Genealogy Trials
Jackson County, Illinois

St. John Lutheran Church

Donated by Michele Weiss


Information was gleaned from the published church book done in 1989. Errors in the original transcribing by date for the church book may have occurred. These will reflect in the surname list below as well as errors that may have been made in resorting by surname.

In the church ledger, the surname and other names of a child was sometimes spelled differently on the baptism and confirmation entries. For the surnames, the various spellings were grouped together with the first names being alphabetized. The variations of a child’s name(s) are noted also. Those names in ‘ ’ is the name the child used to be identified when other names are listed.

1299 entries, with one being of unknown surname. Combined the baptism and confirmation for a person to reduce size of the list, (using the legal name(s) to identify), and to facilitate matching of these two important events in a child’s life. There are a few adults in the list.

Baptisms (from 1864 -1988) has actual date for 1864-1939; year only used for 1940-1988; no entry for years 1973, 1975

Confirmations (from 1877-1989) year only used for 1891-1893, 1903, 1916; actual dates for rest of years; no entry for years 1887-1890, 1919, 1943-44, 48, 51, 54, 57, 66, 78, 70, 72, 1976-77, 1984-85, 1987

Members were from the Tri-County area:  Jackson, Perry and Randolph Counties, Illinois


unknown , Johann Friedrich, bapt. Apr 12 1874

______ , Johann Friedrich

Ahrenz, Carl Friedrich Heinrich

Ahrns , Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm

Alms, Pearl Maria Lane

Anhaiser, William Jacob

Arndt, Alan Dale

Arndt, Anna Amalia

Arndt, Carolina Agnes Flora

Arndt, Cheryl Lynn

Arndt, Daniel Patrick

Arndt, Gustine Dorothea Agnes

Arndt, Heinrich Wilhelm Hermann

Arndt, Helen Lavern

Arndt, Hermann Heinrich

Arndt, Jerry Lee

Arndt, Johann Conrad Louis

Arndt, Kenneth Randolph

Arndt, Leland Herman

Arndt, Marcella Lea/Lee

Arndt, Marion Mae

Arndt, Matthew James

Arndt, Paula

Arndt, Steven Brice

Arndt, Wilhelm Otto Max

Atchison, Geraldine

Atchison, Ida Mae

Baeling (Brelig?), Ida Maria Louise

Bantel, Ernst August

Baue, Anna Dorothea Henriette

Baue , Carl Henry Conrad

Baue, Charles

Baue, Emilie Caroline

Baue, Henry Rudolph Ludwig

Baue, Johann Wilhelm Albert

Baue, Marie Henriette Caroline

Bauer, Alvina Dorothea

Bauer, Catharine Wilhelmine

Bauer, Friedericke Ernstine Augustine

Bauer, Johan Peter Philip

Bauermann, Hermann Heinrich Calvin

Becker, Alwin John Louis

Becker, Friedrich Heinrich

Becker , Karl Wilhelm Ernst

Behnken, --- (no name, stillborn son)

Behnken, Agnes Dorothea Johanne

Behnken, Alvin John Carl

Behnken, Anna

Behnken, Arlen Dale

Behnken, August Heinrich

Behnken, August Karl Johann

Behnken, Betty Jean

Behnken, Carl Fritz Johann

Behnken, Carl Heinrich Ferdinand

Behnken, Carl Henry Johann

Behnken, Christine Sophia 'Dorothea'

Behnken, Claus Ernst Heinrich

Behnken, Conrad Louis Carl

Behnken, Doris Ellen

Behnken, Dorothea Maria Elsa

Behnken, Dorothea Maria Lydia

Behnken, Edgar Heinrich Hermann

Behnken, Edna

Behnken, Edward Carl Heinrich

Behnken, Ernst Louis Hermann

Behnken, Friedrich Karl

Behnken, Helene Louise Sophie Emma

Behnken, Johann

Behnken, Johann Andrew 'Heinrich'

Behnken, John August Charles

Behnken, Louis Henry

Behnken, Louis Heinrich

Behnken, Lydia Dora May

Behnken, Magdalene Minna Dorothea

Behnken, Mamie (Minnie Anna)

Behnken, Marg. Sophie Helena

Behnken, Margaretha Mina Adele

Behnken, Margarethe Emma

Behnken, Minna Anna

Behnken, Nellie Mae

Behnken, Norma Jean

Behnken, Otto Heinrich

Behnken, Richard Allen

Behnken, Ruby Minna

Behnken, Sophie Margarethe Alvine

Behnken, Theodore John Henry

Behnken, Wilhelm Heinrich Louis

Behrzins-Burgess, Vija Veronica

Beiszner, Anna Carolina Christina

Beisner, Anna Ernstine Dina

Beisner, Bertha Sophie Wilhelmine

Beisner, Clara Wilhelmina Christine Caroline

Beisner, Emma Engel Margarethe

Beisner, Emma Karoline Elenore

Beisner, Ferdinand Heinrich

Beisner, Friederick Carl Peter

Beissner, Heinrich August Edward

Beisner, Heinrich August Wilhelm

Beissner, Heinrich Ernst Johan

Beisner, Heinrich Robert

Beisner, Karoline Wilhelmine Margarethe

Beiszner, Lilli Meda Amalie

Biermann, Albert

Biermann, Caroline Marie Esther

Biermann, Clara Caroline Josephine Sarah

Biermann, Doris Alvine Martha Sarah

Biermann, Doris Carolina

Biermann, Dorothea Carolina

Biermann, Dorothea Caroline Marie

Biermann, Friedrich Aron Louis

Biermann, Friedrich Heinrich Ferdinand

Biermann, George W

Biermann, Heinrich Ferdinand

Biermann, Heinrich Fritz Albert

Biermann, Johann Heinrich Rudolph

Biermann, Katharina Wilhelmine Ida

Biermann, Lee Heinrich Ernst Wilhelm Edward

Biermann, Maria

Biermann, Maria Clara 'Mabel'

Biermann, Marie Josephine

Biermann, Minna Alvine Theodosia Helene

Biermann, Ralph Heinrich

Biermann, Sophia Helena Emilie Alma

Biermann, Wilhelm Gottfried Gustav

Blaas, Anna Marie Dorothea

Blaas, Anna Sophie Alma

Blaas, Bertha Luch Dorothea

Blaas (nee Mohr), Caroline (nee Kohrs?)

