Our "Soldier Boys" - Roster of Company B

Co. B. Joins the Balance of the Regiment at Camp Lincoln

As reported in the Newton Press Aug. 3, 1892
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

Springfield, Ill., July 31 - The Fourth Regiment of the Illinois National Guards, which was not due at Camp Lincoln until tomorrow evening, got in today. All the men who are to be here are now in camp with the exception of 25 members of Co. G., who were detailed to attend the funeral of Second Lieutenant Allison L. Sietz, of Effingham, who was killed at Greenup, yesterday, where he went to see Colonel Smith to get excused from camp duty on account of the sickness of his business partner.

The field and staff officers of the regiment are:

R.M. Smith, Colonel; John B. Washburne Lieut. Colonel; Samuel Wannamaugher, Louis E. Bennett and S.A.P. McWilliams, majors; G. Messerve, major and surgeon; Thos. C. McCord, captain and assistant surgeon; Samuel E. North, captain and adjutant; George H. Damson, captain and inspector of rifle practice; Elias D. Wicken, captain and chaplain; Albert Snyder, first lieutenant and quartermaster.

The companies composing the regiment are: A of Arcola, B of Newton, C of Carbondale, D of Champaign, E of Mattoon, F of Greenville, G of Effingham, H of Paris, I of Vandalia, K of Centralia, L of Olney and M of Marion. The regimental band is the Ides Engine Works Band of this city.

Co. B. Roster

Those who went with Co. B. from here, Sunday, were:


Captain: H.A. Faller

First Lieutenant - E.W. Hersh

Second Lieutenant - S.A. Malcolm

Sergeants - O.P. Harris, W.H. Kibler, C.H. Harris, F.A. Louis, Ed Reisner

Corporals - Fred. Beeman, C.S. Prather, John Haines

Musicians - William Carrick, Joe Swope


Sid Webb, Ben Bruner, J.W. Birch, Otis Ellis, William Haynes, William Hill, Eli Long, Richard Maxwell, Joe Maxwell, W.H. Miller, G.E. Malcom, John Swick, Cal Upton, H.E. Warful, Merritt Weaver, Albert Wakefield, Ben Foltz, Pearl Gilmore, J.H. Brooks, Ed Brothers, Oliver Dickerson, Lee Hester, Silas Hapney, John Kasserman, Harlan Long, Wm. Lord, Ed Mayo, W.S. Malcolm, Atlas Phillips, Wm. Spurgeon, Wm. Umstead, Ed Weaver, Wilbert Watt, Arthur Wider, D.P. Freeman, J.K. Ward

Sharpshots from Camp Lincoln

Co. B. went on the target range, Monday

Lieut. Hersh is adjutant of the 3rd battalion

The boys all went to town to church Sunday night

Mrs.Hersh and Miss Mamie Faller are guests of Co. B.

Joe Maxwell and Wilbert Watt are on the hospital corps

Sergt. Col. Harris has charge of the commissary department

George Crail was made color sergeant on the colonel's staff

Mrs James Lewis and Mrs. Col Harris have charge of the dining tent.

Will Carrick was detained at home on account of the severe illness of his father.

Mrs. H.A. Faller and Mrs. E.W. Hersh will spend the week at Camp Lincoln

J.K.Ward is the giant of the 4th. He stands six feet, four and one-half in his stockings. He makes the front rank loom up.

Capt. Faller was the first officer of the day. He is the ranking captain of the regiment, while Lieut. Hersh is the senior lieutenant.

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