1890 List of Students Returning to College

Newton Press, Oct. 8, 1890

The following persons are at college from this county:

Thomas Mason, L.O. Eagleton, Will and Flora Steele, Orpha and Ora Smith, Harlan Long, Henry Kasserman and Walter Kibler - Lebanon, IL

Will Carrick - Champaign, IL

Frank Johnson and Pearl Gillmore - Eureka, IL

Wilmer Dickerson, J.L McCormack, Walter Hitch, and Will Franke, Medical and George Franke, Dental - Chicago, IL

Elmer Burton, Medical - Cincinnati

1927 List of Students Returning to College

Newton Press, Tuesday, January 4, 1927

Glen Isley - Weidner Institute, Mulberry, Ind.

Miss Margaret Honey - Eureka college, Eureka

George Printz of Wheeler - Blackburn college, Carlinville

Misses Dorothy Boos and Gwendolyn Keavin - Rubicon college, St. Louis

Misses Theresa Reis, Ida Green and Elsie Wolf - Normal University, Normal

William and Adam Franke, John Honey and Everett Jourdan - St. Louis University

Leo Reis, Lawrence Danver and Miss Madlynn Boos - Washington University, St. Louis

Miss Hazel Finley, Illinois College, and Miss Nellie Burdge - Illinois Women's college, Jacksonville

John Hicks and Misses Bernice Batman, Helen Harris, Pauline Sutton and Zola Swick - Millikin university, Decatur

Wayne Isley, Opal King, Cloyce Hunt, Henry Kinsel, Dwight Reed, and Misses Cecil Sims, Vivian Marshall and Olive Crouse - Eastern Illinois Teachers' college, Charleston

Harry Lathrop, Idris Cornwell and Misses Mary Richards and Audrey Bower of Newton and Kneffler Fulk, Loren Douthit and Delmar Fehrenbacher of Ingraham - McKendree college, Lebanon.

Ralph Connor, Robert Robb, Lawrence Eaton, Glenn Matlock and Miss Nora Read of Newton, Paul Ferguson, Ervin Hadley, Eugene Hayes and Misses Bessie Hayes and Zena Kibler of Willow Hill, Miss Christine Alblinger of Sainte Marie and Miss Lucille Whalin of Rose Hill - Unviersity of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

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