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Jackson County, Illinois

Stearns Cemetery

Located on hill West of Cave Creek at Pomona, Illinois  (more info)    

Donated by Jane Ellis

Brimmer Maggie 01 Dec 1897np 23 Mar 1979np w/o Basil B
Ellis Celia   24 Oct 1854 71-5-16 w/o Jonathon
Fletcher Daniel   16 Aug 1844 s/o O E & C
Gordon Jesse 03 Oct 1755 27 Aug 1850  
Hawk George   no dates* unknown war
Jenkins James   01 Jan 1917* Civil War, Pvt 41st IL Inf
Lindsey Rebecca 20 Jul 1850 18 Mar 1860  
  William R 23 Sep 1835 26 Aug 1839 s/o Wm G & Mary
Minton Isaac Houston   1944 s/o V L & Sarah
  James Edward 1870 1928  
  Margaret Elizabeth   1908 w/o Isaac H
  Narcissa 1841 1930 w/o Vardaman L
  Vardaman Love 1834 1887* Co H 31st IL Inf
Moore Lindsey 03 Feb 1855 03 Feb 1855 s/o Sarah
Noble Isabell Milligan Montgomery June 1831 b. Ohio 29 Apr 1910 in Makanda w/o Riley Noble m. 22 Nov 1876
Noble Riley 28 Mar 1827 01 Jan 1909 h/o Isabell Milligan Montgomery
Owl George     Ind CF
Parker Miseniah   05 May 1874 74 yrs w/o Wm
Queen Isaac M   04 Sept 1911 Pvt Army Co H 62 IL Inf Vol. Civil War
Queen John M   1916 Pvt Army Co A, 7 IL Inf Civil War
Spence T A     Pvt Army Co M, 6 IL Calvary, Civil War
Stearns Adam 26 Nov 1839 Nov 1918 h/o Julia Outland; s/o John & Anna (Cauble) Stearns
  Arthur 03 Mar 1873 19 Oct 1884 s/o John & Lucinda (Butcher) Stearns
  Charles 27 Aug 1885 05 Sep 1885 s/o John & Lucinda (Butcher) Stearns
  Henry 20 Mar 1869 21 Aug 1877 s/o John & Lucinda (Butcher) Stearns
  John D. about 1843 born IL 28 May 1893 50-3-12; h/o Lucinda Butcher; s/o John & Anna (Cauble) Stearns
  Julia Ann (Outland) 08 Mar 1838 02 Jul 1902 w/o Adam Stearns
  Lucinda Serena (Butcher) about 1842 born IL 08 Nov 1908 w/o John D; d/o Wm & Nancy (Corgan) Butcher
  Silas 10 Dec 1876 08 Dec 1877 s/o John & Lucinda (Butcher) Stearns
  Silas 13 Feb 1870 29 Aug 1876 6-6-16 s/o Adam & Julia (Outland) Stearns
Stevenson Milton     Civil War
Tope Frederick   01 Jun 1862 Civil War, s/o Easter
Watson James   29 Feb 1914 Civil War

Unedited version of Isadore Lindsey's memoir references the Stearns Cemetery and the surrounding area.

I will tell you about my great grand father he settled on the hill
west of cave creek and made a farm on what is now known as the Adam
Sterns farm. Aunt Easter one of my great grand father's daughters
married old Uncle John Sterns the father of Adam Sterns and he bought
out the heirs and there's a cemet
ery out at the farm and a man by the name
of Jesse Gordon is buried there, his tomb stone gives his age at 95
years old when he died, it says he faut in the revolutionary war he came
from Kentucky with the Lindeys as 2 of the Lindeys married Gordons and
one of his sons Leverne Gordon married Nancy Lindsey my grand mother
daughter of Caleb Lindsey my great grandfather. I will tell you the
names of those eight boys my great uncles, William Lindsey we called him
Uncle Billie and Uncle Green Lindsey they was both preachers of the
gospel. My great grand father was a preacher and another son preached 3
preachers in one family.
6 I will give the names of his daughters later. I want to tell you those

good men was farmers and Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Shoemakers, Doctors
and Preachers. Old Uncle Simon Heller married in the family and he was a
preacher and a great man and those good men organized a Christian
church, the first church in the county this church was organized on the
farm of Uncle Billie Lindsey two miles and a half west and a little
north of west of Pomona, Ill. This church was organized by those good
old brothers and Henry Casey and they built a big hewed log church
house, and my great grand fathers farm was on cave creek and closest to
the cemetery or sterns grave yard, I think it was first called Lindsey
grave yard or the Gordon grave yard as the old man Jesse Gordon was
buried there I want to say that old church stood there many years.
Caleb Lindsey my great grand father had built south of the church, the
spring being between his house and the church. Old Uncle John Sterns
moved the house.

A final interesting note - the current owner of the property where the Stearns Cemetery is located told us that it wasn't on the abstract or plots of the land.  He thinks it is "mislocated" a mile or two away, across the hard road that you use to access his property.  I haven't had time yet to check on any of that, though.

Submitted by Donna Marks


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