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Jasper County, IL Court Cases

& Miscellaneous Legal Proceedings
as reported in the Newton Press
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

[1874] [1875] [1876] [1884] [1887] [1888] [1889] [1890] [1892] [1893] [1899] [1902] [1904] [1905] [1927] [1939]

[Items of unknown dates]


Newton Weekly Press, June 11, 1874: "Last Monday was rather lively in the way of litigation. There were t hree suits, the following of which is a synopsis:

Newton Weekly Press, December 17, 1874:

Young Stuart was admitted to bail and his bond put at $8,000, which he promptly filled and was released. We understand that Judge Shaw and the boy's father are his bondsmen.

...a large number of cases disposed of in addition to the cases reported in your last issue - a great many of such minor importance as would not be of sufficient interest to your readers as to encumber your colers with. I will give a list of those of most importance.

People vs. Thomas R. Arms, for shooting at W. Lambird - defendat was acquitted.
People vs. Walter Lancaster - for cutting timber - defendant was found guilty and fined $25
Wm. P. Lloyd vs. S. B. Chrisman - appeal - judgment for def't.
Ed. Wilson vs. Nancy Skelton (note on hay fork) - judgement for defendant.
Munson vs. J.H. Maxwell Assumpeit - judgment ofr defendant.
Andre vs. Gibson, - Replevin. Judment for plaintiff.
Foltz vs. W. Barrett - Assumpsit. Judgment for def't.
Hamblin vs. Shambeck - Replevin. Judgment for def't
Stucket vs. Kesler - Trespass. Judgment for def't.
Garderwine vs. Parent - Appeal. Replevin. Judgment for def't. This is the famous hog case spoken of a few weeks ago; cost on these two hogs will be over $100.
Hannah Litzelman vs. James M. Honey, adm'r pro. temp. of Joseph Litzelman, deceased. Appeal dismissed.
Crawford vs. Cummins - Damage. Continued of account of sickness of def't.
Ireland vs. McFadden - Foreclusre. Judgment for plaintiff.
John Shackman vs. Cordray - Foreclosure. Judgment for plaintiff
John Marker vs. Elizabeth Marker - Divorce - decree granted.
Anna Stevens vs. Henry Stevens - Divorce, alimony for $500. Decree granted.
Sarah Chapman vs. Brown W. Chapman - Divorce; decree granted.
Rohana Cox vs. Joseph Cox - Divorce; decree granted
Rucy C. Bennett vs. Amos Bennett - Divorce; decree granted
Patrick Branigan vs. Ellen Branigan - Divorce; suit dismissed on account of non-residence of plaintiff.
J. Woodliff vs. Martha Woodliff - Divorce; decree granted.

The most interesting trial of the week was yesterday, between Dr. Hecker and Widow Phillippe. It appeared that the widow got the better of the learned doctor in a colt trade and he was not willing to submit to it, and came into our Circuit Court, where the widow got away with him again.


Newton Weekly Press, Feb. 11, 1875:
The Jasper County County Court, convened at this place on last Monday with Hon. Wm. Carter on the bench; H.K. Powell, clerk and John Selby, sheriff. Forenoon of first day was taken up in hearing motions. In the afternoon a jury was empanneled and the case in which Mary Layton vs. Jerome Creed, for Bastardy, was opened and concluded Tuesday evening. The jury disagreed, standing 9 for conviction and 3 for acquittal, and was dismissed. Case was continued until next term.

Wednesday was taken up in the trial of two cases, Xaviar Picquet vs. Christian Kisner, for taking timber.
Boos & Bro. vs. George Bufford for forcible entry and detainer.

The following cases were continued:

The People vs. Bernard Faller, for assault with a deadly weapon.
The People ex. rel. Lydia A. Wright vs. William Fouty, for bastardy
James Casey vs. Wm. Pictor

The following cases dismissed:

The People ex. rel. Mary Maroney vs. Booker Alexander, for bastardy
Bailey Bros. vs. J.F. Marshall - appeal
John McCullough vs. Joseph Litzelmann - appeal
Phoeba McCubbins vs. Wm. and Jas. Leamon - assumpsit
People vs. Josiah Sheppard for larcenty.

There are 29 cases on the docket.

Newton Weekly Press, Tuesday, Apr 15, 1875: The Richland County Circuit Court convened at Olney on Monday last. Quite a number of persons are in attendance from this county as witnesses in the McFadden and Wakefield cases. The trial of Wakefield commenced on Tuesday morning, but up to going to press we have nothing definite as to the final result. The McFadden case, we understand, will be continued until the next term.

Newton Weekly Press, Aug. 19, 1875: Judge Allen last Monday at Prairie City released young Chas. Sethman, who was illegally imprisoned by Judge Carter for refusing to give an additional Bond in a certain case of bastardy, prosecuted at the relation of Margaret J. Gilbert. Margaret had been advised by counsel that Sethman's bond for his appearance at the next term of the County Court was insufficient, and consequently, became restless for fear the "gay and festive" Char ley would flee from the "wrath to come" and humbly petitioned his honor, Judge Carter, to issue a capia s ad respendedum to bring Charley into Court to "show cause why he should not give additional bond." Co unsel for Sethman moved to dismiss the petition and discharge the prisoner... (end of available info)

Joseph E. Wishard, administrator of the estate of Silas W. Wishard, deceased, and O.H. Mitchell, administrator of the estate of Uriah Hunt, deceased, give notice in to-day's paper that they will meet the creditors of said estates at the next January Term of the County Court. Newton Press, Thursday Nov. 25, 1875

