Jasper County, Illinois
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Lost Cemetery
(Burton Family Cemetery???)
Located 1/8-1/4 mile SE of 9320 E. 2200th Ave in Crooked Creek Township.
(About a mile and a half Northeast of the Hidalgo Bridge.)

Cemetery was read by and contributed to Illinois Genealogy Trails by Juli Bishop
2003 Juli Bishop and Illinois Genealogy Trails (formatting only)

It was always thought that there were only 2 graves located in the pile of brush in the field, but after Juli's family and their neighbors cleared the brush and restored the cemetery, they found that it in fact contained 8 graves. Their main clue as to the identity of the family buried here came from the military stone of Reason Helm. However, it was broken and only read:

CoE 54th IL Inf.

His stone is marked in the picture below by the flag

Juli's family researched the military company listed on the stone and concluded that he was the only possible member who could have been buried there. Further research shows a Reason Helm married to Elizabeth Burton, who has brothers and sisters buried here as well. The stone in the back is in the best shape and is EW Roberts, and the other standing stone to the right is John Burton.

Mary L.
Dauh of G&L Burton
Died Nov 25,1851
Aged 1y 3m 2d footstone: M.L.B.

son of J&H Burton
Died Mar 7,1853
Aged 23y 3m 6d footstone: C.B.

son of A&H Burton
Died Apr 5, 1852
Aged 20yrs, 7mo, 1d,
footstone: J.B.
(His was the only visible stone for the last 15 yrs or so and had to be read with shaving cream and a squeegie)

Mary H.
dau of A&H Burton
Died Aug.14,1851
Age 1y 4m 23d
footstone: M.H.B.

son of A&H Burton
Died Apr 12, 1853 or 1855
E 3or8y; 2m; 13d
(Stone was broken in half and hard to read.)

Anna J.
dautr of J&N Kilgore
Died Dec. 2,1852
Aged 9m 16ds.
footstone: A.J.K.

E.W. Roberts
Died Mar 27, 1859
Aged 37y 6m

That is this burial ground in its entirety.