Jasper County, Illinois
School Class Pictures

(Most, if not all of these pictures were published in the Newton Press-Mentor throughout the years.)

Bogota School
unknown year

This Bogota School picutre was brought in by Eugen Weber of Wakefield, but we failed to determine the year in which it was made.
First row: Sid Hines, Lowell Carter, Carroll Tate, Velva Wooden, Mabel Carter, Flossie Reed, Chloe Crouse, Charlie Carter, Howard Gorrell.
Second row: Earnest Crouse, Bertie Prather, Lee McKinney, Ira Keever, Willard Tate, ---, Bonnie Carter, ---, Bernice Gorrell.
Third row; Nola Keever, teacher with slate, Opal Tate, Herman Keever, Park Carter, Mattie George, Cleo Reed, ---, Zella George, Carrie Smallwood, LaNora Tate, Nola Smallwood, Lillie Boldrey.
Fourth row: Amanda Keever, Ethel Birk, Sherman Crouse, Elsie Carter, Lillie Smallwood, Grace Reed, Troy Erwin, Grace Calvin, Ethel Carter, Russell Birk, Carrie Gorrell, Grace Birk, Minnie Graves teacher, ---.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Bogota School

Bogota 1910
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher]

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