Circuit Court
Reported in the Newton Press on December 16, 1875

"The Grand Jury, that body of secret inquisition (or imposition, as one may be pleased to call it) finished its labors on last Saturday after finding the following bills of indictment:

The people vs. John Spring and Ed. Jenkins. They are the young lads who stole Francis' boots. Defendants plead guilty and were sent to the county jail for 60 days.
The people vs. I.H. Walker, A.N. Walker and Geo. W. Fithian. Riot. Bail fixed at $100, respectively
The people vs. Sarah M. Chapman. Malicious mischief
The people vs. Russell Keeler. Larceny
The people vs. John Franke. Selling liquor.
The people vs. Peter and Harrison Enlow. Larceny.
The people vs. Perry Chapman. Malicious mischief
The people vs. Henry Sands and John Cochenour. Gambling.
The people vs. Samuel Seamon. Selling liquor.
The people vs. Samuel Seamon. Keeping open a tipling shop on Sunday.
The people vs. Mary Bickers. Concealing the death of a bastard.
The people vs. Robert Plunkett. Selling liquor on Sunday.
The people vs. James Shryock. Disturbing a lawful assembly.
The people vs. Julius Conzett, John W. Covil, Rafe Shade, Frank Strain and Slate Hammon. Disturbing family.
The case of John Hardy vs. Daniel Lidy, which comes to our Circuit Court on a change of venue from Lawrence county


Reported in the Newton Press on May 18, 1876

The Jasper County Circuit Court convened at this plac eon Monday last, Jude J.C. Allen presiding. Disposition has been made in the following cases:

People vs. Joseph Cummins. Change of venue to Richland county.
People vs. James Boyd. Off docket
People vs. Boyd and Williams. Off docket.
People vs. Sarah M. Chapman. Nollo prosequi.
People vs. Dr. Franke. Nollo prosequi
People vs. Perry Chapman. Default taken - and forfeiture of bond.
People vs. Silas Rife. Nollo prosequi
People vs. James Shryock. Off docket
People vs. David Spencer. Nollo prosequi

John and James Dyer, of Willow Hill township, were brought to this place on Wednesday evening and confined in our county jail in default of bail. They were arrested on a charge of obtaining goods under false pretenses. We are not in possession of any facts, but only numerous reports, and will, therefore, refrain from giving a detailed statement of the case at this time. We understand that the parties intend to go before Judge Allen, on a writ of habeas corpus, at the Special Term of the Richland Circuit Court to have their trial. Newton Weekly Press, July 6, 1876

On Monday night last, July 3d, Chas. Rhoades of this county stole a horse from Nelson Sherman, living near HIckory Grove, two miles north of the farm of A.G. Caldwell, in Grove township, and rode the same to Esquire Layton's at Bishop's Point, in Effignham county, and was there arrested on suspicion and taken before Esquire Wishard for preliminary examination. Mr. Wishard being a relative of Rhoades, refused to try the case, and he was taken before Esquire Boster and found guilty of the theft, and in default of bail was brought to town Wednesday morning and delivered into the custody of Sheriff Selby - John Parkison acting as his escort. Rhoades was 21 years old yesterday - the day he was lodged in Jail - and this makes the second time he has been arraigned.... [end of copy] July 6, 1876


County Court Proceedings as noted in the May 21, 1884 issue of the Newton Times Mentor:

The following cases were continued with alias capias: People vs. Nelson Bogard, offering to bribe an officer; W.H. Little, assault to murder; Mary Bickers, concealing death of bastard; Ross Wallingford, selling liqour without license, four counts. Chas. F. Norris, embezzelment.

Joseph Jacquet, larceny, trial by jury, verdict of not guilty

Millard F. Carter, rape, nolle prosequi by states attorney

Harry Davidson, carrying concealed weapons; motion to quash indictment; motion overruled and plea of guilty entered.

Geo. Selby, carrying concealed weapons, motion to quash indictment; motion overruled.

J.F. Crafford, carrying concealed weapons, motion to quash each count in indictment overruled

George Stuckard, selling liquor without license, three counts, defendant plead and fined $20 on each count and costs.

Common Law Cases

J.H. Halley vs. Thos. J. Jiles, assumpsit. Off docket with leave to reinstate

A.B. Voorhees vs. M.W. Harding, replevin. Judgment for plaintiff for costs.

M. Lou Harris vs. B.W. Harris, appeal. Motion for continuance by defendant allowed and cause continued.

G.W. Fithian vs. F.A. Wheeler, appeal. Dismissed as per agreement

D.O. & O. R. R'y vs. J.H. Halley, appeal. Suit dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

D.O. & O. R. R'y vs. Thos. Cooper, appeal. Suit dismissed at cost of plaintiff for want of prosecution.

D.O. & O. R. R'y vs. W.C. Parks and Bro., appeal. Same order as above.

D.O. & O. R. R'y vs. Jas R. Joes., appeal. Same order

Benj. Byers vs. Jno. Grim et al, ejectment. Continued.

isaac Newman vs. Jos. W. Hesler, assumpsit. Dismissed

Fredrick Calvert vs. Abraham Fleener. Continued by agreement

Andrew Allen vs. G.W. Jeffers, appeal. Dismissed

Marion Nelson vs. G.W. Jeffers, appeal. Dismissed

Calvin Sparks by his agent Jas. Sparks, vs. Chas H. Wall, appeal. Dismissed, each party paying half costs.

