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Reflections (Raymond Webb)

Donated by Marianne

My Fathers half-brother, Raymond Webb and his wife Phyllis.

Dec 16, 1955 at Noon they were going to my grandmother's house for lunch. Two of their childern were already at Grandma's house (Anna Icenogle Webb) Raymond, his wife.  Mike, he was about 2 or 3 years old, Sharon Kay, 4 years, Richard, 1 year old and Phyllis was 9 months along with another child.  H. H. Honer was the engineer it was said.  There was no horn blowing and he was going very fast coming into town.  He was only about 2 blocks away from the station.  My grandmother lived on N. 12 St., but from behind her house at the top of 13th Street you came across the track to get into her back yard. The train hit them killing Raymond and Sharon Kay (broke Raymond's neck, he was still in the truck instantly), threw Phyllis out and my grandfather got to her first.  Mike was thrown across the street cutting off his ear.  He lived.  Phyllis died at hospital along with the baby she was going to have anyday.  They left behind 3 childern, Dennis, Mike, and Barbara.

My dad said when he got there the dust had not settled and my grandmother had fainted so he carried her back home.  Of course there were no lights or arms to come down.  There is still not at that spot. 

Have had this story on my mind a lot.  I guess because of  the anniversary of it happening being so close.  My mom just had my brother on Dec. 2nd and this was the 13th.  She was looking out the kitchen window and saw it happening.  It's said she could no longer breast feed.  I guess the shock of seeing something like that would do it.  She talked about how cold it was and the snow going to the grave site.  She had to stay in the car with the baby.  I guess I wonder how she felt having a new baby and knowing they buried three that day plus the parents.  The tree was up and all the gifts were under the tree never to be opened by their little hands....thanks for letting me write this I always want to cry when I think of it.  I never saw my dad cry except at this time of the year.  Marianne

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