell of Carbondale
Children: Mrs. Earl Crowell of Carbondale Mrs. Frank Smith of Carbondale Virgil of Carbondale
Children Miles of Cambria    
Other Persons: niece Mrs. Jack Urie of Weiner, AR 16 grandchildren 8 great grandchildren
Other information member Drury Christian Church    

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