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Friday, 24 Feb 1932, Page 1

Donated by Jack Callahan

Following is a list of old settlers and land owners in Ora Township in 1866, as compiled by ©Fred LePere, and handed to us for publication:

Some French people are listed first. George PARRENT, John PARRENT, Old Man RIMBOLD, J. B. CLEMENTS, a smith by trade; Jack KENIDAY, France KENIDAY, a Bastien; TACEY a smith; John D---?, laborer; DERUISH, JUBARS, PEKARS.

Those once joining where I live:

Philip EASTERLY, a Justice of the Peace; Uncle Jack GRIZDELL (GRIZZEL?), as he was known., Wm. S. JAY, Henry E. WILLIAMSON, my wife's father; Demps WILLIAMSON, Jesse J. WILLIAMSON, Edward WILLIAMSON, George W. STOUT, a Justice of the Peace; General HOLLIDAY, Wm. C. SIMPSON, James WOOSLEY, John WESTON, George STANTON, Henry HOLLIDAY, George RIPLEY, Ferd BAKER, John HARRIS, Rich HOOVER, James HOOVER, Herman HANN, Wm. WOODWARD, Calvin WOODWARD, Gilbert WOODWARD, Conrad BUTCHER, John BUTCHER, Solomon BUTCHER, Phenis BUTCHER, Sam BUTCHER, Old Billy KILLION, Ciles KILLION, a blacksmith; Louis A. KILLION, Henry E. KILLION, George W. JOHNSON, father of Wm. F. JOHNSON, S. R. DERRINGTON, France SPIERS, Friend CRAIN, Sr., R. C. CRAIN, father of Zardia, George CRAIN father of Friend, Jr.; Fiddler John BROWN, Billie BROWN, John POPEJOY, father of Hilery, Hilery POPEJOY, Wm. MORGAN, Benny GRIZZELL, Gum STEPHENS, Sr., Wm. B. McCORD, a merchant; David KING, Kesterson McCoy, a Justice of the Peace,; Sam CRIPS, Tom WALL, Tom COOPER, Tom FENN, Joe WARD, fruit grower; Uriah BLUE, Jerry CALAHAN, Henry CHEATHAM, Noah CHEATHAM, George WARD, a minister; Jesse MASSEY, Wm. DIRKERSON, Troy MODGLIN, Ike MODGLIN, Jack MODGLIN, Robert SMITH, Wm. COLINS, Wm. STAMM, Alex ETHERTON, Emory HOUSE, Wm. REIMAN, Dave McCOY, Lloyd BAGWILL, Wm. RUSSELL, Ed RUSSELL, Dan JESSUP, B. L. CULLEY, Old Starl SMITH, Rev. C. W. EASTERLY, Joseph YOUNG, Andrew YOUNG, R. C. YOUNG, John STUBENS, Sr., John STUBENS, Jr., N. C. STUBENS, John ARNEL, John V. HENSON, Benny HENSON, James HENSON, Patrick CURN, Alf McCLELLAND, Wm. JENKINS, Truman CHAPMAN, Dr. MOORE, Abel GOODMAN, Thomas A. GRIZZELL, Lee DAMERON, John LINSEY, Lem HARRIS, John HATFIELD, Wm. CREEKPAUM.

The floaters: Jim HAYES, father of Jerome, first knew him as day hand; John and Dave GILBERT, James HART, came around often.

Among the Germans who were here: My uncle George BIRKNER, John B. ROSENBERGER, Sr., Gottlieb DUTCH, auctioneer; Justes SHERRMANN, Andrew SEYFERTH, Frank MEININGER, Peter SCHLENKER, Adolph HOUBERT.

Those who came about a year or two later: Mr. SCHIMPF, Charles BLUST, Joseph OBRINGER, Fred KNAUER, Joe GOEATS.  Nickolaus DITZLER came in 1868.  Henry KILLION is the only one living who was married and living in Ora township in 1866.

...For my friends to think of Fred LePere

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