Geo. P. Seits vs. Robt. Carrick, Assumpsit. Judgment for plaintff for $358.17 and costs

S. Johnson, cashier, vs. W.L. Heath, W.G. Williams and C.K. Teets, assumpsit. Judgment for plaintiff for the sum of $250 and costs.

Nathan Thomas vs. C.A. and W. Nebeker, assumpsit. Judment for plaintiff for $-- and costs.

Aetna Life Ins. Co. vs. G.W. Jeffers, assumpsit. Judgment for plaintiff for the sum of $345.65 and costs.

W.L. Heath, Treasurer Jasper county, for the use of Caroline O. Nelson vs. Wm. H. Butt and Thos. J. Adkins, scire facias. Judgment for sum of $824.91 with interest at the rate of 6 per cent from May, $874 and costs.


County Court Proceedings as noted in the August 10, 1887 issue of the Newton Press:

Judge Sylvester F. Gilmore of Effingham, at the request of the Newton bar, under a provision of the statute, is holding the law term of the county court. The following is the business up to last evening:

For carrying concealed weapons, John Wesley Hutson, David Hutson and Perry M. Songer were each fined $5 and trimmings; and Martin Snider and Silas Beeman $15 and costs, each.

Matilda Shecklee was fined in two counts $20 and $50 respectively, and costs for selling liquor in Granville township without license. The costs alone foot up nearly $200.

Jerry and Wilson Huddleston were acquitted of the charge of racing.


Judge Gilmore seems to have won the good opinion of the bar, if the compliments they pay him is a criterion. His rulings are pointed and generally received very favorably. The bar is represented by Gibson & Johnson, Fithian & Jack, Honey & Davidson, J.S. Hizey, David Trexl er and B.F. Harrah, of Newton; N.L. Scranton, of Grove township, who is now a resident on a farm in this county; Thos. J. Fithian of Willow Hill; J.B. Atchison, of Toledo.

Jurors: Joseph Renner, John Riley, David Henry, Joseph Kauffmann, Wm. Dickerson, Milton Sims, John Thompson, John S. Ridlin, Wm. Cooper, Jeff Cummins, Jos. Fehrenbacker, Elijah Welker, Lewis Coverstone, Henry Clodfelter, P.R. Lewis, Wm. Badger, W.D. Miller, Joseph Lustig, W.M. Crall, John Smith, R.H. Marks, P.S. Beals, W.F. Conover and W.D. Cummins. Excused: J.P. Warren, Perry Lambird, W.S. McKinley and George Long. Absent: Solomon Goss, Vinsen Clagg and Lewis Jarred.


County Court Proceedings as noted in the May 30, 1888 issue of the Newton Press:


Andrew P. Mann vs. Sylvester Kruzan and Hester Scott, $274

E.U. Watt, admr for the use of J.R. Holloway & Co. vs. W.T. and Alsey K. Watt, $225.68

Nolen Madden & Co. vs. J.C. and Sarah A. Taylor, $373

Henry A. Newton vs. Mary J. Miller,, $1,246.67

H.F. Gordon vs. J.H. and A.S. Halley, $1,650.64

The Olney National Bank vs. Wm. Houser et. al., $2,645.81

Aetna Life Ins. Co. vs Andrew Allison, $501.65

Jasper County Loan and Building Association vs. E.A. Harris, $190.85

G.W. Garrels vs. Man Harmon and Sanford Bickers, $248.65

G.W. Garrels vs. Man Harmon etus., $252

Grand Jury

North Muddy: Charles Hess, foreman, A.J. Batman and Rezin Shamhart

South Muddy: Joseph Shoemaker and George Connelly.

Smallwood: W.N. Jones and Patrick Wood

Wade: Amaziah Hunt, August Jasper and W.N. Richardson

Fox: G.B. Delzell and Daniel Ochs

Ste. Marie: Thomas Brownfield and S.J. Frauli

Willow Hill: John Miller and Daniel King

Granville: Ed Snearley and Thos. Newlin

Crooked Creek: A.J. Ray, Thomas Price and Kenison Harker

Grove: George Ebbard

Petit Jury

Wade: Marsh Hunt, T.B. Jones, Thomas Hunt, John Banta, Jack Dumont, Geo. H. Shup, J.A. Faller, Thomas Cooper and Daniel Bartholmew

Willow Hill: Warren Fear, J.A. Shorb and Harry Todd

North Muddy: John Mason and Thomas Love

Grove: Jacob Newlin

Crooked Creek: W.W. Hayes, Henry Dulgar, WM. Griffin, Perry Musgrove, Samuel Alison and Reuben Foltz

Granville: S.D. Odell, S.S. Farley and Seth Tumelson

County Court Proceedings as noted in the June 6, 1888 issue of the Newton Press:

Criminal Docket

In the case of Joseph McCowan, whom the jury found guilty of rescuing a prisoner, which verdict was set aside by the court, the indictment was nollied.

Daniel Taylor's case for conspiracy was dismissed.

Common Law Docket

Cases in assumpsit

Appeals from J.P.


County Court Proceedings as noted in the December 5, 1888 issue of the Newton Press:

The December term of the Jasper county circuit court convened Monday, Judge W.C. Jones on the bench. The following business has been transacted.

Criminal Docket

The People vs. Robert Pope, burglary. Continued

The People vs. Jeremiah Hays, larceny. Off the docket.

The People vs. John mason, attempting to bribe an officer. Nollied.

The People vs. Wm. Reynolds, carrying concealed weapons. Off the docket.

