Divorces in Jasper Co., IL
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Wedded Woes


Pre-1887 Divorces

Dates refer to the date the notice was published in the newspaper.....NOT the date the divorce was granted. And remember, sometimes the divorce petition was denied!!!!

Petitions for Divorce

Date Published


April 15, 18436

Elizah Ann Janney vs. George Janney (non-resident of Illinois)

Oct. 2, 18605

Sarah White vs. John White

Mar 15, 1866

Henrietta O. Ross vs. Charles Ross, alias Wm. Drake

Mar 15, 1866

Lewis Gibson vs. Sarah A. Gibson

Mar 15, 1866

Renhama Hiles vs. Jacob Hiles

Feb 1, 1867

George Turner vs. Elizabeth Turner

Mar 8, 1867

Thomas J. Isley vs. Romanza Isley

Dec 20, 1867

Wm. Lipcomb vs. Elizabeth Lipcomb

Jan 18, 1868

Emily Harris vs. Richard S. Harris

July 24, 1868

Catherine Zimerly vs. Amos Zimerly

Sept 4, 1868

Baker Keeler vs. Mary Ann Keeler

Aug 6, 1869

Ala Pierce vs. Moses L. Pierce

Jul 1, 1870

Rebeca A. Levine vs. John Levine

Aug. 12, 1870

Virginia West vs. Zacariah West

Sep. 9, 1870

Andrew Allen vs. Martha Allen

Mar 13, 1874

Wm. H. Wishard vs. Mary Jane Wishard

Mar 13, 1874

Elisha Hancock vs. Eliza Hancock

Mar 13, 1874

Wm. W. Rice vs. Orrilla Rice

Mar 27, 1874

George W. Craig vs. Rebecca Craig

April 10, 1874

Sarah J. Newsom vs. Milton Newsom

May 1, 1874

Mary A. E. Myers vs. George W. Myers

Oct 1, 1874

Nancy C. Barche vs. Joseph Barche

Oct 1, 1874

Ruhana V. Cox vs. Joseph Cox

Oct 8, 1874

Ruey C. Bennett vs. Amos J.Bennett

Oct 22, 1874

Patrick Branigan vs. Ellen Branigan
(still in chancery on November 5, 1874 - Ellen Branigan was a non-resident and had until the first Monday in December to respond to the complaint)

From the December 17, 1874 Newton Press:

John Marker vs. Elizabeth Marker - Divorce - decree granted.
Stevens vs. Henry Stevens - Divorce, alimony for $500. Decree granted.
Chapman vs. Brown W. Chapman - Divorce; decree granted.
Cox vs. Joseph Cox - Divorce; decree granted
Rucy C.
Bennett vs. Amos Bennett - Divorce; decree granted
Branigan vs. Ellen Branigan - Divorce; suit dismissed on account of non-residence of plaintiff.
Woodliff vs. Martha Woodliff - Divorce; decree granted.

April 15, 1875

Lydia Price vs. Samuel S. Price

July 13, 1876

George Barrett vs. Parthena Barrett

Oct. 12, 1876

Cintha M. Wood vs. Lewis W. Wood

Apr. 19, 1882 2

Robert Miller vs. Rosana Miller


Divorces Granted:
Martha Stephens vs James C. Stephens
Alice C. Connerly vs Joseph T. Connerly
Jackson Lipscomb vs Malinda Lipscomb
Henry Miller vs Catharine Miller
Wm. R. Flinn vs Matilda E. Flinn
Louisa A. Little vs Wm. H. Little
Nancy E. Moffitt vs Joseph Moffitt
Mary J. Moore vs Leander Moore
Garrison Grove vs Elizabeth Grove

12 Dec. 18837

Divorces granted:
Alexander McGahan vs. Margared Mcgahan
Fanny Keever vs. Ed Keever
Rachel Hawkins vs. Marshall Hawkins
Eileen Cooper vs. John T. Cooper

Apr. 15, 18854

Levi J. Kibler vs. Tampson Winefort Isabella Kibler

Henry Oxley, who sued for a divorce from his wife Anna M. Oxley in our circuit court recently and failed, has picked his flint and is trying again in Crawford county. Newton Press, Dec. 30, 1885

1 Published in "The Jasper County Clipper" Newspaper

2 Published in "The Jasper County Times" Newspaper

3 Published in "The Newton Enquirer" Newspaper

4 Published in "The Newton Mentor" Newspaper

5 Published in "The Western Star" Newspaper (Jasper County's first newspaper)

6 Published in the Charleston Courier, Coles County newspaper

7 - Contributed by June Swick Kessinger

1888 Divorces

Reported in the Newton Press on May 9, 1888

The May term of the circuit court, which convenes of the 21st inst. will try a number of cases of mismated marriages. The following divorces are prayed.