Blaas, Conrad Rudolf/Rudolph

Blass, Emma Johanna Dorothea

Blaas, Heinrich 'Edward'

Blaasz, Louise Sophie/a

Blaas, Wilhelm Heinrich Otto

Blair, Walter Henry William

Blume, Anna Margarethe

Blume, Friederich Wilhelm

Blume, Louise Ernstine

Bock, Elisabeth Wilhelmine Pauline

Bock, Elnora Ernstine Ida

Bock, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm

Bock, Maria Sophia Mathilda

Bock, Sophie Elenore Karoline Emma

Bockhorn, Arlen Dale

Bockhorn, Carol D

Bockhorn, Eugene Ernest Elmer

Bockhorn, Shirley

Bockhorn, Terry L

Bollmann, Hermina

Bollmann, Maria

Bollmann, Sophie Karoline

Bormann, Christine Minerva

Bormann, Elmar Sigmund

Bormann, Mirtel Maria

Bormann, Wilhelm Heinrich

Bormann, Wilhelmina Josephine

Bowlin, Francis Robert

Bowlin, James Austin

Bowlin, Patsy Lou

Brandt, Amanda Lucilla

Brandt, Anna

Brandt, Anna Emma

Brandt, Augustine Lucia Margaretha

Brandt, Carl Louis Wilhelm

Brandt, Christine Marie Margarethe

Brandt, Claus Wilhelm Heinrich

Brandt, Edmund Ferdinand Albert

Brandt, Ellen Margaretha Dorothea

Brandt, Emilie

Brandt, Emilie Katharina Augusta

Brandt, Ferdinand Heinrich Wilhelm

Brandt, Gussie Henry

Brandt, Heinrich Johann Jacob

Brandt, Hermann George

Brandt, Louis Friedrich

Brandt, Margaretha Emma Agnes

Brandt, Margarethe

Brandt, Mina Doris/Minna Dora

Brelig, Maria Sophia Dorothea V. D.

Brinkmeyer, Friedrich Heinrich

Brinkmeyer, Mathilda Maria

Brockmeyer, Charles Bradley

Brockmeyer, Edward Everette

Brockmeyer, Esther Sophie Doris Alvine

Brockmeyer, Heinrich Rudolph Wilhelm

Brockmeyer, Helen Marie Milie

Brockmeier, Lillian Emma Josephine

Brockmeyer, Richard C W F

Brockmeyer, Wilh. Hein. Friedrich Arthur

Brockmeyer, William

Brownfield, Clyde Lee

Bruns, Karoline

Bruns, Loran Dale

Budde, Hermann

Burgess, Thor Arnis

Burgess (nee Behrzins), Vija Veronica

Burmeister, Heinrich

Burmeister, Johann

Buttner, Arthur Emil Heinrich

Carson, Samuel Adam

Cheatham, Helen Edith

Cheatham, Marlo Ann

Cheatham, Wilford Wayne

Clasen, Emma Louise

Clasen, Heinrich Hermann

Clasen, Herbert John Fritz

Clasen, Hermann

Clasen, Lora Wilhelmine Sophronie

Clasen, Sylvia Minna Dorothea

Crawford, Ferdinand Edward

Cunningham , Florence May Marie

Cunningham, Viola Dorothy

Cunningham, William Johnson

DesRocher, Arthur D

DesRocher, Patricia

DesRocher, Rachel Beth

DesRocher, Rebecca Jo

Dierks, Sophia Anna Ida

Doering, Friedrich Claude

Doring, Sophia Dora

Dreyer, Dora

Dreyer, Doris Alma Silvia

Dreyer, Doris Elisabeth

Dreyer, Elizabeth

Dreyer, Frances Mae

Dreyer, Friedrich August Ferdinand

Dreier, Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich

Dreyer, Fritz

Dreyer, Fritz George Ferd. Heinrich Ed.

Dreyer, Fritz Heinrich

Dreyer, Fritz Theodore 'Omer'

Dreyer, Fritz Wilhelm Heinrich

Dreyer, Gilbert Dean

Dreyer, Gregory Dean

Dreyer, Hermann Albert 'Lawrence' Hein.

Dreyer, Hermann Dietrich 'Fritz'

Dreyer, Katharina Maria Theodosia Alma

Dreyer, Larry Allen

Dreyer, Pamela Sue

Dreyer, Sylvia Doris Elisabeth

Dudenbostel, Adelbert Wilhelm Friedrich

Dudenbostel, Alvina Emilie

Dudenbostel, Arnold Friedrich Louis

Dudenbostel, Edwin Louis Herrmann

Dudenbostel, Emilie

Dudenbostel, Ernst Wilhelm Louis

Dudenbostel, Heinrich Wilhelm Herbert

Dudenhostel, Heinrich Wilhelm Otto

Dudenbostel, Lina Dorothea Mina Sophie

Dudenbostel, Louis Ernst

Dunsing, George (adopted, Justes)

Eggers, Alvine Karoline Wilhelmine

Eggers, Anna Emma Sarah Bertha

Eggers, Anna Marie Sophie Bertha

Eggers, Carrie Lynn

Eggers, Connie Sue

Eggers, Deborah

Eggers, Douglas Lee

Eggers, Hermann George Heinrich

Eggers, Jessica Danielle

Eggers, Joel Douglas

Eggers, Julie Gail

Eggers, Leroy Henry

Eggers, Louis Wilhelm Ferdinand

Eggers, Louise Wilhelmine Emma

Eggers, Nina Maria Sophia

Eggers, Richard Wayne

Eggers, Scott Thomas

Eggers, Sophia Maria Wilhelmina

Eggers, Sophia Wilhelmine 'Frida'

Eggers, Terra Renee

Ehlers, Amy Beth

Ehlers, Todd Dean

Ehlers, Tyson Lee

Eldridge, Robert Eugene

Eldridge, Wayne Allen

Erdmann, Ernst Friedrich Gottfried

Ernsting, Carl Ernst Friedrich

Ernsting, Carl Friedrich Conrad

Ernsting, Elenore Caroline Dina

Ernsting, Friedrich C/Karl Her(r)mann

Ernsting, Fritz

Ernsting, Helen Sophie Ida

Ernsting, Hermann August Fritz

Ernsting, Johanna Caroline Sophie

Ernsting, Karol Sophie

Ernsting, Louise Wilhelmine 'Emilie'

Ernesting, Lydia Anna Engel

Ernsting, Mabel Louise Lena Lydia

Ernsting, Marsha Kay

Ernsting, Martin Friedrich Louis

Ernsting, Minna Johanna 'Dorothea'

Ernsting, Raymond

Ernsting, Roger Herman

Ernsting, Ryan Eugene

Ernsting, Sophie Anna Emma 'Esther'

Ernsting, Terry Lane

Fischer, Alberna W

Fischer, Orville Lee

Gall-Warhausen, Mabel Annalee

Gerberding, Barbara

Gerberding, Christine Sophia Frida/Frieda

Gerberding, Dawn Michelle

Gerberding, Elda Louise Sophie Mina

Gerberding, Elmer

Gerberding, Ernst Wilhelm 'Heinrich'

Gerberding, Friedrich

Gerberding, Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm

Gerberding, Fritz Julius Wilhelm

Gerberding, Gladys Lucille

Gerberding, Gregory Ray

Gerberding, Heinrich Friedrich August

Gerberding, Herbert

Gerberding, Hermann Heinrich August

Gerberding, Hilda Sophie Louise Elda

Gerberding, Keyin(?) Lynn

Gerberding, Lillian Alvina Anna

Gerberding, Lina Luise/Louise

Gerberding, Louise Caroline

Gerberding, Louise Karoline Emma

Gerberding, Louise Maria Mina Bertha

Gerberding, Louise Mina Alvine

Gerberding, Louise Mina Marie Bertha

Gerberding, Louise Sophie Mina

Gerberding, Mae Eilene

Gerberding, Maria Carolina Louisa

Gerberding, Norma

Gerberding, Raymond Fritz Wilhelm Aug

Gerberding, Raymond James G.

