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Saylor, Grant L Age: 72   donated by Regina Bailey
Born: 13 Nov 1872 Jackson Co, IL Died: 18 Jun 1946 Murphysboro Buried: Camp Creek  
Mother: Lydia Bouscher Father: Perry Saylor    
Married: Spouse: Eva Blacklock    
Brothers: 4 deceased    
Sisters: 5 deceased Mrs. Daisy Reiman of Murphysboro 1 other sister living, name not listed
Other Persons:      
Other information master mechanic at Herrin Coal Mine    


Schimpf, Lena Age: 72-9-5   donated by Lisa Wagner
Born: 15 Jun 1860 Belleville, IL Died: 20 Mar 1933 Ora Twp Buried: Creekpaum  
Mother: Father:  Justus Sherrmann    
Married: 1881 Spouse: Jacob Schimpf (d 04 Apr 1891)  
Children: Jacob of Vergennes Bastian of Vergennes Mrs. Annie Pugh of Vergennes
Children: Mrs. Lena Pugh of Vergennes Mrs. Lula Blacklock of Elkville  
Brothers: John of Vergennes Frank of Vergennes 3 brothers deceased
Sisters: Mrs. Mary Schimpf of Ava Mrs. Louise Schimpf of Vergennes Mrs. Anna Meininger of Murphysboro
Sisters: 2 sisters deceased    
Other Persons: 22 grandchildren 6 great grandchild  
Other information came to Jackson Co in 1868    


Schwartz, John W Age: 35    
Born: 14 Apr 1877 Elkville Died: 07 Dec 1912 Buried: Kimmel Cemetery  
Mother: Emaline (living in 1912) Father: Edward (d 1904)    
Married: 31 Oct 1895 Spouse: Emma Tanner    
Children: Mabel Ruth Herbert, died as infant
Brothers: Samuel (his twin) Joseph  
Sisters: Mrs. Mollie Casleton Mrs. Lucy Casleton Mrs. Mattie Kimmel (deceased)
Sisters: Mrs. Ella Leming (deceased)    
Other information Lenowee Tribe #235 Improved Order of Red Man  


Schwartz, Joseph Age: 88    
Born: 08 Jul 1878 Jackson Co, IL Died: not listed (1968) Buried: Kimmel Cem  
Mother: not listed (deceased) Father: Edward A of Willisville    
Married: 1916 Spouse: Eliza Hearne (d 01 Nov 1961)    
Children: Mrs. Glena Williams of St Charles, MO son, deceased  
Other Persons: 1 grandson    
Other information      


Shawcross, Paul R Age: 79    
Born:  26 Apr 1913 Attica, IN Died: 02 Aug 1992 St Louis, MO Buried: Ava Evergreen  
Mother: Stella Fielder Father:  Wilbur Shawcross    
Married: 01 Mar 1941 St Genevieve, MO Spouse:  Marjorie Wilson (d 06 Oct 1984)  
Children: Thomas Wilson of Boca Raton, FL James Paul of Chesterfield, MO  
Brothers: Jack & Bob (deceased)    
Sisters: Dorothea Stengele (deceased)    
Other Persons: 6 grandchildren    
Other information WWII, Cprl US Army Air  Corps, 58th Fighter Group worked as Traffic Manager for Bene-Patterson Co in St Louis  


Smith, Barbara A Age: 78-5-20    
Born: 04 Sep 1836 Pike Co Died: 26 Feb 1915 Buried: Davis Cemetery  
Mother: Margaret Father: Elizah Casteel    
Married: 21 Dec 1856 Spouse: David Marion Henson (died 12 Nov 1862)  
Married: 1863 Spouse: P J Smith (deceased)  
Children 1st marriage 2 daughters died as infant Mrs. Mary Davis of Hurst  
Children 2nd marriage: ND (son) of Hurst SE (son) of Elkville Mrs. Laura Henson of Elkville
Children 2nd marriage: 3 infants died    
Sisters: Mrs. Anderson Davis of Ava    
Other Persons: 5 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Smith, Carl Gene Age: 57 of 1425 Old West Main, Carbondale  
Born: 03 Jul 1940 Carbondale Died: 12 Apr 1998 Marion VA Hospital Buried: Oakland Cemetery  
Mother: Cleora Glasco Father: Fred Smith    
Married: Spouse:    
Brothers: Jerry Smith of Carbondale Archie Kelley of Carbondale  
Sisters: Mrs. Luella Lipe of Carbondale Mrs. Virginia Beasley of Collinsville  
Other Persons:      
Other information retail clerk at Goldsmiths, Reeds Jewelry & J C Penney Vietnam War US Army (in Germany)  