Will W. Moulden asks to be released from Lucy J., his wife, on the ground of "extreme and repeated cruelty" and desertion. They were married Aug. 11, 1875 and have three children which plaintiff asks the court to give him custody of.

Anna Kershner asks a divorce from Warren, her husband, and alleges that the latter eloped with Amanda M. Miller on Feb. 13, 1886. They were married on Feb. 12, 1881, have three children and some real estate which Mrs. K. asks the court to give her.

Lizzie Deboard states that Wm. H. Deboard, to whom she was married on Oct. 26, 1882, deserted her at or near Aug. 20, 1884; that two children are the fruits of the marriage; wherefore she asks the custody of the children and a share of the property. Deboard counters with a denial of desertion and charges ill treatment.

Percilla E. asks to be freed from James W. Thomas to whom she was married on Nov. 11, 1882. Desertion is charged; one child, their only offspring, is asked.

Josephine Taylor states that she married Andrew J. Taylor June 7, 1886; that her husband was guilty of improper conduct with diverse lewd women wherefore she asks a divorce and alimony during the pendency of the suit.

Edith Chapman sues for a divorce and an injunction to restrain her husband, James W. Chapman, from disposing of his property. Drunkenness, cruelty and adultery are charged. The were married in 1860; she asks a division of the property.

Susan C. Songer says that she was married to Perry M. Songer June 10, 1883; that the said Perry M. was guilty of frequent intoxication and deserted her for more than two years. She asks a divorce and that she be restored to her maiden name - Susan C. Davis.

Lula M. wants a divorce from A. Oscar Brown whom she married May 5, 1885; Mrs. B. prays the custody of their only child. Desertion is charged.

Charles V. Bickers avers that he married Matilda Brown in January 1871; was at all times kind and affectionate toward her; that the said Matilda departed between two days on or about Jan. 11, 1884 with a "coon" by the name of Peter Rickman. He therefore asks a divorce and such other relief as the court sees fit to grant.

Judy Freeles represents that she married C.E. Freeles March 10, 1877; that he deserted her Sept. 1, 1880; she therefore comes to the court for relief and a divorce.

Timothy Woods informs the court that he married Jane Pinnick May 10, 1880; that the aforesaid Jane faithlessly absented herself from his bed and board in 1885 and has remained away up to and including this date; therefore he asks for a divorce.

Jackson Wisemore asks that the bonds of matrimony which bind him to Matilda his wife, be severed on the ground of crim con with various parties. He asks a divorce and the care of their only child. They were married May 10, 1880.

Bob Hardy asks a divorce from Cathorine Hardy on the charge of adultery and general bad conduct. They were married Jan. 11, 1876 and have four children whom Bob claims that he is the only one competent to properly keep.

James M. Hawley would ask to be released from providing for Mary A. Hawley, his lawful wife. He says they were married in October 1883, and that thereafter she left him in 1886.

Frances Hensley states that she married William C. Hensley March 8, 1877 and that he has treated her bad at times ever since and she asks a legal separation. Hensley comes back at her with a charge of adultery which she denies.

W.L. Hayner prays for a divorce from Rosa, his wife, alleging that they were married Dec. 12, 1883; he charges adultery and diverse other things calculated to make married life a burden.

Reported May 30, 1888:

Chancery Docket:

Divorces were granted as follows:

Reported June 6, 1888

Reported on December 5, 1888

1889 Jasper County, IL Divorces

as reported in the Newton Press

1890 Jasper County, IL Divorces

as reported in the Newton Press

Sep. 24, 1890

Margaret R. Flocken vs. Harry W. Flocken

Oct. 8, 1890

Richard Clearwater vs. Sarah E. Clearwater

Oct. 8, 1890

Eliza Ervin vs. David Ervin

October 22, 1890

Ella Anderson vs. John Anderson

Nov. 12, 1890

George W. Hamilton vs. Isabelle R. Hamilton

1891 Jasper County, IL Divorces

as reported in the Newton Press

Apr. 15, 1891: Mary F. Carroll vs. Wm. Carroll

May 27, 1891

Apr. 1, 1891: Mrs. Mary Barbee was granted a divorce in the circuit court of Effingham county last week, from her husband, S.G. Barbee.

October 28, 1891:

Dec. 16, 1891:

December 23, 1891

1892 Jasper County, IL Divorces

as reported in the Newton Press

Newton Press, May 25, 1892: The following divorces were granted:

Newton Press, June 29, 1892:

Newton Press, October 19, 1892

Newton Press, Dec. 14, 1892: The following divorces were granted:

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