Gerberding, Raymond Junior

Gerberding, Robert Marshal Julius Fritz Henry

Gerberding, Ronald

Gerberding, Ruth Marie

Gerberding, Vernon Fredrick

Gerberding, Wilburn Jerome

Gerberding, Wilhelm Ernst August Heinrich

Gerberding, Wilhelm Karl August

Gerlach, Arthur Ernst Hermann

Gerlach, Edna Lina Marie

Gerlach, Elda Wilhelmine Lulu

Gerlach, Oskar

Gieseking, Anna Luise Wilh. Christina/e

Gieseking , Carl Friederick

Gieseking, Carl Wilh. Ferd. Friedrich Aug.

Gieseking, Christian Henry

Gieseking, Ernst Carl Wilhelm

Gieseking, Friedrich Carl

Gieseking, Fritz

Gieseking, Heinrich Christian

Gieseking, Johan Friedrich Wilhelm

Gieseking, Johanna

Gieseking, Johannes Heinrich

Gieseking, Karl

Gieseking, Wilhelm

Gieseking, Wilhelm Friederich Johann

Gieseking, Wilh. Sophie Fried. Karoline

Glass, Carolyn Sue

Glass, Delmar Clemont

Goddard, Lisa Gay

Goddard, Lori Kay

Gordon, Carissa Lynn

Graw, Christina Emma

Gruber, Daniel Ray

Gruber, Frank Jerome

Guebert, Albert August Theodore

Guebert , Albert Christian Rudolph

Guebert, Anna Emma Josephine

Guebert, August Heinrich Paul

Guebert, August W F A

Guebert, Clara Maria Amanda

Guebert, Donna Kay

Guebert, Edward Heinrich Friedrich

Guebert, Edward Hermann Heinrich

Guebert, Elisabeth Christine Wilh. Carol.

Guebert, Harold Christian Heinrich

Guebert, Heinrich Gottlieb Johann

Guebert, Hermann

Guebert, Johann Heinrich Edward

Guebert, Maria Dorothea Elis. Theodosia

Guebert, Mildred June Maria Caroline

Guebert, Norma Wilhelmine Elis. Amanda

Guebert, Paul August Heinrich Theodore

Guebert, Ralph Edward Henry

Guebert, Willard Dean

Habermann, Clarence Adolph Wilhelm

Habermann, Dora Ida Mabel

Habermann, Elda Wilhemine Dina

Habermann, Elmer

Habermann, Emilie Alma Flora

Habermann, Emma Clara Pearl

Habermann, Heinrich Hermann Elmer

Habermann, Hilda Alvine Anna Alma

Habermann, Hulda Minna Dorothea

Habermann, Kerry Lynn

Habermann, Louis Marlin 'Wilbert'

Habermann, Mabel

Habermann, Metha H D E

Habermann, Neva Pearl

Habermann, Nolan Donald

Habermann, Noland A

Habermann, Nora Dorothea Maria

Habermann, Norman Ernst George Hermann

Haberman, Robert Lee

Habermann, Rudy Ray

Hacke (Hecke?), Hannah Mary Margaretha

Hacke (Hecke?), Justine Wilhelmina Charlotte

Hallworth, Ellie Laura

Hallworth, Grace

Hartmann, Alma

Hartmann, Alma Theresa

Hartmann, Auguste Dorothea Ida

Hartmann, Carl Christian Edward

Hartmann, Carl Christian Herrmann

Hartmann, Carl Wayne

Hartmann, Christine Wilhelmine Amanda

Hartmann, Dina Metha 'Adela'

Hartmann, Dora Margaretha Edna

Hartmann, Doris Emma

Hartmann, Dorothy Sophia Doris

Hartmann, Edna

Hartmann, Elisabeth Mathilde/a Dora

Hartmann, Emilie

Hartmann, Emilie Caroline (Lehnchen?)

Hartmann, Emma Johanna Emilie

Hartmann, Esther Lydia Minna (or LME)

Hartmann, Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm

Hartmann, George Heinrich Ferdinand

Hartmann, Harold Fritz Louis

Hartmann, Heinrich

Hartmann, Heinrich Dietrich 'Theodore'

Hartmann, Heinrich Wilhelm Edward

Hartmann, Helena Maria Sophia

Hartmann, Ida

Hartmann, Irene/a Anna Ida

Hartmann, Janice Sue

Hartmann, Johann Heinrich Albert

Hartmann, Karoline Pauline Bertha

Hartmann, Louise Sophie Dina

Hartmann, Maria Theodosia 'Lyda'

Hartmann, Marilyn Jean

Hartmann, Mina Elenore Clara

Hartmann, Patricia Kay

Hartmann, Pauline

Hartmann, Pauline Minna

Hartmann, Raymond Fritz

Hartmann, Sylvia Elisabeth Minna

Hartmann, Wilhelm Heinrich

Haye, Esther E G

Hecke, Elsie Mathilde Sophie

Hecke, Selma Emilie Matilde

Hehl, Paulina Mathilda Martha

Heinike, Carl William H

Heinicke, Johanne Auguste Sophie Anna

Heinike, Martin Heinrich Paul

Heinks , Elmer Heinrich Hermann

Helfers, Albert Heinrich Wilhelm

Helfers, Elsie Louise Caroline Wilhelmine

Helfers, Esther Amanda Wilh. Caroline

Helfers, Heinrich Conrad Hermann Karl

Helfers, Joh. Marie Philippine Caroline

Helfers, Lydia Wilhelmina Maria Louise

Helfers, Walter Ferdinand Fritz Wilhelm

Helfers, Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand

Helfers, Wilhelmine Anna Mathilda

Helfers, Willie

Helmig, Louis (Brand?)