The case of John C. Stanley charged with grand larceny was disposed of in a hurry by the jury, resulting in an acquittal. Mr. Stanley in a trade for a dry goods and grocery stock with Mr. W.H. Wallace, of this city, and his son Chas. deeded the two latter a farm reserving certain crops. In the division of the hay in the stack there was a dispute which was finally carried before the grand jury last term and Mr. Stanley indicted. The evidence showed that Mr. S. took only what he believed to be his own hay in dividing up the stacks, and the jury brought in a verdict of "not guilty" after being out but a few minutes.

Common Law Docket

H.A. Faller vs. B.W. Harris; Same vs. Jacob Shook, repleyin, (sic) both cases. Settled.

The Board of Trustees of New Liberty vs. J.C. Allison, etal, assumpsit. Settled.

Jesse R. Johnson vs. The I. & I.S. R.R. Co., damages for killing a c ow. Settled.

West Lake Button and Novelty Works vs. C.R. Kelso, appeal. J.P. sustained in judgment.

Jacob and Angelina Staley vs. J.C. Jourdan, appeal. Dismissed for want of appeal bond with judgment of J.P. in force.

Isaac Kibler vs. Jasper County, Illinois, assumpist. Suit dismissed.

Moline Plow Co. vs. G.V. Vanderhoof, assumpsit. Judgment for $548.

C.P. Turner vs. E.L. and Robert Kibler, appeal. Settled.

Simon & Co., vs. J.C. Stanley etal, assumpsit. Judgment for $541.

Conduitt & Sons vs. S.W. Sangster, assumpsit. Judgment for $346.15

The Dorsey Machine Co. vs. Stewart G. Yoder, assumpsit. Judgment for $57.14

Chancery Docket

Susan Songer vs. Perry M. Songer, divorce. Dismissed.

H.H. Hardick, surviving partner of Hardick & Bertram vs. Albert Gerth et al, foreclosure. Judgment for $167.85

W.H. Willis vs. Angeline Willis, divorce. Granted for adultery. Custody of child awarded.

Mary l. Fulkerson vs. Michael Fulkerson, divorce. Granted for desertion.

Elizabeth Todd vs. S. Clarence Brown etal., foreclosure. Dismissed.

Daniel Gray vs. Sarah F. Gray, divorce. Dismissed.

John W. Johnson vs. C.E. Ingram etal, foreclosure. Judgment for $563.37.

John C. Brooks vs. Walter Strowger etal, bill to set aside deed and injunction. Granted.

Catharine Lambird vs. Wm. Lambird, divorce and injunction. Dismissed.

Mary and John G. Calvert vs. Albert M. Stone, bill to set aside deed. Dismissed

Grand Jury

Petit Jury

Court Officers

W.C. Jones, judge; C.A. Davidson, state's attorney; Isaiah Stewart, clerk; D.W. Cooper, deputy clerk; H.F. Ross, sheriff; J.M. Hicks, deputy sheriff and master in chancery.

Wm. Deadrich in charge of the petit jury; Mike Kratzmire in charge of the petit jury; Wm. Cooper, Charles Breedlove, Dan Grove, P.R. Henry, Dan Cummins, Joe Hesler, John Neal, Henry Matheny and Oliver T. Gifford, riding bailiffs.


County Court

as reported in the Newton Press on Jan. 20, 1889

The law term of the county court occupied the attention of Judge James P. Jack and a jury the greater part of last week.

Off docket: The People vs. Dick Phipps, carrying concealed weapons; Wm. Trainor, sheriff, vs. John H. Shup, etal, debt.

Continued: The People vs. Harry Maxwell, Ezra Cornwell and John Cornwell, petit larceny; William Tolliver and David Isenburg, carrying concealed weapons and Henry Greenwood, disturbing an assembly.


Circuit Court

as reported in the Newton Press on May 22, 1889

(Many thanks to Joanne Roth for transcribing this!)

Circuit Court convened Monday, Judge C.C. Boggs on the bench. The following is the business up to Tuesday evening.


Nollied: Wm. Chriss, selling liquor without license, 2 cases; David W. Cooper, burglary.

Off Docket: Robert Pope, burglary; George Busick, aiding prisoner to escape.

Luther Hale and James E. Miller, two lads of Willow Hill township, were charged with arson in attempting to burn a box car belonging to the I&I.S. Ry. Co. Hale's tr ial resulted in an acquittal after the jury had been absent probably five minutes. Miller's case will be nollied as the same evidence against Hale would acquit him.

Frank B. Seelye, a young man living near Falmouth, was convicted of forgery, J. E. Vest's name to a check and cashing or getting the same cashed at the People's Bank. The jury on account of the evidence, which was principally circumstantial, and defendant's previous good character, gave him but one year in the penitentiary.

Common Law Docket

The following cases were dismissed as per agreement.

James Doolittle vs. Louisa Davis, etal: appeal from J.P.

The St. Louis Box Co., vs. H. F. Ross, sheriff, 2 cases, replevin.

Francis M. Lucas, vs. The St. Louis Box Co., etal, replevin.

W. H. Lucas, vs. The St. Louis Box Co., etal, replevin.

Kate Cooper vs S. F. Laugel, case Damage for selling liquor to D. W. Cooper, plaintiffs husband.

Jacob Whitehurst and C. A. Hamsten vs Oshla Palmer, appeal from J. P.

Theodore R. Shear, executor, vs. W. H. Lake etal, ejectment.

Etta Cooper vs. S. F. Laugel, case Damage for selling liquor to Douglas Cooper, plaintiff's husband.

