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Manning Glenn Probate Record
Probate Book 1 Div. A Box 25 File 936
June 18, 1866
Donated by Nancy Attey

Affidavit of Decease and Names of Heirs

State of Illinois
Jackson County
Delitha Cumi Glenn being duly sworn deposes and says that Emanuel Glenn late of the County of Jackson and State of Illinois, is dead, and that he died on or about the 23rnd day of May A. D. 1866 and that his Personal Estate will probably amount to the sum of $250.00 that said Emanuel Glenn left at the time of his decease Delitha Cumi Glenn his widow and William Harrison, 15 years; Lucinda Elizabeth, 9 years; nancy Jane H. 7 years; Paula Ann, 4 years, and George Washington aged 3 years and Caroline H., 2 years old. His children.
Signed Delitha C. Glenn ( her mark )
Subscribed and Sworn to before me this 18th day of June A. D. 1866
John F. Cover Clerk
By C. Wh[__________]

Warrant of Appraisers
Estate of Emanuel Glenn Deceased
State of Illinois
Jackson County In the County Court Term, A. D. 1866
The People of the State of Illinois To James McBrideJohn Hatfield, and jesse Johnson of the County of Jackson and the State of Illinois - Greeting:
This is to authorize you, jointly, to appraise the goods, chattles and personal estate of Emanuel Glenn late of the County of Jackson and the State of Illinois, deceased, so far as the same shall come to your sight and knowledge, each of you having first taken the oath hereto annexed; a certificate whereof you are to return, annexed to an Appraisement Bill of said goos, chattels and personal estate, by you appraised in dollars and cents; and in the said bill of appraisement you are to set down in a column or columns, opposite to each article appraised, the value thereof.
Witness John F. Cover Clerk of the County Court for the
Said county of Jackson at his office in Murphysboro this eighteenth day of June A. D. 1866 and the Probate Seal of said Court hereunto affixed.
John F. Cover, Clerk
By C. W[________]Deputy

You, each of you, do solemnly swear, that you will well and truly, without partiality or prejudice, value and appraise the goods, chattels and personal estate of manning Glenn deceased, so far as the same shall come to your sight and knowledge; and that you will in all respects perform your duty as appraisers to the best of your skill and judgement.
Subscribed and sworn to this twenty day of
John Hatfield ( signed )
June A. D. 1866, before me. James McBride ( signed )
Samuel Bowers, Justice of the Peace (signed)
Jesse B. Johnson ( signed )

Appraiser's Estimate for Widow
We, the undersigned, appraisers appointed by th judge of the County Court of Jackosn County, to appraise and value the goods, chattels and personal estate of Manning Glenn, deceased, do hereby make and certify to said Court, the following estimate of the value of each article of specific property allowed by law to the widow for herself and family, to wit:

Necessary Beds, Bedsteads, and Bedding for the
widow and family $200.00

Necessary Household and Kitchen Furniture 50.00

One Spinning Wheel 4.00

One Loom and its Appendages 12.00

One pair Cards 1.50

One Stove and necessary Pipe thereof 25.00

Wearing Apparel for widow and family 200.00

Milch Cow....and Cal...( Being one for every four in the family ) 50.00

One horse 40.00

One Woman's Saddle and Bridle 15.00

Provisions for one year 300.00

Sheep and Fleeces ( being two for each member of the family ) 48.00

Food for the above Stock six months 60.00

Fuel for three months 16.00

Other Property 60.00

Total $1081.50

Given under our hands, Jesse B. Johnson ( signed )
John C. Hatfield ( signed )
James McBride ( signed )
[ The amounts in bold are preprinted on the form ]

List of personal property set off

Report of Articles of selected property set off to Mrs. Talitha C. Glenn widow of Manning Glenn deceased.