Helms, Brian Charles

Helms, Donna Lynn

Helms, Geraldine

Hensen, Iola Emilie Ottilie Bertha

Henson, John Ewing Adolph Ernst

Hertel, Amanda Dorothea Christine

Hertel, Bertha Ellen Lucia

Hertel, Marie

Heuer, Charlotte

Heuer, Ella Sophia Bertha

Hochmuth, Paul Ray

Hogrefe, Dorothea

Hoops, Albert Heinrich Karl

Hoops, Amanda A E

Hoops, Anna Christine Engel Emilie

Hoops, Anna Emma Ella

Hoops, Anna Emma Ida Josie Nettie

Hoops, August Hermann

Hoops, Emilie Auguste Amanda

Hoops, Ernst Heinrich Wilhelm George

Hoops, Erwin Charles Edward

Hoops, Esther Mary Tillie Anna Maggie

Hoops, Hardin Henry Charles

Hoops, Heinrich

Hoops, Heinrich Jacob Karl

Hoops, Helen Anna Matilde

Hoops, Herman Heinrich Niklaus

Hoops, Hermann

Hoops, Ida Caroline Maria

Hoops, Irene Emma Bertha

Hoops, Johann

Hoops, Johannes

Hoops, Karl

Hoops, K/Carolina Dorothea Bertha

Hoops, Leona Emma Amanda Alvine

Hoops, Lilly Elisabeth Bertha

Hoops, Lorine Ida Lydia

Hoops, Louis Friedrich

Hoops, Louis Heinrich Hermann

Hoops, Marie Magdalene Friedericke

Hoops, Normann

Hoops, Philippine Amalie Emma

Hoops, Raymond Henry Carl

Hoops, Walter

Hoops, Wilhelm Julius Harley

Hornbostel, Dorothy W

Hornbostel, Omer Dale

Hornbostel, Phyllis Lorraine

Hornbostel, Ralph

Hornbostel, Robert

Hornbostel, Roger Lee

Hornbostel, Ruby Ramona

Hornbostel, Susan Elaine

Hornbostel, Viola Marie

Howard, Ashley Nicole

Howard, Starla Brooke

Hoyt, Brandon Lee

Huf, Emma

Huff, Henriette

Huff, Karl

Husemann, Anna Karoline Marie

Husemann, Arlena Mae

Husemann, Arthur Heinrich Fritz Edward

Huseman, Bethany Tekoa

Huseman, Brian Leonard

Husemann, Carol Ann

Husemann, Clara

Husemann, Elda Auguste Minna Lina

Husemann, Emma Ida Karolina/Carolina

Husemann, Ernst Friedrich Hein. Wilhelm

Huseman, Gregory Paul

Huseman, Jason Lawrence

Husemann, Judy

Husemann , Karoline Wilhelmine Sophie

Husemann, Lawrence Walter

Husemann, Leonard Paul

Hussemann, Maria Wilhelmina Sophia Emilie

Husemann, Martha Wilhelmina/e Karoline

Huseman, Michael Kenneth

Husemann, Norma Lou

Husemann, Norman Fritz Carl Albert

Husemann, Philippine Christ. Charlotte Bertha

Husemann, Walter August Fritz

Hutchins, Phillis Jo-Ann

Irwin, Marilyn Yvonne

Joritz, Clara

Joritz, Emma Sophia Louise

Joritz, Frida Louise Sophia

Joritz, Henry Harvey

Joritz, Lina Bertha Hulda

Joritz, Melsena Dora Christine

Joritz, Wilhelm Friedrich Hermann

Joritz, Wilhelm Heinrich

Juergens, Raymond

Juhkentaal, Tina

Juhl, Jennifer Dawn

Juhl, Jessica Lynn

Juhl, Joshua Clay

Junge, Ludwig Wilhelm Hermann

Justes, George (adopted, Dunsing)

Kerkhoff, Albert Friedrich Julius

Kerkhoff, Dora Ottilit Em.

Kerkhoff, Doris Engel Bertha

Kerkhoff, Dorothea

Kerkhoff, Emma

Kerkhoff, Friederich Julius Albert

Kessel, Anna Harriet Carol. Louise Alice

Kessel, Edith Alvena Emma

Kiehne, Heinrich August

Kihne, Maria Friedericka

Kiehne , Wilhelm George

Klingelberg, Louis Henry

Knop, --- (no name dau, unbaptized)

Knop, Albert

Knop, Anna Wilhemina

Knop, Carl Conrad Ferdinand (or FKK)

Knop , Carl Ernst Albert

Knop, Carl Heinrich Edward (or ECH)

Knop, Carl Thees Louis

Knop, Carolina Mina Bertha

Knop, Donald Ray

Knop, Doris Margaretha Sophia Louisa

Knop, Elmer Henry

Knop, Florence (twin)

Knop, Heinrich

Knop, Heinrich August

Knop, Heinrich Friedrich August

Knop, Henry Christian William

Knop, Hermann

Knop, Ida Christina Augusta

Knop, Jewel Marie

Knop, Johann Christian Charles

Knop, Johann Friederick Gottlieb

Knop, Johann Wilhelm Charles

Knop, Johanna Emilie Martha

Knop, Karl

Knop, Karl Eddie

Knop, Karl Hermann

Knop, Lilly Johanna Carolina

Knop, Lissie Bertha

Knop, Lloyd Fritz Heinrich August

Knop, Lorenz (twin)

