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Jasper County, Illinois
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My Hicks Family

My ancestors established their family homestead in this county in 1851. The Hicks homestead was located in Grove township, near the town of Gila and next to Kern's, "sometimes called Hicks", Graveyard. Immediate neighbors were the Eagleton, Jack, and Bolton families. Some families that married into my Hicks line were Wilson, Strole, Printz, Wright, Hinton, Linthicum and Thompson.
More information can be found at my personal website at
Hicks Genealogy Page

My Hicks family also previously lived in Coles County, IL, Bracken County, KY and Kanawha County, WV before coming to Jasper County.

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Jasper County Data

Website Updates:
Jan 2015:  History of Ste. Marie,  QUASQUICENTENNIAL 1837  -- 1962
Nov 2014:  
Wartime Influences on Jasper County; obit for MILLER;  gossip news for PIPER
May 2014: Grove Township school class photo
Apr 2014: bio for VAN BRUNT, RIGDON


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