Smith, Charles M Age: 70 of 802 North St, Murphysboro  
Born: 17 Feb 1873 Rushville, IN Died: 23 Mar 1943 Buried: not listed  
Mother: Father:    
Married: 27 Aug 1895 Spouse: Mary Will (living)    
Children: Elizabeth at home Cleo at home John of Murphysboro
Children: Charles of Murphysboro Mrs. Marie Lingle of DeSoto Mrs. Ruby Acker of Herrin
Children: Mrs. Edna Crowe of San Bernardino, CA    
Nieces: Mrs. Sarah Hunter of Murphysboro Mrs. Ira Trout of Murphysboro  
Other Persons: 10 grandchildren 1 great grandchild  
Other information miner    


Smith, Clarence David Age:68 yrs of Rt. 1 DeSoto  
Born: Died: Feb 1953 DeSoto Buried: DeSoto Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: Golda Marie    
Children: Vida Mae of DeSoto Mrs Carl Young of Carbondale Mrs. Verle Carrell of Bethalto
Children: Mrs. Roy Stanton of Murphysboro Mrs. Leroy Mitchell of Murphysboro  
Sisters: Mrs. Bessie Wise of Coelo Mrs. Lora Chancey of De Soto  
Other Persons: 3 grandchildren    
Other information      


Smith, Cleora Alpha Age: 89 of 1425 Old W Main St, apt 110 Carbondale  
Born: 10 Sep 1906 Cobden Died: 07 Jan 1996 Carbondale Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Alpha Omega Cavaness Father: Jerome Glasco    
Married: Spouse: Archie Kelley Sr. (deceased)    
Married: 16 Apr 1932 Carbondale Spouse: Frank F Smith (living)    
Children: Archie Kelley of Carbondale Carl & Jerry Smith of Carbondale Mrs. Virginia Beasley of Collinsville
Children: Mrs. Lucille Lipe of Carbondale    
Brothers: 1 brother deceased    
Sisters: Mrs. Lucy Widdows of Carbondale 3 sisters deceased  
Other Persons: 10 grandchildren 11 great grandchildren  
Other information      


Smith, Fred Frank Age: 85 of 1425 Old W Main apt 110  
Born: 29 Jan 1912 DeSoto, IL Died: 12 May 1997 Marion VA Hospital Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Buena Vista Robinson Father: Levi Smith    
Married: 16 Apr 1932 Spouse: Cleora Glasco Kelley (died 07 Jan 1996)  
Children: Archie Kelley of Carbondale Carl & Jerry Smith of Carbondale Mrs. Lucille Lipe of Carbondale
Children: Mrs. Virginia Beasley of Collinsville    
Brothers: 2 brothers deceased 2 half brothers deceased  
Sisters: a sister deceased 2 half sisters deceased  
Other Persons: 10 grandchildren 10 great grandchildren  
Other information construction laborer, member Local 227 WWII, US Navy  


Smith, Joan Nanette  0-5-3 at 524 DeWitt St donated by John W Smith III
Born: Died: Feb 1930 Buried: Boucher's Chapel Cemetery  
Mother: Father: John Smith    


Smith, John William Age: 42 lived at Laclede Hotel in Murphysboro  
Born: 26 Jul 1902 Murphysboro Died: 15 May 1944 Buried: Boucher Cemetery  
Mother: Mary Smith (living) Father:    
Married: May 1923 Spouse: Thelma Coad (died 05 Mar1939)  
Children: John Jr. age 18 US Navy Robert age 15 Charles age 5
Children: Carolyn Ann age 13 Phyllis Jean age 7 step child Doris Mae Dameron of Marion
Brothers: Charles of Murphysboro Cleo of Murphysboro  
Sisters: Mrs. Leo Lingle of DeSoto Mrs. Cecil Acker of Herrin Mrs. Orville Crow of San Bernardino, CA
Sisters: Elizabeth Smith of Murphysboro    
Other information dropped dead at work Venegoni Beer Distributors all children except Phyllis live with grandmother in Murphysboro Phyllis lives in Herrin with John's sister
  coroner's jury found he died of a blood clot to the heart    


Smith, Thelma Age: 34 yrs    
Born: 18 Sep 1904 Died: 05 Mar 1939 Buried: Boucher Cemetery  
Mother: Father:    
Married: Spouse: John Smith    
Children: several, no names listed    


Stout, Olin Lindell Age: 80    
Born: 29 Mar 1919 Ava, IL Died: 24 Nov 1999 Murphysboro Buried: Ava Evergreen  
Mother:  Lula Alberta Smith Father: Daniel O Stout    
Married: 15 Aug 1890 Portage, IN Spouse:  Lorraine F MacClean (living)  
Children: Daniel Charles of Eugene, OR Bruce of Aurora, CO Olin Jr. of St Louis, MO
Children: Kenneth of Los Angeles, CA Brenda Abernathy of Valparaiso, IN  
Other Persons: 6 step children 14 grandchildren 10 great grandchildren
Other information retired from steel mills in Gary, IN    


Sykes, Elliott H Age: 60    
Born:  England Died: Dec 1894 Buried: Oakland  
Mother: Father:    
Married: twice Spouse:    
Children: had several who are deceased James (only one living)  
Other Persons:      
Other information parents settled in DeSoto Civil War in Co D 21st IL Inf was a painter

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