Knop, Mabel Johanna Maria

Knop, Ora Heinrich Carl

Knop, Ora Rolland

Knop, Roy Heinrich Carl

Knop, Ruth Caroline Engel

Knop, Sophie Philippine Karoline Bertha

Knop, Wallace Ferdinand John Carl

Knop, Wilhelm Philipp Carl

Knop, William Herman

Koch, Christine Caroline Auguste

Koch, Sophie Maria Emilie

Koepp, Emma Wilh. Mathilda Bertha

Kohrs, Arthur

Kohrs, Dorothy Bertha Clara Meta

Kohrs, Edward E

Kohrs, Herbert

Kohrs, Peter Fritz Harry

Kordman, Amalie Auguste Louise

Kordman, Rosa Anna

Kronsbein, Anna Katharina

Kronsbein, Hildegard Dorothea

Krueger, Ernst Heinrich Carl

Krumwied, Will

Toepfer (Kupfer?), Elma Grace

Kupfer, Johannes C

Kupfer, Johannes Heinrich Karl

Kupfer, Margaret Amelia Gertrude

Kupfer, Paul Heinrich Friedrich

Kupfer, Ruth Charlotte Marie Dorothea

Lampe, Frances Mae

Lampe, Friedrich Marvin

Lampe, Olen Friedrich Arthur

Lange, Heinrich Friedrick August

Lehnhoff, Adolph Carl Fritz

Lehnhoff, Albert Wilhelm Heinrich

Lehnhoff, Alvine Julie Sophie

Lehnhoff, Edward Albert

Lehnhoff, Elda Esther Emma Clara Hilda

Lehnhoff, Emma

Lehnhoff, Emma Maria Lydia Anna

Lehnhoff, Ervin Harris

Lehnhoff, Evelyn Frances

Lehnhoff, Henry Charles

Lehnhoff, Hilda Marie Emma Alvina/e

Lehnhoff, Hilda Sophie Wilhelmine Dorothea

Lehnhoff, Jeffery Allen

Lehnhoff, Joyce Eileen

Lehnhoff, Louis Heinrich Wilhelm

Lehnhoff, Ludwig Heinrich

Lehnhoff, Maria Sophia Dorothea

Lehnhoff, Norman Rudolf

Lehnhoff, Paul Heinrich

Lehnhoff, Robert Vernon

Lehnhoff, Vernon Albert

Lindner, Elisabeth Rose

Lintner, George Wilhelm

Lindner, Fritz August

Lindner, Lawrence William

Linnemann, Donald Ray

Lipe, Vernally Anna

Lohmann, Friedrich

Lohmann, Kenneth Lee

Luedeman, Delores Mae

Luhring, Marie

Luhring, Rosabella Friedericka

Luhring, Wilhelm

Lunt, Anna Auguste

Lunt, Emma Katharine Margarethe

Lunt, Heinrich Hans

McCann, James H

McDonald, David Ray

McDonald, Denise Kay

McDonald, Kathryn Diane

McDonald, Kenneth Merle

McDonald, Robert Lee

McDonald, Ronald Eugene

McDonald, Sandra

McDonald, Thelma Mae

McDonald, William Merle

McKeehan, Mary

McKeehan-Wolters, Isabel

McKeehns, Isabel

Meier, Emma

Meier, Emma Charlotte Anna

Meier, Ernst Friedrich August

Meyer, Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm

Meier, Willy

Meyerhoff, Friedrich Heinrich

Meyerhoff, Hermann Heinrich

Meyerhoff, Karoline Marie Alvine

Midget, Beverly Cheryl

Midget, Christine Vinette

Midget, David Bruce

Mifflin, Rodney Louis

Mifflin, Tammy

Miller, Clifford Ferdinand Ernst

Miller, Delores Louise

Miller, Dorothy Louise Lydia

Miller, Frieda Christine

Miller, Friedrich Johann

Miller, Harley Edward George Fritz

Miller, Heinrich Johann Theodore

Miller, Louise Maria

Miller, Lulu

Miller, Maria Eilsabeth

Miller, Ruth Marylian

Miller, Wilhelm Karl

Misselhorn, Florence A H

Misselhorn, Ladell

Misselhorn, Margaret

Misselhorn, Sylvia

Misselhorn, Verna

Misselhorn, Walter

Mohlenbrock, Carl Ludwig Erich

Mohlenbrock, Fortis Ham.

Mohlenbrock, Herman Fortis

Mohlenbrock, Johanne Hetwich

Mohlenbrock, Karl Wilhelm Asser

Mohlenbroch, Ludwig

Mohlenbrock, Malcum Hermann

Mohlenbrock, Malte

Mohlenbrock, Wilhelmine Maria 'Eva'

Mohr-Blaas, Caroline

Mohr, Clarence George Otto

Mohrs, Ferdinand Heinrich Friederich

Mohr, Hilda Marie

Mohr, Lawrence Friederich

Mohr, Maria Katharina

Mohr, Mathilda Maria Henriette

Mohr, Norma Jean

Mohr, Raymond Adam

Mohr, Rosa Wilhelmine

Mohr, Rudolph Andrew

Mott, Heath Alan

Mott, Lorin Gene

Muller, Edward

Muller, Ernst

Muller, Frieda Christina

Muller, Friedrich Johann

Muller, George

Muller, Wilhelm Karl

Nagel, Albert Carl John Edmund

Nagel, August

Nagel, Christine Louise Sophia Charlotte

Nagel, Clara Johanna Anna

Nagel, Dorothy Caroline Emma Hulda

Nagel, Edna Lena

Nagel, Edward Heinrich Martin Friedrich

Nagel, Elmer Wilhelm Ernst

Nagel, Helen Lucille

Nagel, Hermann Friedrich Ernst

Nagel, Kenneth Allan

Nagel, Laverna Edna

Nagel, Mabel Charlotte Wilhelmine

Nagel, Norman Ernst Aug Hermann Edward

Nagel, Omer Fritz Karl Christ

Nagel, Sherlin Kay

Niederbrach, Alma Mina Sophia

Niederbrach, Alvine

Niederbrach, Anna Carolina Sophie Wanda

Niederbracht, Anna Ernestine Sophie

Niederbrach, Anna Sophia Elsa

Niederbrach, Arnold Friedrich Rudolph

Niederbrach, August Friederich Wilhelm Ernst

Niederbrach, Betty

Niederbrach, Bernell Luella

Niederbrach, Billy Lee

Niederbracht, Caroline Christine Engel

Niederbracht, Christine Dorette Emilie

Niederbrach, Clarens Ernst Wilhelm Hermann

Niederbrach, Dina Luise Carolina 'Hilda'

Niederbrach, Edward Fried. Ernst 'Hermann'

Niederbrach, Emma Marie Minna

Niederbracht, Engel Alice Alvina

Niederbracht, Engel Philipine Sophia

Niederbracht, Ernst Friedrich Conrad

Niederbracht, Ernst Heinrich

Niederbracht, Ernst Heinrich Edward

Niederbrach, Ernst Heinrich Julius Wilhelm

Niederbrach, Ernst Wilhelm Ferdinand

Niederbrach, Ferdinand Edward

Niederbracht, Friedrich Ernst

Niederbrach, Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich

Niederbrach, Fritz

Niederbrach, Heinrich Ernst Wilhelm Edward

Niederbrach, Heinrich Louis

Niederbrach, Heinrich Otto Theodore

Niederbracht, Heinrich Wilhelm Washington

Niederbracht, Henry Charles Wilhelm

Niederbrach, Hermann Hein. August 'Edmund'

Niederbrach, Howard Kenneth

Niederbracht, Ida Friedericka Wilhelmina

Niederbracht, Johan Heinrich

Niederbrach, Johanne Anna Luise Bertha

Niederbracht, Karl Ernst Konrad (or ECC)

Niederbrach, Laveara Christine Caroline

Niederbrach, Lois Joan (twin)

Niederbrach, Louis Wilhelm 'Otto'

Niederbrach, Maria

Niederbrach, Mina (Lue)

