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Sugar Hill Cemetery

Donated by Steve Grace & Mike Dagner 2002

  W H   1871 (only date)  
Atkins Alzina 28 Aug 1849 13 Apr 1876 w/o Bert
Chapman Elizabeth   25 Jan 1871 w/o Truman
  Flecta 09 Dec 1871 13 Feb 1890  
Chapman Truman   12 Aug 1898* Cpl Co K 81st IL Inf
Henson Mary L   02 Sep 1875 d/o W M & Sarah E
  Tingie L   30 Jul 1878 3-5-10 d/o Wm & Sarah
Kepler George W   no dates* Pvt Co C 89th IN Inf
Lacy Louisa M   20 Sep 1885 1-8-0 d/o E M & C
McClara John   no dates sandstone maker
McClelland EA   04 Dec 1885* Cpl Co K 81st IL Inf
  Elzina 29 Feb 1840 09 Dec 1880 40-9-10 w/o A G
Uam? Philpe?   no dates sandstone marker

Other sandstone marker with no information and there appears to be other burials with no markers.


Rt. 4 to Sugar Hill Road, Kings Cemetery will be the first cemetery you pass, this unnamed cemetery is just around the bend, on the Reiman farm...outside Ava, IL donated by Sue Reed   Thanks Sue!

Copyright Susan Cook and Carol Dean(c) 1998

Edward ? (illegible surname, may be DAMERON) d. 16 May 1882

William Emery ? (again, illegible, but may be DAMERON) dates illegible

Edward S. GRIZZELL, s/o A. J. and C. Grizzell d. 06 August 1865

Charles J. BUTCHER date reads 13 or 15 December 1872

Elizabeth w/o George BUTCHER b. 25 September 1852 d. 23 August 1873

Ira DAMERON no dates

Sarah w/o John DAMERON b. 10 October 1869 d. 04 December 1902

A stone that reads S. D. next to this one

James B. GRIZZELL s/o A. J. and C. Grizzell d. 1871

GRIZZELL (these two stones are broken, a new one has been erected for both)

Catherine Stevens w/o A. J. Grizzell b. 10 May 1820 d. 14 January 1890

Andrew Jackson Grizzell b. 30 July 1815 d. 16 February 1895

Another illegible stone behind Catherine and Andrew's stone

Two others behind this one, only C. G. and J. B. G. are written on them

The following two stones are back to back, most information is illegible:

John A. ? 1865 and William A. ?

Jala d/o of Andrew and Mahala CHEW b. 25 January 1872 d. 29 July 1872, 6 months, 4 days

(Located next to this stone is an old iron cross)

Frank J. MELVILLE 1875--1942

Sheridan MELVILLE 1888-1919

Alexander MELVILLE 1883-1919

Nancy J. MELVILLE 1846-1900 and Frances J. MELVILLE 1841-1900

Ellen MELVILLE 1873-1874

E. J. MELVILLE, Co. A Calvary no dates

Lewis A. EASTERLY 1858-1919, behind this one is a stone that reads R. J. E.

Rev. Caleb W. EASTERLY 1821-1893

1st Sgt Thomas WORTH, no dates

Elias WARD 1863-? (illegible)

Andrew KUEHN 1903-1908

Infant REIMAN 1903-1903

John B. GIBBS 1836-1924

Martha GIBBS 1836-1917

W. D. McCOY 1873-1918

Evlin McCOY 1875-? (illegible)

W. R. HENSON 1852-1912

Delilah HENSON 1846-1920

J. P. MIFFLIN 1861

Minnie A. WARD 1866-1906

Elma MIFFLIN 1890-1890

Elba D. MIFFLIN 1891-1893


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