Etta Cooper, vs Thad T. Laughner etal, case. Selling liquor to Doug Cooper.

Wm. Kleir vs Frances A. Freeman, assumpsit

City of Newton vs P. D. & E. Ry Co., appeal from J. P.

Final judgements were rendered as follows:

Emma Tolliver vs E. E. Rodefer, $174.75.

Amaziah Hunt vs C. R. Kelso, $230.42.

Chancery Docket

Maggie Downs vs A. J. Ervin etal, foreclosure; judgement for $71.82

Officer of the Court

C. A. Davidson, state's attorney.

Isaiah Stewart, clerk and Wm. Franke, deputy.

H. F. Ross, sheriff; J. M. Hicks deputy, and master in chancery: J. C. Ireland, bailiff in charge of the grand jury; N. F. Richardson in charge of the petit jury; Levi Rite, John Kern, T. F. Ross, Wm. Cooper, Wm. Deadrick, J. T. Ritman, H. G. Matheny, R. S. Clagg, and Gus Rider, riding and serving papers.

Grand Jurors

Wade - J. A. James, John Schackmann, Augustine Jasper.

Ste. Marle - S. J. Fraulle, Thomas J. Brownfield.

Granville - C. L. Comstock, James Freeland.

Crooked Creek - Jefferson Cummins, W. W. Hayes, Henry Dulgar.

Fox - A. S. Jourdan, John Richards, Sr.

Willow Hill - Perry A. Coleman, Mart Burch, James M. Mitchell.

South Muddy - James Reed, Jacob Cook

Smallwood - James M. Wilson, James M Corbin.

North Muddy - George Shambart, W. C. Harned

Grove - Joseph Diel, Thomas Myers,

Petit Jurors

Wade - Wm. Jourdan, Thomas Wilson, Wm. Crail, Mark Norton

Granville - Albert Griffey, Amos Grove, J. B. Crampton.

South Muddy - George Slack

North Muddy - Law Lollar, Perry Lambird, Philip Varvit.

Fox - James A. Trainer

Smallwood - Peter Jackson, Wm Gowen

Crooked Creek - Amos Bartley, T. J. Warren

Grove - Albert Collier, Charles E. Linthicum

Willow Hill - Ben Phillips, G. M. Selby, David W. Ghomer, James Ridlin

Ste. Marie - Phillip Wagner, Anthony Hann

Excused and absent - Hugh Scott of Wade, John C. Cook, of South Muddy, Frank Dallmier, of Fox, Allen Isley, of Grove, Charles Calbert, of Ste. Marie.

Died since election - M. T. Bruster of Crooked Creek.

May 29, 1889
Circuit Court
Jasper County, May 1889, Term

The following is the business of court up to Tuesday evening.
Criminal Docket

Marion White from resisting an officer was fined $5.00 and costs and sentenced to one day in jail.

Two cases against Wm. H. Lucas for grand larceny were continued. These cases grew out of the sawmill business near Raeftown and concerning the disposition of a lot of lumber.

Mrs. Sarah E. Clearwater, who lives in the western part of Newton, was tried for cruelty to an adopted child but the evidence was rather gauzy and she was acquitted.

Henry C. Carter was tried and acquitted of forgery. His was a case involving the genuineness of several signatures to a note given to J. F. Arnold. The names of J. D. McCoy, P. R. Lewis, Jesse Way and E. W. Parks were genuine; that of W. J. Swope, Milton Allison and R. P. Snider it was alleged were forgeries.

Wm. Campbell was tried by a jury and given two years in the penitentiary for assaulting with intent to rape Mrs. Sarah C. Snell who lives in Newton. The evidence showed that the assault was committed in the day time, about 12 o'clock; and while the parties were in the compromising attitude a son of the complaining witness, entered. Campbell asserted that their positions were voluntary and Mrs. Snell that she had fought and screamed for 20 to 30 minutes until exhausted she sunk on the floor. Campbell came to Newton in November last from Harrodsburg, Ky. He is a tailor, dyer and auctioneer.

Wm. F. Smith charged with assaulting Howard F. Ross, sheriff, with intent to do bodily injury, was convicted of a simple assault. The evidence showed that Smith flourished a revolver pretty lively and hammered Ross with it, but did not shoot, probably because of his inability to get a good chance. When the assault was made he was being arrested for forgery in Lawrence County; and on his release here will be mot with a warrant from there.

Eugene Burnott plead guilty to forging a $5 order on Tom McCall and passing it as genuine on Martin's Sons. The court gave him one year to repent at Chester.

Common Law Docket

Dismissed as per agreement.

John H. Shup vs. Albert L. Stone et al, attachment.

Simpson Johnson vs J. H. Maxwell, appeal from J. P.

J. S. Ward vs Jed Bailey, appeal from J. P.

Final Judgements were rendered as follows:

Louesa Sanders vs Thomas A. Sanders, assumpsit, 875.

Elijah Neal vs James F. Hyatt et al, case. Plaintiff, an old farmer traded a fine farm in Willow Hill township for a stock of merchandise and got badly bit. The jury looked at it as a case of buying with his eyes open and awarded judgement against plaintiff for costs.

J. M. Honey vs W. A. England, replevin. This was a case involving the legality of the ordinances of the city of Newton. Plaintiff's cow was impounded by defendant as city marshal and the court held that they ordinances had never been properly certified as having been passed and approved according to the statutory requirement.

Foreclosures were taken as follows:

County Court

August 14, 1889

(Many thanks to Joanne Roth for transcribing this!)

