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The following is info copied from a Bible owned by P. W. Griffith of Murphysboro, Il. on August 11, 1931. This is my husband's great grandmother's (Susan Emily Griffith) family. If related, please let me know.

Bible printed in 1851, Murphysboro, Pop. 8700

John J. Griffith (born 8/9/1812) and Harriet Will (born 11/16/1819) married Oct. 30, 1836. Both were from Somerset County, Pa. They came to Jackson County, Il. in then same wagon train and arrived 3 miles north of Murphysboro Il. March 10, 1836.

John J. died 6/8/1863.
Harriet died 6/30/1863.
The following children died: Harvey Nelson died 4/24/1863, Mary A. died 6/12/1863, Lucretia died 5/22/1863, Samantha Corda died 7/25/1863. All died from Typhoid contracted during the war.

Births of children of John J. and Harriet:

Cyrus S. b:10/24/1837 in Jackson County, Il.
Sabina Ursula b:2/27/1839 in Jackson County, Il.
Harvey N. b:11/26/18? in Jackson County, Il.
Mary Ann b:2/22/1843 in Jackson County, Il.
Peter Will b:12/28/1845 in Jackson County, Il.
Lucretia b:11/16/1848 in Jackson County, Il.
Samantha Corda b:2/15/1851 in Jackson County, Il.
Susan Emily b:2/12/1853 in Jackson County, Il.
Charles Dudding b:11/16/1856 in Jackson County, Il.
Sidy Elvira b:7/28/1859 in Jackson County, Il.
Harriet Lydia b:12/5/1861 in Jackson County, Il.


John J. Griffith and Harriet Will came to Il. 3/10/1836. Spent one year in Springfield, Il. then moved to Jackson County Il.

*Sidy Elvira died 3/18/1925 from a cyclone.

Susan Emily Griffith married Turner Earnheart and both died and are buried in Oklahoma City, Ok.

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