Niederbrach, Norman Ernst August

Niederbrach, Pauline

Niederbrach, Philippina Louisa Christina

Niederbrach, Phyllis June (twin)

Niederbrach, Sophie Christine Anna

Niederbrach, Wilhelm

Niederbracht, Wilhelm Friedrich Gottlieb

Niederbrach, Wilhelmine

Niederbracht, Wilhelmine

Niederbrach, Wilhelmine Karoline

Niederbracht, Wilhelmine Pauline

Niederbrach, Willard Ernst

Oetjen, Arnold Louis Martin Adolph Edgar

Oetking, Alma Mina Bertha

Oetking, Anna Maria Wilhelmine

Oetking, Carl Friedrich Ernst

Oetking, Ida Christine Charlotte Wilhelmine

Oetking, Marie Wilhelmine Anna

Oetking, Robert

Oetking, Ruby Marie Emma Martha

Ohlau, --- (no name stillborn)

Ohlau, Allen Dale

Ohlau, Arthur August Heinrich

Ohlau, August

Ohlau, Dora Sophia Anna (or ASD)

Ohlau, Dorothea Maria

Ohlau, Edgar Heinrich Ferdinand

Ohlau, Elmer Hermann Heinrich

Ohlau, Emma Marie Dorothea

Ohlau, Flora Dorothea Josephine

Ohlau, Heather Lynn

Ohlau, Heinrich

Ohlau, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann

Ohlau, Jeanna Dawn

Ohlau, Jerry Lane

Ohlau, Jessica Lynn

Ohlau, Jill Bethany

Ohlau, Jodie Ann

Ohlau, Judith Ann

Ohlau, Karoline

Ohlau, Kevin Dale

Ohlau, Lillian

Ohlau, Melissa Ann

Ohlau, Melvin Marcus

Ohlau, Otto Heinrich Friedrich

Ohlau, Rodney Dale

Ohlau, Sophia Dorothea Nora

Ohlau, Sophie Dorothea

Osterloh, Albert Karl Louis Heinrich

Osterloh, Alvina

Osterloh, Esta Maria Elisa

Osterloh, Heinrich Edward

Osterloh, Wilhelm Karl Heinrich

Pinkert, Hilda

Poenitski, Andrew Jr

Poenitski, Gladys

Poenitski, Harmon

Poenitske, Inis Irene

Poenitski, Josephine

Poenitske, Louise Gaydell

Priebe, Allegra Alice

Priebe, Arthur

Priebe, Barbara Ruth

Priebe, Flora Louise Sophia Charlotte

Priebe, Hermann August Christof

Priebe, Robert Ferdinand Arthur

Priebe, William Charles

Qualls, James

Qualls, James Ezra

Qualls, Jean Elaine

Qualls, Jerry Kenneth

Quillman, Mary

Rabe, Albert Jacob

Rabe, Arthur William

Rabe, C/Karoline Maria

Rabe, Dorothea Marie Alvine 'Lorine/a'

Rabe, Edna

Rabe, Edna Helene Johanna Josie Gesine

Rabe, Ernestine Lina Lisette

Rabe, Fritz Wilhelm Heinrich

Rabe, Harold John Ferd. Aug. Arthur

Rabe, Heinrich Wilhelm

Rabe, Helene Theodosia Dora Alvine

Rabe, Irene Maxine

Rabe, James Harold

Rabe, Janel Ann

Rabe, Jennifer Marie

Rabe, Jo Ann

Rabe, Lawrence Herman

Rabe, Louise Anna Clara Esther Nelda

Rabe, Lucille Johanna Anna Edna

Rabe, Margaret

Rabe, Marie

Rabe, Marie

Rabe, Mildred

Rabe, Ralph Harold

Rabe, Ruth Ann

Rabe, Tanya Marie

Rabe, Wilhelm Heinrich

Rathert, Albert Ernst Gottlieb

Rathert, Elsa Auguste Wilhelmine

Rathert, Ernst Gottlieb Albert

Rathert, Heinrich Friedrich Theodore

Rathert, Walter Wilhelm Heinrich

Rathert, Wilhelmine Amanda

Reh, Bernhard Friederich Otto

Reinhard, August Herrmann Heinrich

Reuscher, Alma Justine Sophie

Reuscher, August Adolf Arthur

Reuscher, August Heinrich Konrad

Reuscher, Emma Christine Sophie

Reuscher, Ernst Heinrich Johan

Reuscher, Heinrich August

Rauscher, Heinrich August Karl

Reuscher, Heinrich August Otto

Reuscher, Heinrich Johann Edward

Reusher, Henry Theodor Hermann

Reuscher, Martha Carolina Mathilde/a

Reuscher, Paul Heinrich Theodore

Reuscher, Walter Louis August

Rice, Jerry Ray

Rieckenberg, Alma D M

Rieckenberg, Friedrich Heinrich Martin

Rieckenberg, Helen May

Rieckenberg, Louis

Rieckenberg, Mina Helene

Rieckenberg, Sophia

Riley, Patrick Lynn

Rinne, Frieda Wilhelmine Carolina

Rinne, Heinrich Fritz August

Roeder, Amand Susanna

Roeder, Emma Carolina

Roettjer, Adele Dora Anna

Roettjer, Avenell Ruth

Roettjer, Carolina Mina Emma

Rottjer, Doris Christina 'Clara'

Roettjer, Doris Sophie Ida

Rottjer, Friedrich Karl Louis

Roettjer, George Louis John

Rottjer, Grace Margrete

Roettjer, Lela Lavan

Roettjer, Norman Heinrich Albert

Roettjer, Sylvia

Rottjer, Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich

Rottjer, Wilhelm Heinrich Fritz

Roettjer, Wilhelm Rudolph Ferd. Hermann

Rosemeyer, Emma Friederike Sophia

Rosemeier, Karl Friederich Wilhelm

Rosemeier, Math. Fried. Dorette Christine

Roesemeier, Wilhelmina Anna Johanna

Rosendohl, Kenneth Frederic

Rosher, Henry August

Rosher, Henry Conrad August

Rubach, Heinrich Peter Wilhelm

Rubke, Christine Alma

Ruebke, Delores Jeannine

Ruebke, Doris Maria Clara

Ruebke, Estma Mae Ch. Joh. Nelda Meta

Ruebke, Fritz Heinrich

Rubke, Heinrich Wilhelm

Ruebke, Heinrich Wilhelm

Ruebke, Herbert Dietrich

Rubke, Hermann Friedrich Heinrich

Ruebke, Hilda Doris Lyda Alma

Ruebke, Laverna Christina Maria

Ruebke, Leo Henry Herman

Ruebke, Raymond George Wilhelm

Rubke, Sigmund Heinrich Fred.Wilh.