The law term of the county court convened, Monday. Judge Joseph B. Crowley, of Crawford County, presided on account of the sickness of Judge James P. Jack. The following business was transacted.

The people vs. David Isenburg, and Charles Vanhorn, carrying concealed weapons; Same vs. Henry Greenwood, disturbing and assembly; Elias B. Parr, bribery in election; same vs. Wm. Perkins, fornication; Emma C. Newton vs. Jesse Way etal, and J. A. Barnes vs. Jacob Rinehart, assumpsit, continued.

Off docket: The People vs. James Shoup, bribery in election; nollied.

The People vs. John Maloney, bribery in election. The court held the ward ordinances of the city of Newton had and the jury therefore returned a verdict of not guilty.

The People vs. Adam New. Wm. Batch, Cyrus Burrough, Alexander Redman and Charles Bain, racing on the public highway. Guilty as to New, Bain and Redman, and fine of $10 each; Burroughs discharged; continued as to Batch.

The People vs. Wm. Kinkade and E. M. Wooden, racing on the public highway. Fined $10 each.

David Bowers was appointed conservator of Fredrick Bowers, a distracted person.

Court adjourned on Tuesday evening. The jury was published some two or three weeks ago.


December 11, 1889

The following business has been transacted since our report of last week.


S. R. Baker vs. H. F. Ross, sheriff, replevin of fee bill. Dismissed.

John Bailey and Len Shannon vs. Frank Dahlmier and A. Fiori, assumpsit. Settled.

Wm. Deadrick vs. Cal Wolfe and J. Z. Winterrowd, trespass. Dismissed.

J. W. Richards vs. Socrates and Carlin Trexler, appeal. Settled.

Geo. H. Shup vs John Snell, ejectment. Judgement for plaintiff for the land in dispute.

John Finn vs. Bird Pippin, appeal. Dismissed.

G. V. Vanderhoof for the use of J. E. Hayner and Co., vs. J. J. Healer appeal. Judgement for $5. A. N. Walker vs. the Jasper County Judgment for $24.25. This was a suit for the value of premiums awarded to plaintiff and withhold on the ground that once before they had paid him money by mistake. The records and evidence failed to sustain plaintiffs and judgment was rendered accordingly.

Ella A. Walker vs. the Jasper Co., Agi Joint Stock Co., appeal. Settled.

John Foltz vs. H. F. Ross, assumpsit. Judgment for defendant.

L. Bowman Jewelry Co., vs. J. W. Breneman, assumpsit. Judgment for $665.93.

Hale Johnson vs. Rebecca Dunning assumpsit. Judgment for $213.35.

Eliphaz Reisner vs. Jasper Co. assumpsit. Judgment for $200. This was a suit to recover for the care and keeping of Everett Terry through his strange nervous prostration last summer.

Mary Litzelmann vs. Clara Gillmore, case. Trial by jury and judgment for $200 and costs. This was a suit for damages which grew out of Mrs. Gillmore charging plaintiff with extracting $6 from her till while at the former's place of business on day last summer.

Krebs & Baker vs. Clara Gillmore, assumpsit. Trial by the court and judgm ent for $190.80, and costs. This was the most important civil suit on the docket on account of the law points involved. Mrs. Corda Krebs and Mrs. Laura Baker bought out Mrs. Gillmore's millinery stock and as they claimed, she wasn't to re-enter the business in Newton. Mrs. Gillmore denied this, but said that she was to have quit not longer than two years. A large number of witnesses were examined and the value of the goods as shown by the proof ranged from $400 to $1,400 the former figures being fixed by the buyers and the latter by the seller. The price given was $900. Plaintiffs claimed that they would not have bought the stock but for Mrs. Gillmore's agreement to remain out of the business; and as a consideration for her so doing they gave her $500 more than the goods were actually worth. Defendant recognized in the millinery business in April 1888, two months after selling out.


Daniel Fleener vs. Joseph Bools etal, foreclosure, Judgment for $29.83.

A. McNaughton vs. Elma A. Bohrer, etal forclosure. Report of sale showing a deficiency of $362.66

The Jasper County Loan and Building Association vs. Isaac Kibler etal, foreclosure. Judgement for $159.71.

Robert G. Pruet vs. Robert and Emma Davidson, foreclosure. Judgement for $119.38.

John J. Carriger vs. Jasper N. Heath etal. foreclosure. Judgment for $1523.00

Mary V. Hackney etal vs. Henry Chezem etal, partitian and dower. Dismissed.

Sarah E. Eagleton vs. Washington Kibler etal, foreclosure. Judgment $393.38

J. C. L. and B. A. vs. Thomas Cooper etal, foreclosure. Dismissed.

Circuit Court

December 18, 1889

Court adjourned for the term, Saturday morning at 1 o'clock. This early hour for holding court was necessitated by a jury's failing to agree earlier in the night. The following business was transacted.


The grand jury got through with its work on Wednesday after returning into court 29 indictments, divided up as follows: Assault and battery 5; selling liquor to an inebriate 1; keeping an open tippling house on Sunday, 2; selling liquor to a minor, 1; setting up a lottery 1; permitting a lottery in the house, 1; malicious mischief 1 ; having prairie chicken when unlawfully killed 1; racing on the highway 1; conspiracy 1; assault to murder 1; assault with a deadly weapon 1; carrying concealed weapon 4; disturbing a lawful assembly 2; disturbing the peace 3; selling intoxicating liquor without license 1; disturbing a church 1.

Several cases were certified to the county court for trial.

