Jasper County, Illinois
School Class Pictures

Buckeye School

1898 buckeye school
This picture of the Buckeye School was taken Dec 9, 1898 and is owned by Winnie Reed of Martin street, Newton.

Front row, left to right: Charley Price, Harry Lambird, Everet Bickers, Harry Sparks, Perry Foster with slate, Oran Worthey, Maud McWorter, Effie Worthey, Clifford Lambird, Ada (Lambird) Riley and Chris Sparks.
Second row: Everet Foster, Everet Price, Winnie (Mahaney) Reed, Myrtie (Lambird) Klier, Lillie (Lambird) Klier, Myrtie (Burnside) Mascher, Dessie Worthey, Minnie Worthey, Grace (Mahaney) Tate.
Third row: Ira Burnside, George Burnside, Elzie Wooden, Johnie Mahaney, Jasper Worthey, teacher, Alta (Wooden) Varvil, Nelia (Lambird) Klier, Eli Sparks
Top row: Floyd Price, Watson Sparks, Arthur Reed, Dell (Johnson) Shoemaker, Ola Burnside, Dell (Wooden) Dyson, Dora (Burnside) Dillman
The school was located two miles south of Kedron.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Buckeye School

The Buckeye School Photo was taken Dec. 7, 1910
First row: Carl Fritschle, Winnie Worthey, Zella Reed, Pearl Isenburg, Cleda Fritschle, Hallie Fritschle.
Second row: Forrest Price, Dwight Reed, Dale Wilson, William Isenburg, Raymond Sparks, Florence Daggy, Katie Isenburg, Charlie Sparks, Hansel Fritschle, Hazel Reed.
Ira Burnside teacher, Charlie Lambird, Rufus French, Stella Burnside, Elza McKinney, Wayne Brooks.
Fourth row: Dollie Sparks, Maud Isenburg, Elmer French, Alma Mahaney, Chris Isenburg, Elsie Daggy, Lowell Brooks, Vivian Price, Merle Brooks.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

1914 Buckeye School Class Picture

1914 Buckeye School Class picture
Contributed by Michael Worthey.

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