Ruebke, Walter Wayne

Ruhmkorff, Adelheid Mina Anna

Ruhmkorf, August

Ruehmkorff, Bernhardine Lena Olga

Ruehmkorf, Carl

Rehmdorf, Carl Henry Christian

Ruehmkorff, Christina Dorothea 'Olga'

Ruhmkorff, Christine Sophie Bertha

Ruehmkorff, Conrad August Hermann

Rehmdorf, Conrad William Ferdinand

Ruehmkorff, Dorothea Mina Emma

Ruehmkorff, Harold Wilhelm Hermann

Ruhmkorff, Hermann

Ruhmkorff, Hermann C A

Ruehmkorff, Leona

Ruehmkorff, Roger L

Ruehmkorff, Wilhelm Heinrich Ferdinand

Rull, David Alan

Rull, Dean

Rull, Dennis Dean

Rull, Donna Deanna

Rust, Sophie

Schatte, Albert

Schatte, Allen Dale

Schatte, Anna Caroline Ida Maria

Schatte, Anna Wilhelmine Amalie

Schatte, Arlu Caroline

Schatte, Arthur

Schatte, August Friedrich Wilhelm

Schatte, August Heinrich 'Hermann'

Schatte, Carl Arthur

Schatte, Carl Joseph Friedrich

Schatte, Carolina Sophia

Schatte, Caroline Anna Ruby

Schatte, Caroline Wilhelmine

Schatte, Cynthia Sue Clinton

Schatte, David Lee

Schatte, Dennis Scott

Schatte, Emma Philippine Justine

Schatte, Erwin/Ervin August

Schatte, Friedrich

Schatte, Fritz Heinrich 'Adolf'

Schatte, Harold Heinrich August

Schatte, Heinrich

Schatte, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm

Schatte, Heinrich Wilhelm 'Homer'

Schatte, James Allen

Schatte, John Paul

Schatte, Larry W

Schatte, Lora Lydia (twin)

Schatte, Mildred Irene

Schatte, Nora Alma (twin)

Schatte, Walter Henry

Schatte, Wilbert Carl

Scheele, ---- (baby)

Scheele, Anna Christina/e

Scheele, Dietrich Heinrich Rudolph

Scheele, Doris Henriette Louise

Scheele, Doris Wilhelmine Emilie

Scheele, Dorothea Emilie Sophie

Scheele, Edward

Scheele, Emil Heinrich

Scheele, Emilia Doris Thendosia

Scheele, Emilie

Scheele, Emilie Anna Sophia

Scheele, Emma Sophie/a Christine

Scheele, Ferdinand Heinrich

Scheele, Ferd. Wilh. Lohman (stillborn)

Scheele, Ferdinand

Scheele, Friedrich Heinrich Ernst

Scheele, Gustav Karl Johannes

Scheele, Heinrich

Scheele, Heinrich Diedrich Ferdinand

Scheele, Heinrich Fritz Hermann

Scheele, Marie Wilhelmine Luise

Scheele, Theodore Aug. Hermann Christian

Scheele, Wilhelm Hein. Fried. Ferd. Joh.

Scheele, Wilhelmine

Schenker, Shiela Kay

Schilling, Christina Wilhelmina Anna

Schilling, Heinrich

Schmidt, Carl Ray

Schmidt, Flora Ruth

Schmidt, Heinrich Fritz Hermann Raymond

Schmidt, Henriette Deserie

Schmidt, Johann Louis Friederich

Schmidt, Margaretha Maria Louise

Schoneberg, Claus Johann Emil

Schoneberg, Elmer Louis Carl Friedrich

Schoeneberg, Heinrich August Otto

Schoneberg, Heinrich Friederich Wilhelm

Schoeneberg, Johann Clas Emil

Schoneberg, Louis

Schrepel, Margeritha Catharina Elizabeth

Schroeder, Heinrich

Schroeder, Heinrich Friederich Carl

Schroder, Heinrich Friederich Wilhelm

Schroter, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann

Schuette, Albert Calvan Charles

Schuette, Albert Heinrich Hermann Rudolph

Schuette, Amanda K/Carol Paulina/e

Schutte, Anna Wilhelmina Elsa

Schuette, Anna Wilhelmina Lillie

Schutte, Catherlne Caroline

Schutte, Edmund Louis Carl

Schuette, Edwin Hermann Heinrich

Schuette, Emma

Schutte, Erma Emma Alma Sophie

Schutte, Ernst Henry

Schutte, Ferdinand Wilhelm Albert

Schutte, Frieda Bertha

Schutte, Friedrich Henry Ferdinard

Schuette, Heinrich

Schuette, Heinrich Karl

Schutte, Heinrich Theodore

Schutte, Henry Frieder. Will. 'Ferdinand'

Schutte, Hermann Heinrich Wilh. Louis

Schuette, Hermann Wilhelm

Schutte, Irene Sophia Lucia

Schutte, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm

Schutte, Karl

Schuette, Karl Heinrich

Schutte, Karolina Maria 'Dorothea'

Schutte, Marie Anna Clara

Schutte, Rosa Lucie Dora

Schuette, Sophia

Schuette, Sophie Anna Alma

Schutte, Wilburn Louis

Schuette, Wilhelm Theodore Adam

Schwebke, Mark William Frederick

Schwier, Anna Louisa Friderika

Schwier, Ernst Jacob Henry

Schwier, Friedrich

Schwier, Friedrich Wilhelm Dietrich

Schwier, Friedrich William Dettloff

Schwier, Heinrich Fritz Ernst

Schwier, Minna

Schwier, Sophie

Schwier, Wilhelm August Karl

Seck, Mary

Shadde, Henry Charles William

Schadde, Friederick Conrad Wilhelm

Sickel, Louise

Sickel, Theodora Emilie

Seeberg, Martin

Sieberg, Walter Frank Heinrich

Sieberg, Wilhelm Louis

Sochich, Maria Sophia

Spengler, Charlotte Maria

Spengler, Elisabeth Karoline

Steele, Edith

Steele, Grace

Steinle, Franz Wilhelm Jacob

Stoff, Friedrich Herrmann

Stromeyer, Alan

Stromeyer, Alan Dale

Stromeyer, Christina Emma Theo. Amanda

Stromeyer, Christine Elis. Emilie Bertha

Stromeyer, Dennis Ray

Stromeyer, Dietrich Louis Herbert

Strohmeyer, Elisabeth Maria Clara

Strohmeyer, Elizabeth Pauline Lida (Lydia)

