Trexler School

Class of 1899 or 1900

Trexler School - Class of 1899 or 1900

The typed info at the bottom of the picture reads: "This picture of the Trexler School was taken in 1899 or 1900. Mrs. Emma French, widow of the teacher, Wayne French, is the owner of the photo.

First row: Elbert Ervin, Erma Henderson, Herbert Henderson, Byro_ Trexler, Delbert Howell, John Davis.

Second row: Mabel Corbin, Eber Whitehurst, Nora Miller, Julia Miller, Maggie Davis, Bert Webster.

Third row: Johnny Fillinger, Tom Busby, Gilbert Whitehurst, _____ Ervin, Pearl Webster, Gladys Kirkham, Dolah Howell, Ed Miller.

Fourth row: Virgil Kirkham, Ona Ervin, Ollie Ervin, Lovie Whitehurst, G. Ed French, teacher, Ethel Davis, Jim Whitehurst."

This picture was donated by Karen Fink

Trexler School

[The left side of the article was cut off, so we're missing the first letter of a few names]

This picture of the Trexler school was taken in 1912 when Harry Jones was the teacher. It was furnished by Delbert Smith.
First row, left to right: Anna (Howell) Knepper, Harold ?ones, Jessie Shamhart, Mildred (Clagg) Davis, May (Jones) ?eitz, Sybil Shamhart and Gladys (Whitehurst) Clark.
Second row: Nina (Kibler) Swank, Nina (Whitehurst) ?eagle, Guy French, F. (Jones) Blankmier and Fay Trexler.
Third row: Bernard Jones, Glen Kibler, Burl Davis, Ralph French, Leland Corbin, Ada (French) Clark, Etta (Clagg) Foltz, Mary (Smith) Marriott and Toni (Whitehurst) Wetherholt.
Fourth row: Bill Miller, Marie (Corbin) Kirkham, Leonard Trexler and Ethel (Whitehurst) Bower.
Fifth row: Albert Miller, Mabel (Davis) King, Charlene (Trexler) Rymer, Delbert Smith, Wilber Corbin and Ed Miller.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

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