Vint Trexler, Allison Trexler and Otto Cummins were fined $10 each and costs for assault and battery on pleas of guilty.

The People vs. Charles Bell, Wm. Jr., Wm. Dakes and Lewis Bennett, Jr. assault to murder. This was the case which grew out of the cutting of City Marshal England while attempting to arrest the defendants who were indulging in a free for all fight. A continuance was taken as to Wm. Bell, and an alibi set up for Bennett. The jury found Charles Bell guilty of an assault with a deadly weapon and the court sentenced him to pay a fine of $50. and cost and thirty days in jail. Dukes and Bennett were acquitted. The same parties were indicted for conspiracy but when the jury returned their verdict the State's Attorney nollied the case.

John F. Cummins and Samuel McComas were each fined $10 and trimmings for disturbing a lawful assembly.

For disturbing the peace Charles Kibler was fined $10; and $15 for disturbing a lawful assembly. Costs going with each fine.

Dave Hammer and Harlan Chapman took $10 and cost for disturbing a church.

Jesse Harrison plead guilty to carrying a concealed weapon and was fined $15 and cost.


Mackey, Nesbit & Co. vs. Honors Kelso, assumpsit. for $240.45

Harry T. Rush, administrator of the estate of Casper Rush vs. H. T. Rush & Co., assumpsit. Judgement for $5328.10

F. A. Sosman vs. Hale Johnson and John H. Shup, assumpsit. Judgement for $426.46

Mackey, Nisbet & Co., vs. E. R. Heath, assumpsit. Dismissed.


S. R. Baker, vs. Fredrick Kenoyer and Albert Hammer, lien. Dismissed as to Kenyor; Judgement by agreement for $62.09 against Hammer

S. R. Baker vs. Myrnah Harrah etal, lien. Settled.

S. R. Baker vs. Robert Reed, lien. Settled.

Rufus E. Holmes vs. John T. Wharton, etal, foreclosure. J. M. Honey appointed guardian ad litem for infant heirs. Judgement for $339.03

Bertha Lambert vs. Jesse R. Johnson, foreclosure. Judgment for $1017.85

Mary Bauer vs. Honora and Emmin Schackmann, petition for dower. T. J. Fithlan appointed guardian ad litem for minor heirs. Joseph Miake, Xavier Schuh and Charles Moshenrose appointed commissioners; they report a division of property and the same is approved.

Elizabeth Robinson vs. Della Arnold etal, partition. T. J. Fithian appointed guardian ad litem. Dismissed.

Ethel R. Martin vs. Ann E. Eagleton etal, foreclosure. Geo. H. Shup, appointed guardian ad litem. Judgment for $268.30.

Moline Plow Co., vs. G. V. Vanderhoof etal, bill in aid of execution. Dismissed.

M.C. Elkin vs. J.W. Chapman, injunction. Dismissed


County Court Proceedings

as reported on Feb. 19, 1890 in the Newton Press

David Isenberg, George Fleenor, and Eli Devore, jr., were each fined $10 and costs for carrying concealed weapons.

Severine F. Laugel plead guilty to selling liquor to an inebriate and was fined $5, and to keeping an open tippling house on Sunday and received a fine of $20. Costs were added in each case.

The People vs. Jonathan Phillips, disturbing the peace of a family. Plea of guilty and fine of $5 and costs.

The People vs. Milburn Hayes, assault and battery. Plea of guilty and fine of $10 and cost.

The People vs. Bert Richeson, racing on the highways. Plea of guilty and a fine of $5.

The People vs. John Duvall, assault with a deadly weapon. Plea of guilty to assault and defendant fined $20 and costs.

Emma C. Newton vs. Jesse Way etal. Judgment for $222 and costs.

Raminta Conner vs. N.J. Brooks, assumpsit. Judgment for $18 and costs.

Circuit Court

as reported in the Newton Press on Dec. 17, 1890

Circuit Court adjourned last Wednesday evening. The following completes the business of the term:


The people vs. Ada Lingenfelter, assault and battery. Plea of guilty and defendant fined $15 and costs. This was the case growing out of the infliction of corporal punishment in the Wheeler schools; Miss Lingenfelter, teacher, using the birch on a pupil, Charles Larrabee.

The people vs. Calvin Selby and Geo. Ross, carrying concealed weapons. Plea of guilty and defendants, fined $10 and costs, each.


Crawford Building and Loan Association vs. W.J. Swope, etal., ejectment. Writ of possession awarded.

W.H. Cathcart vs. E.J. Wishard, ejectment. Possession of premises awarded plaintiff.

John W. Johnson vs. Hale Johnson, assumpsit. Continued



Crawford Building & Loan Association vs. W.J. and E.J. Swope, $358.57

Stokely D. Evans vs. C.A. and John Jackson, $22.85

Martha C. Laughead, guardian, vs. L.L. Clutter, $536.64

Simon Bainum, etal Flora Keeney etal., $1,702.50

James S. Worden, for the use of W. Bowman and H.B. Brady vs. Chas. O. Snearley, $2,662,67

Matilda M. Kraus vs. Joseph and Crezuz Bauer, $228.66

John N. Grimes, adm'r vs. J.K. Broome, $154.14

John D. Yeager vs. W.L. Maxwell, $118

W.D. Ewart vs. Ashford Pugh, etal., $252.84


Probate and County Court

as reported in the Newton Press on August 10, 1892

The regular probate term of court convened Aug. 1, Judge B.F. Harrah on the bench. The following is the business.