Stromeyer, Friederich Dieterick Hermann

Stromeyer, Friederich Heinrich Wilhelm

Stromeyer, Hermann Ferdinand Norman

Stromeier, Josephine Metha Emma

Stromeier, Lydia

Stromeier/meyer, Maria Karolina/Karol Alma

Stromeier, Metha Elenora Elisabeth

Strohmeier, Metha Elnora Elizabeth

Stromeyer, Metha Emma Josephine

Stromeyer, Norman

Stromeyer, Ruth Ann

Stromeyer, Sophia Magdalena Dora Elenora

Stromeyer, Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich

Strohmeier, Wilhelm Hermann

Stroub, Billy Dean

Thies, Arnold August Albert

Thies, Clarence Wilhelm Eddie

Thies, Edgar Rudolph Heinrich

Thies, Elmer

Thies, Friedrich Wilhelm Edwin

Thies, Karl

Thies, Mildred Marie

Thies, Olan Heinrich Sigmund

Thies, Omer August Fritz

Thies, Paul Wilhelm Heinrich

Thies, Pearl Wilhelmine Dorothea

Thies, Walter Louis Edward

Thoms, Frederich Dean

Thoms, Mary Elizabeth

Throop, Tonia Rachel

Tillmann, Herbert Rudolph Wilhelm

Toepfer (Kupfer?), Elma Grace

Towle, Brett Allen (twin)

Towle, Brian Lee (twin)

Traut, Bertha Clementine

Uhe, Friedericke Karoline Johanne

Voelker, Ernst

Wachsnicht, Anna Doris Sophie Mina

Wachsnicht, Anna Maria Dorothea

Wachsnicht, Friedrich George Hermann

Wachsnicht, Fritz Heinrich Wilhelm Edward

Wachsnicht, Heinrich Ferdinand

Wachsnicht, Johann Hermann Edward

Wachsnicht, Neoma Dora Alvine

Wagner, Frederick Char. Louis Sig. Herm.

Wagner, Iva Beatrice

Wahlmann, A S L Bertha

Wahlmann, August Carl Friedrich Ernst

Wahlmann, Carl Friedrich George Edward

Wahlmann, Carl Wilhelm George

Wahlmann, Caroline

Wahlmann, Caroline Anna Lena

Wahlmann, Christina

Wahlmann, Christine Carol Elsie

Wahlmann, Christine Sophie Louise

Wahlmann, Ernst

Wahlmann, George Hoskins

Wahlmann, Harry Heinrich George Hermann

Wahlmann, Heinrich

Wahlmann, Louis Heinrich Friedrich

Wahlmann, Louise Dorothea Wilhelmine

Wahlmann, Marie Auguste Sophie Dora

Wahlmann, Max Ludwig

Wahlmann, Minna

Wahlmann, Otto Hermann

Wahlmann, Paul James

Wahlmann, Ray Martin

Wahlmann, Ruth Elisabeth

Wahlmann, Sophie Wilhelmine Ida

Wahlmann, Sylvia Dora Sophia

Wahlmann, Wilhelm Thees Heinrich

Wahlmann, Wilhelmine Louise Dorothea

Wahrhausen, Anna Katharine Wilhelmine

Wahrhausen, Catharine Dorothea Sophie

Warhausen, Clara Engel Wilhelmine

Wahrhausen, Ernst Karl Wilhelm

Wahrhausen, Friederich Wilhelm

Warhausen, Friederich Wilh. Ernst Heinrich

Wahrhausen, Heinrich Ernst Friedrich Wilh.

Wahrhausen, J. Friedrich Wilhelm

Warhausen, Karl Wilhelm

Warhausen, Mabel Annalee (nee Gall)

Warhausen, Wilhelmine Sophie 'Elda'

Warhausen, William Carl

Weberling, Ella Sophia Bertha

Weberling, Emma Carolina Maria Benonia

Weberling, Friedrich Carl

Weberling, Friedrich Wilhelm

Weberling, Heinrich

Weberling, Heinrich Ferdinand

Weberling, Sophia Wilhelmina Friederika

Weberling, Sophie Wilhelmine Friedericke

Weberling, Sophie

Webkemeyer, Carl Ludwig

Webkemeyer, Caroline Wilhelmine

Webkemeyer, Caroline Wilhelmine

Webkemeyer, Charles

Webkemeyer, Henry W. 'August'

Webkemeyer, Ida Caroline

Wedemeyer, Paul Carl Hermann (twin)

Wedemeyer, Pauline Caroline Louise (twin)

Weitzel, Otto Rudolph

Weitzel, Stochie Nevada Kelly

Weizel, Christian Heinrich

Weizel, Christina Maria Elisabeth

Weizel, Friedrich Andrew

Weizel, Friedrich Reinhard

Weizel, Minna Louisa Wilhelmina

Wicklein, Anna Sophia Irene

Wicklein, Wilhelmine Carolina Gertrude

Wiese, Heinrich August

Willis, Howard Edward

Witbart, Arnold Heinrich Edward Fritz

Witbart, Dorothy Doris Elisabeth

Witbart, Ferdinand Heinrich

Witbart, Herbert Fritz Theodore

Witbart, June

Witbart, Paul George Albert

Wittbart, Wilhelm

Witte, Anna C/Karolina Emma

Witte, August Carl Louis

Witte, Auguste Karoline

Witte, Christian Heinrich Friedrich

Witte, Doris/Dora Louise Karol. Wilh.

Witte, Dorothy Christine Emma

Witte, Ernst Friederick Henry

Witte, Ernst Wilhelm

Witte, Gladys Karoline Emma

Witte, Hermann Christian Karl

Witte, Ida Marie Dorothea

Witte, John Wilhelm Heinrich

Witte, Karoline Auguste

Witte, Louise Christine Sophie

Witte, Louise Dorothea Anna

Witte, Ruby

Wittenborn, Arthur Dietrich

Wittenborn, Clyde Wilhelm Johann

Wittenborn, Friedericke Martha

Wittenborn, Fritz Carl

Wittenborn, Margaretha Louise

Wittenborn, Philipp Wilhelm

Witthus, Ida

Withus, Louise Rieke Anna Alma

Wittmack, Anna Dorothea

Wittmack, Frieda Alvine

Wodke, Ottilie Johanna Sophie

Wolf, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm

Wolters (nee McKeehan), Isabel

Wolters, Linda Winona

Wolters, Martin H.

Wolters, Martin William

Wulff, Anna Maria Katharina

Wulff, Bertha Louise Wilhelmine

Wulff, Louise Karolina Auguste

Yung, Leona Catharine

Ziebold, Cliften Louis

Ziebold, Dorothy Adele

Ziebold, Luella Dorothea

Ziebold, Wilhelm Heinrich

Zimmermann, Anna Karolina

Zimmermann, Carolina Emma Dora Clara

Zimmermann, Heinrich Philipp Friedrich

Zimmermann, Ida A L K

Zink, Ora Margaretha

Zuhlke, Martha

Zuehlke, Rudolph

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