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Jasper County, Illinois
Cemetery Listings

These come from miscellaneous sources, usually noted at the end of the listing, and corresponding to a name at the bottom of the page. Many thanks to folks who have contributed their information to this website. If you can fill in any of the death or birth dates for these folks, especially the veterans, please email me at KimmySueT at

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Cemetery Map

List of Cemeteries and their Township
* Cemetery Lost or Destroyed
** No longer in use


Abbott/Markwell** - Smallwood Twp

Andrews - Crooked Creek Twp

Aten - Crooked Creek Twp

Backbone - Grandville Twp

Bailey - North Muddy Twp

Bailey/Schacklee** - Hunt Twp

Bethany Cemetery - Unknown Township

Bethel - Hunt Twp

Bethel - Grandville Twp

Bethel Cemetery (Quaker) - Fox Twp

Bickers/Biggers** - Smallwood Twp

Bowers** - Wade Twp

Boyd/Glines** - Grandville Twp

Brewer Family** - Grove Twp

Brick - Wade Twp

Brockville - Hunt Twp

Brooks - Crooked Creek Twp

Burford** - Wade Twp

Burials noted as being in "The Newton Cemetery" - Wade Twp

Burton Family* - Crooked Creek Twp

Busby Family - Wade Twp

Carter - Wade Twp

Chapel - Wade Twp

Chapman - Grandville Twp

Chezum Family** - Grove Twp

City Cemetery of Ste. Marie - Ste. Marie Twp

Coad** - Crooked Creek Twp

Collins/Faltmier - Ste. Marie Twp

Cook** - South Muddy Twp

Cummins/Holy Roller** - Smallwood Twp

Daniel Hinds Farm (moved to Tate)** - Smallwood Twp

Debord - Grandville Twp

Devore - South Muddy Twp

Dhom Family - Willow Hill Twp

Diel - Grove Twp

Eidson Family** - Willow Hill Twp

Fairfield - Grove Twp

Farley Family** - Grandville Twp

Foster Family** - South Muddy Twp

Fox* - Smallwood Twp

Francis Meyer farm - North Muddy Twp

Frazier Family** - Grove Twp

Freeman** - South Muddy Twp

Fulk Family** - South Muddy Twp

Gila Luthern - Wade Twp

Hammers* - Crooked Creek Twp

Hankins - Smallwood Twp

Harper** - Grandville Twp

Harris - Wade Twp

Harrisburg** - Crooked Creek Twp

Hayes - Crooked Creek Twp

Hickory - Wade Twp

Hidalgo Cemetery

Higgins/Colburn** - Wade Twp

Hines* - Smallwood Twp

Honey - Smallwood Twp

Hoover** (has no markers) - Smallwood Twp

Hunt/Cummins - Crooked Creek Twp

Island Creek - Grove Twp

Island Grove/St. Joseph - Grove Twp

Jasper Family** - Wade Twp

Jones Family** - Wade Twp

Kerns (aka Hicks) - Grove Twp

Kibler - Wade Twp

Kilgore - Crooked Creek Twp

Lancaster - Wade Twp

Latona Cemetery - ?

Leamon/Walnut - Grandville Twp

Liberty - Wade Twp

Lost Cemetery - Grove Twp

Mattison/Madison - Hunt Twp

McFadden - Grandville Twp

McQueen Cemetery - aka Miami Graveyard; aka McQueen Chapel; aka Headyville - South Muddy Twp

McQuillen Cemetery

Meyer Cemetery

Miller-Peters** - Hunt Twp

Miller-Yager Cemetery - Ste. Marie Twp

Miller Cemetery - Willow Hill Twp

Miller** - Wade Twp

Mitchel (moved to Hunt) - Crooked Creek Twp

Monroney Cemetery

Mound - Willow Hill Twp

Mound Cemetery (aka Everman Mound)- Veterans buried in Mound

Mt. Calvary - Wade Twp

Myers - Grove Twp

New St. Peters - Wade Twp

Nob Wilson Family** - Crooked Creek Twp

O'Kean Family Cemetery* - Wade Twp

Old County Poor Farm** - Wade Twp

Old Kibler Family** - Crooked Creek Twp

Old St. Peters - Wade Twp

Old Swick Family** - Crooked Creek Twp

Old Wheeler Family** - North Muddy Twp

Old Wheeler** - North Muddy Twp

Parrent Family** - Wade Twp

Plainfield - Crooked Creek Twp

Pleasant Ridge** - Smallwood Twp

Redford - Wade Twp

Riverside - Wade Twp

Ross - Crooked Creek Twp

Rude Family** - South Muddy Twp

Sainte Marie Cemetery - aka Assumption, Saint Mary of the Assumption - Ste. Marie Twp

Sainte Mary's Cemetery - Ste. Marie Twp

Selby/Brown** - Willow Hill Twp

Shiloh - Willow Hill Twp

Skelton Family** - Smallwood Twp

Slate Point - North Muddy Twp

Songer - Crooked Creek Twp

South Bend Cemetery - aka Dark Bend; aka Wilkerson's Graveyard - Ste. Marie Twp

South Muddy Baptist - South Muddy Twp

St. Valentine Cemetery - Ste. Marie Twp

Stewart Cemetery

Strole - Grove Twp

Swick - Crooked Creek Twp

Tate - Smallwood Twp

Todd - Willow Hill Twp

Trexler Cemetery - aka Kedron/Toland Grove - North Muddy Twp

Unknown Cemetery located on South Jackson Street in Newton.

Vanderhoof - Wade Twp

Ward Cemetery - Crooked Creek Twp

Weaver Cemetery aka Saulsbury Farm/Sand Rock** - Hunt Twp

Weaver Family** (destroyed) - Smallwood Twp

Wendelin - Fox Twp

West Lawn Memorial - Wade Twp

Wheeler - North Muddy Twp

Woods (Heady) - Smallwood Twp

Worthey Family** - South Muddy Twp

Yale - Grandville Twp


Cemeteries - *Not Complete listings*

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