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Wills "B"

Beasley, Jane of DeSoto Twp being 64 yrs   donated by Regina Baliey
Written: 27 Aug 1879 Probated:    
Administrator: Robert Beasley, son    
Sons: Roberts A Richard  
Daughters: Malisa A Nichols    
Grandchildren: $1 each Robert A, Harrison, John, Wm, Wesley & Joseph Heiple Jane Cl--ty Martha Good
Grandchildren June McCurtney Charles & Joseph Krouse Margaret E & Peter H Beasley
Witnesses: G B Davis J H Gulley of DeSoto  
Land listed:      


Beasley, Mary I     donated by Regina Bailey
Written: 1891 Probated: unknown    
Administrator: Harriet Beasley    
Sons: Ransom E    
Daughters: Harriet E Beasley (oldest) Ida Beasley (received her part 01 Aug 1895, 1896 & 1897)  
Grandsons Charin, Ernest & Ralph s/o Ransom    
Land listed: SE quarter of SW quarter sec 22 Levan Twp w 40a to Harriet SW quarter of SW quarter of sec 22 Levan Twp w 40a to Ransom  


Bradley, Joshua died 09 Jun 1839    
Written: 28 Apr 1839 Probated: 21 Jun 1839    
Administrator: Benjamin F Bradley William Bradley  
Wife: not listed, deceased    
Sons: heirs of Mark William Benjamin F
Daughters: Mrs Eliza Davis    
Other Persons: none    
Witnesses: John Barrow James Barrow  
Land listed: not listed to be divided among living children    
Other to be buried with wife at Gillespie Cem    


Britten, WM      
Written: not listed Probated: 02 Sep 1839 :  
Administrator: AF Kilpatrick    
Wife: not listed by name    
Sons: William John  
Daughters: Lucretia Mrs Elizabeth Wright Mrs Melinda Carmicle
Others Persons: none    
Witnesses: LA Kilpatrick Enoch Lively Moses Jones
Land listed: 40a in Sec 1 of T8-5    


Bugg, Henry died 19 Jan 1842    
Written: 18 Jun 1839 Probated: 28 Jan 1842    
Administrator: Elizabeth Bugg Richard G Lindsey  
Wife: Elizabeth Bugg    
Sons: none    
Daughters: none    
Other Persons: John Eaton s/o Lozar? Marian Sterns d/o his wife  
Witnesses: WE Robinson John W Robinson Penolope Robinson
Land listed: plantation left to wife East half SE quarter of sec 33 T10-1except 20a to James Sterns 40a in Union Co, IL sec 4 T11-3

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