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I greatly appreciate your work on the Jackson County Genealogy Page. I have a research procedure question for you as I will be coming to Jackson County June 20-23 to further research the Vance/Kiefer line of my family. How might one go about locating the actual (or at least general) area on the ground that a 1860 census record identifies? How can one correlate a listing such as-- Dwelling 185, Vergennes Township, Jackson County, IL -- to a specific location today? Any ideas?
I will not bore you with details about my line, but I will indicate that I am a descendant of Peter Kiefer and his daughter Matilda, who married (Sep 28, 1854 in Jackson County)  Andrew W. Vance, and lived at the location mentioned above in 1860. A.W. died in 1865 while still in the Union Army, Matilda remarried Issac Vinyant and migrated west to Missouri, while her sons (one of which is my grandfather -- Samuel Luther Vance [born 5 months after A.W. died) remained in southern Illinois and was kept under guardianship of a couple of different families.
Should you in your work have come across any descendants related to this line, I would appreciate you forwarding this email to them, for I might get the chance to meet them on my journey this summer or at least share some information.
I am, very respectfully yours,
U.S. Army, Retired
Hi  I'm in the UK and I just wondered if this would be of interest to you.
My late mother in law witnessed an air crash in Nov 1941 in which F/O Charles W. Bush jnr of Carbondale was killed. I have spent many months researching this accident and should any of his decendents want details I will gladly provide them.
I have read an article in Carbondale Free Press date Nov 7th 1941 in which it states his body was to be returned to US. This never happened and I have located his grave here in the UK also the crash site.
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who may be interested and they can contact me at email  Regards Mr.Hughes


 I am looking for the parents of Abraham Reeves. According to the census he was born 1818-1819 in Jackson Co., Ill. died before the 1880 census. I have found some info online that stated he died in 1879 in Desoto, Jackson Co. and was buried in Ridge Cemetery. However, Jackson County does not have a death record and I cannot find him in any of the cemeteries in Jackson County. Abraham married Elizabeth Durock 2 Apr. 1843 in Williamson County. I would really like to hear from anyone who might have some info. or ideas about where I can look next. The Jackson County Historic Society did some research that seemed to confirm there were two Reeves families that insisted on naming their children similar names but were not related. I have hit a huge brick wall. Thank you,



John Uriah TANNER is my 2nd cousin 4x removed.  On your site you have a autobiography from John submitted by Gayle Putt. Is there some way I can email Gayle or ask her/him to email me?  Sincerely, Eric Husted Binker .


I saw that Virginia Cheek donated the information for the Barrow family records from the family Bible.  Is there any way I can contact Virginia Cheek to get a copy of the actual bible pages?  I am a descendent of Daniel Barrow and would like to join the DAR.  They will accept copies of the actual Bible pages.  Submitted by: Marcia Dean


I am searching the WHITE family in Illinois and would like to be connected up with anyone in Jackson Co. IL who is searching the following family of Whites.     Jim White

Household in 1880:

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 John WHITE   Self   M   Male   W   40   IL   Farmer   MO   MO 
 Marinda WHITE   Wife   M   Female   W   38   IL   House Keeper   IL   IL 
 Phoebe WHITE   Dau      Female   W   16   IL   At Home   IL   IL 
 Charles WHITE   Son      Male   W   14   IL   At Home   IL   IL 
 Isaac WHITE   Son   S   Male   W   12   IL   At Home   IL   IL 
 George WHITE   Son   S   Male   W   7   IL   At Home   IL   IL 
 Thomas WHITE   Son   S   Male   W   8   IL   At Home   IL   IL 
 Hariet WHITE   Dau   S   Female   W   3   IL   At Home   IL   IL 
 Clarissa INGRAM   Dau      Female   W   15   IL   At Home   IL   IL 
 Mary INGRAM   Dau   S   Female   W   10   IL   At Home   IL   IL 


Is anyone researching the Dixon line?  I am trying to locate information on  James Harrison Dixon who last appeared on the Jackson County 1860 census.  We are currently trying to locate information on James Harrison Dixon's father and mother.  In the 1840 census it shows Elizabeth being married to a Merril Padgett in Stewart County Tennessee.  James appears to be 2 years old on this census.  We do know that James Harrison Dixon married a Mary Self in Stewart County, Tennessee 3/30/ 1854, and later married Martha Needham from Missouri 9/16/1861.  James Harrison Dixon owned a farm in what is now Sand Ridge Township, Jackson County, Illinois, and is buried in Worthen Cemetery in 1913.

What we are looking for now is James Harrison Dixon's father's name, and what his mother Elizabeth's maiden name was. Thanks, Howard Cook



In the other Jackson Trails, there was a Makanda School picture.  The students were grades 1-8.  There were pictures of the students.  There was a large family who had a house fire. And people donated household items.  I think the family name was Burk.  There were pictures of Donald Hawk, Margaret Scroggins, Mary Scroggins and their brother Jimmy.  I think Jack Heern was a student and there were some Throgmartin children.  Rodney, Beverly and Vivian Heern also attend the school.  There was a family of Clubs, Childers, Aldridge brothers also attended.  And then there was Jim Lingle who rode his horse every day to school.  It would stay in a building across from the school yard, until school was finished for the day.  Later on Jim's twins sisters came to school, they were Joyce &.June
The teacher might have been Stella Heern, there was also another teacher Lipe I think was her name.The man teachers name was Rushing.  He left at the end of the year and Miss Heern replaced him.  Possibly 1946-47 school year.
Donald Hawk had a brother Gary and a sister Karen.
Thank you for your time,
Judy Hawk-Krach

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