Divorces in Jasper County, IL in 1887
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

As reported in the Newton Press November 30, 1887

Mismated Couples


The number of divorce cases filed for the circuit court exceeds that of any previous term for several years.


George Brown alleges that he was married to Mary A., his wife, in July 1884; that five days thereafter she left him and has not returned, although his treatment of her was that of a dutiful husband. Wherefore he prays for a dissolution of the bonds of matrimony, J.M. Honey, attorney for plaintiff.

Louis Bennett says that he was married to one Martha Stevens on or about March 1884; that he always conducted himself toward her as a kind and indulgent husband, providing his wife with all the necessaries of life according to his means; and that the said Martha deserted his bed and board on or about March 1885; he therefore desires to be released from the tie which binds. David Trexler and Thos. J. Fithian are Bennett's attorneys.

Mary Boggs states that she was united in marriage to Isaac C. Boggs Oct. 2, 1882; lived with him as an affectionate wife until Oct. 23, 1882; when he abandoned her and has not since returned; as the fruits of the marriage one child, a son, was born to them. She asks for a divorce and the custody of the child. Marshall Clark, attorney for Mrs. Boggs.

Matilda Cotterell, nee Lord, avers that she was married to Ephraim Cotterell Jan. 21, 1871 and lived with him up to Sept 21, 1887, when she was compelled to leave his household on account of bad treatment; that the said Ephraim has been guilty of extreme and repeated cruelty, using at times abusive obscene language toward her and interspersing the same with personal violence, without any provocation therefore, although she has always deported herself as a chaste and loving wife. That on Sept. 1, last, he struck her on the head with his fist and later on, viz., Sept 18, caressed her with a chair; that she is without a remedy except in a court of equity, hence she asks that a divorce be granted her. David Trexler, attorney for complainant.

Frances Hensley declares that she married one Wm. C. Hensley March 8, 1877; that as the result thereof, there was born to them three children; that the said Wm. C. is a man of low vicious and vulgar habits and is addicted to the use of obscene language toward plaintiff and in the presence of their children; that he willfully deserted her in September 1885; wherefore she prays for a divorce and the custody of the children. David Trexler and Thos. J. Fithian attorneys for Mrs. Hensley.

Josephine Taylor, nee Cooper, states that she married Andrew J. Taylor June 7, 1886, cohabited with him as a loving wife until she became acquainted with the following facts, viz.: That defendant in utter disregard of the marriage duty held illicit liaisons with diverse lewd women at Olney and elsewhere; complainant therefore asks for a severance of the bonds of matrimony. Fithian & Jack, attorneys for plaintiff.

George Forsman asks a divorce from Nancy Forsman on the grounds of willful desertion. They were married in 1869 lived together until 1881, when defendant refused longer to live with complainant. Thos. J., Fithian, complainant's solicitor.

Alminia Loy prays for a legal separation from John Wallace Loy to whom she was married Dec. 25, 1882. She states that one child, a daughter, blessed their union, but her husband, without cause of provocation left her in March 1885 and continued to absent himself; that defendant is the owner of certain real and personal property which she asks for as alimony. Honey for plaintiff.

Susan C. Songer, whose maiden name was Davis, says that she married Perry M. Songer July 18, 1883; that she has ever been a kind and indulgent wife; but that defendant wholly disregarding his marriage vows willfully deserted and absented himself from her in June 1885 and has continued to remain away; that said Perry m. Songer is and has been ever since their marriage guilty of habitual drunkenness, and rendered her life miserable and at times almost unbearable. She humbly prays for a divorce and that she may be allowed to assume the name of Susan C. Davis. Honey & Davidson, attorneys.

Thomas A. Sanders informs the court that on July 15, 1885 he joined in marriage with Luesa Fore; that they cohabited together until on or about April 15, 1887; that in all respects he demeaned himself as a kind, indulgent husband; that his said wife in violation of her marital obligations unlawfully became intimate with persons contrary to the wish of complainant. He asks a divorce and such other remedies as the court will grant. Fithian & Jack, attorneys.

Lizzie DeBoard, nee Yelton, asserts that she was wedded to William H. DeBoard Oct. 26, 1883, lived with him up to Aug. 2, 1884, when he latter deserted her and continues to refuse to live with her. That two children are the issue of said marriage, wherefore she asks a divorce, the custody of the children and a share of DeBoard's property. Fithian & Jack attorneys.

M.L. Hayner was married to Rosa Sebethan, so he states, Dec. 12, 1883; that he lived with her until June 10, 1887, when he became acquainted with the fact that she was unfaithful and therefore he asks for a divorce. Fithian & Jack, attorneys.

Mattie Spinner files her bill of complaint and says that she married William Spinner July 1, 1879, lived with him and in things deported herself properly up to 1883, when he left her without cause and remains absent. She therefore asks that a divorce by granted her. B.F. Harrah attorney.

Mollie A.E. Franklin prays for a divorce from Isaac Newton Franklin, to whom she was married Jan. 13, 1879, alleging that the said husband deserted her without cause in March 1880 and has persisted in staying away up to date. Fithian & Jack, attorneys.

James Kilbourn states that he married Jemima Lee in February 1880; that they lived together until July 6, 1883; that he was kind and true to her; that she left him without any cause for so doing, wherefore he asks a divorce. Fithian & Jack, attorneys

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