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Jackson County, Illinois


The first Sheriff of the County was George CREATH.  He was appointed on 17 Jan 1816 by the Territorial Legislature.

1.  Jesse GRIGGS:   Sheriff Griggs first reported in the County Court Minutes in 1823. He held this office for many years, the last year he served was 1836.  

Milton LADD was acting Sheriff before the election of 1834.

2.  William WORTHEN 1834-1838

3.  James M. REYNOLDS 1838-1840

4.  B. Jefferson HOLLIDAY 1840-1843

5.  James WILLIS elected 7 Aug 1843, qualified 19 Sep 1843; Re-elected 5 Aug 1844 and qualified 19 Sep 1844

6.  Benjamin HENDERSON elected 3 Aug 1846, qualified 12 Oct 1846.  Died in 1847, before the expiration of his term.

7.  John REDFIELD elected 22 Aug 1847. Served until Aug. 1848.

8.  John ELMORE elected 7 Aug 1848 and served until 6 Jan 1851

9.  John B. CLINTON elected 5 Nov 1850, assumed his duties 6 Jan 1851.

10. William COX elected 2 Nov 1852.  Resigned 4 Oct 1854.

11. Ed. H. REESE term expired 4 Nov 1856

12. William COX elected 4 Nov 1856

13. Abel C. DAVIS

14. William COX

15. Joseph H. REEVES

16. James C. THOMPSON

17. Joseph H. CULLEY

18. Gilbert J. BURR his right to the office was contested by his opponent James C. THOMPSON

19. Joseph F. ROBINSON

20. James H. CAMPBELL died before the expiration of his term

21. Franklin B. HANKS was elected to fill the vacancy left by the death of  Sheriff  Campbell.

22. John B. KIMBALL

23. Benjamin F. SAMS



James Richard HARRIS was b. 14 Dec 1873, Stonefort, Williamson, IL and died in a train-truck collision with his wife 2 Nov 1960 and is buried in DeSoto.  He was a Policeman in Murphysboro and a Deputy Sheriff in Jackson Co. in the 1920s.  He married first Mary "Effie May" Wheeler b 8 Jan 1885, d. 22 May 1938, Jackson Co., buried in DeSoto.  He married again. His second wife died with him in the same crash. -- Submitted by Linda Dyjak.



James M. JOHNSON was a lumber merchant in 1880 in the City of Carbondale at the age of 37.  He served the city as Alderman from 1889 through 1892 and was also City Marshall in 1892.  He became Mayor of Carbondale in 1893-1894.-- contributed by Reba Gale.

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