Jasper County, Illinois
School Class Pictures

(Most, if not all of these pictures were published in the Newton Press-Mentor throughout the years.)

Calvin School

This picture of the Calvin school was taken Jan. 6, 1899, when Luther Wooden was the teacher. It is owned by H.P. (Chip) King of 819 S. Van Buren street, Newton
First row, left to right, Ida Koontz, Vera Wilson, Alfa Williams, Ollie Brown, Steve Elston, Albert Voss, Perry Carter, Ky Michels.
Second row: Emma Voss, Clara Voss, Hulda Elston, Luna Crouse, Ollie King, Harry Williams, Newt Wilson, Lowell Elston.
Third row: Dessie Hamilton, Sarah Brown, Bessie Jackson, Daisy Wilson, Amanda Brill, Luther Wooden (teacher), Garfield Crouse, Grace Jackson, Peter Fuson, Charles Michels and Luther King.
fourth row: Nell Jackson, Rose Jackson, Clarence Elston, Merritt Crouse, John Bridges, Albert Brown, Harry Michels, Chip King and Maude Calvin.
The school was located about two miles south of Bogota.

Calvin School
Calvin School
This picture of the Calvin school, which was located two miles south of Bogota, was taken Nov. 2, 1916, when O.P. Chesnut of Bogota was teacher.
From left to right, first row: Roy Tate, Harry Garnier, Clay Brackett, Dean Parker, Paul Brackett, Joe Crouse, Basil Calvin
Second row: Seth King, Gene Massey, Hansel Brackett, Austin Obert
Third row: Mae (King) Jones, Nellie (Brackett) Stanley, Elva (McCormack) Shew, Rena (Garnier) Hoover, Frankie (King) McKinney, Raymond Brackett, Chloe (Crouse) Craig, Phoebe (Tate) Runion.
Back row: O.P. Chesnut, teacher, Albert Parker

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

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