State of Illinois
Jackson County In County Court August Term A. D. 1866
To the Hon. Judge of the said County:
the undersigned Administrator of Manning Glenn respectfully submit the following report of specific property set off th mrs. Talitha C. Glenn widow of said Manning Glenn in accordance with her relinquishment and selection, and pursuant of the Statue in such case made and provided, as follows:

Beadstend, Bead & beading Wool & Stove $101.00
Chairs, Boxes & Trunk [____] Sidesaddle 25.00
One saddle & Barrels one Table 4.50
[_____] ware jars & Oven & Skillet 7.75
Cooking Glass & bottles Rifle gun & buckets 7.80
Pitcher & smothing Iron spin yarn [_] 5.00
Tub Kittle & washbord Barrels & soap 6.50
Two Barrels & meat Barrel & molasses Box & corn 41.50
Barrel Kegs & bridles & Lard Pitchfork 12.50
Hogs one colt & one mare colt & bell 145.50
Sorrel mare one cow & calf one Hieffer sheep 200.00
One Wagon three Turning Plows Two shovel Plow 39.00
Three Hoes two [___] Hoes Shovel & [__] chain 5.50
Single Trees & double Tree Lot of Tricks & Two [A__] 4.00
[_]earing corn & Box of corn wheel & Brarels 30.00
1/4 forth of mashine ˝ of harrow Wheat & corn meal one [____ ____] 52.50
Total value 686.05
Value of specific property, as estimated and allowed by law, 1081.50
Balance due said Tabitha C. Glenn money, 395.45

Talitha C. Glenn Adm of Manning Glenn, deceased
Estate of Manning Glenn Deceased
State of Illinois
Jackson County
An Appraisement Bill of Goods, Chattels and personal Estate of Manning Glenn late of said county, deceased, so far as the same have come to our sight and knowledge, which appraisement has been made by us by virtue of the annexed Warrant from the County Court of said County, we having been first duly sworn, as required by law.

1. 2 Beds Beadstead & Beading $60.00
2. 1 Bead Beadstead & Beading 20.00
3. Lot of Wool 3.00
4. Cooking Stove & appendages 12.00
5. Lot of Chairs 3.00
6. 4 Boxes 1.00
7. 1 Trunk .50
8. [__,__, of Lin[__] 8.50
9. 1 Side Saddle 12.00
10. 1 [___] Saddle 3.00
11. 2 Flour Barls .50
12. 1 Table 1.00
13. Lot of [______] Ware 3.00
14. Lot of jars 3.75
15. Oven & skillet 1.00
16. 1 looking Glass & Bottles 1.50
17. 1 Rifle Gun & shot Pouch 6.00
18. 2 Watter Buckets .30
19. 1 Pitcher .25
20. 1 Smothing iron .75
22. Lot of Spun Yarn 2.50
23. Tub Kittle & washboard 1.50
24. 2 Barrels of Soap 5.00
25. 2 Barrels of Meat 30.00
26. 1 Barrel of molasses 10.00
27. 1 Box of corn 1.50
28. 1 Barrel 1.00
29. 2 kegs .75
30 1 Lot of Bridles [4.00]
31. Lot of lard 9.00
32. 1 Pich Fork .75
33. Lot of Hogs 50.00
34. [____ ____] Colt 70.00
35. Mare Colt with bell 25.00
36. 1 Sorrel mare 125.00
37. 1 cow & calf 25.00
38. 1 two year old Hieffer 10.00
39. 20 head of sheep 40.00
40. 1 wagon 25.00
41. 3 Turning Plows 12.00
42. 2 Shovel Plows 2.00
43. 3 Hoes 1.50
44. 2 [____] Hoes 2.00
45. Shovel & Log chain 2.00
46. Pair of Single trees & Double Trees 1.50
47. Lot of Tricks .25
48. 2 Axes 2.25
49. Lot of [_______] 12.00
50. Lot of Corn 12.00
51. 1 Box of Corn 4.00
52. 1 Spinning Wheel Two Barrels of Corn 2.00
53. 1 Forth of thrashing machine 15.00
54. Half of one harrow 2.50
55. Lot of wheat 30.00
56. [___] Molasses Mill and Sythe and Cradle 5.00
Total 686.05

Certified by us this 23rd day of June A. D. 1866
Jesse B. Johnson
James McBride Appraisers
John C. Hatfield

We, the appraisers, above named, do ceritfy, that we have attended and served one day each, in appraising the estate of the said deceased.
Jesse B. Johnson
James McBride Appraisers
John C. Hatfield

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