The County Court law term convened Monday. Judge Harrah, presiding. The business transacted is as follows:

Henry Wicoff was fined $10 and costs for carrying a concealed weapon.

Isom Sprague and Charles White were fined $?? and costs, each, for disturbing a religious meeting at or near Rose Hill. Defendants claimed that the meeting, being held by the Faith Cure Band, created so much amusement for the boys that they "couldn't help laughing, it tickled them so." An incident that they described was that of a couple of women shouting, falling over in a paroxysm of happiness and displaying limbs of adamant, minus the usual covering since the Garden of Eden's time.

Geo B. Dovell, who operated a distillery at Wheeler, was fined $100 and cost for selling liquor in less quantities than 5 gallons. Defendant agreed, in consideration of the lightness of the fine, to sell no more.

Jurors: Jerry Adams, Oscar Martin, Buck Hunt, Robert Kibler, H.G. Matheny, Thomas Myers, Fred Emerick, Allen Isley, John Lambird, J.W. Foreman, C.C. Carter, T.E. Mathews, F.M. Payne, Frank Strutner, T.J. Brownfield, W.M. Faught, F.P. Hurt, Charles Catt, Wm. Bartley, M. Dillman, F.M. Ross, Philip Kibler, John Kinsel, W.L. Jourdan, James Johnson and E.R. Heath. Excused and not found: P.J. Chapman, Jeff Crawford, J.W. Laws and Edward Mitchell. August 10, 1892

Newton Press
Thanks to June Swick Kessinger for this item

Mark Hunt, who lived at Falmouth, has been pardoned out of the penitentiary by Gov. Altgeld.

Hunt is a young man of a good family. In the summer of 1891, learning that proceedings were to be instituted by Miss Maggie Staley, a neighbor girl, charging him with the paternity of her prospective child, he un-hitched Guy Freeman's horse from the rack that surrounds the court house yard and rode off. During the night he turned the animal loose; but being apprehended, an indictment was lodged against him for horse-stealing at the December term of the circuit following and on trial he was convicted and sentenced to Chester penitentiary for three years. Gov. Altgeld doubtless felt that Hunt had been punished sufficiently for his offense; and in discharging the prisoner we believe that the best sentiment of the country will agree with him.


The Newton Press, April 26, 1899 - - Contributed by Karen Fink

Circuit Court-The following is the business not heretofore reported:

John Lake, forgery; aged 19 years; plea of guilty and sentenced an indeterminate period in the reformatory at Pontiac. Forged the names of Wm. Lake and Joseph Randolph, both of North Muddy-father and grandfather.
Thomas Wenn, a 15 year old street urchin of Newton, burglarized W. E. Gooch's clothing store in this city, last fall; plea of guilty and sentenced to reform school at Pontiac.
James Flin, a 20 year old tramp burglarized the store of Bowers & Vanatta at Hidalgo, last winter; plea of guilty and sentenced to reform school at Pontiac.
John P. Brown, of Smallwood, and John Q. Andrews, of Crooked Creek, were fined $25 and costs, each, on pleas of guilty for carrying concealed weapons.
Clarence Raley, for slashing Joe Helmling with a knife assault to murder-Christmas eve in Willow Hill township at the Chriss school house, was fined $25 and costs; found guilty by a jury.
Lake, Wenn and Flin were taken to Pontiac last week by Sheriff Barker and James P. Warren.
Divorces Granted:
Anna Whightsil vs. Orla Whightsil; residence, North Muddy; married at Winterrowd Sept. 4, 1888; habitual drunkenness and desertion charged, decree gives custody of children, Belva and George W. to mother.
Mary A. Elston vs. John W. Elston; residence, Smallwood township; married July 13, 1876 at Louisville; decree for cruelty in a trial by a jury; wife gets the home place of 20 acres, with house, barn and well on the same, encumbered by a $100 mortgage, conditioned, however, that if she shall remarry, in such event the farm escheats to the children, all of whom are awarded to the custody of the mother-Edna, Clarence, Gertrude, Huldy, Stephen, Bruce and Lowell, ranging in age from 20 years down to 3; also gets two mares, 100 bus. Corn, farm implements etc.; Elston to get one horse and 100 bushels of corn; and growing wheat to bee divided equally between the complainant and her attorneys.
Lulu Lanter vs. Nathan S. Lanter; residence, Willow Hill; married at Robinson, to which place they eloped, May 10, 897; alultry charged; maiden name of Lulu Anderson restored.
Melcena Donham vs. Oscar B. Donham; married Sept. 13, 1894; desertion. Restored to name Burroughs, her former husband being Cyrus Burroughs; residence St. Marie.
Mary J. Craig vs. John T. Craig; married April 19, 1891; residence, Newton; cause, desertion; custody of child, Myrtle May, awarded mother.
Fanny Kincade vs. Albert Kincade; married in Jasper county, March 1, 1897; desertion; decree granted and with it custody of child, Mabel Clare.
Emma Stifle vs. Stephen Stifle; married March 23, 1889; extreme and repeated cruelty in striking complainant over the head and bruising her.
Lizzie Martin vs. Frank Martin; residence, Wade township; married in November, 1898; desertion. Maiden name of Musgrove restored.
Maud Mayfield vs. J. M. Mayfield; residence, South Muddy; desertion.
We went to press last week the terms of agreement in the settlement hadn't been put upon record in the John Brown contested will case. In addition to paying Mrs. Malinda Bridges $800, Mrs. Nancy Chandler $1200 and John Heady $1000-daughters and grandson--$1000 was allowed for attorneys of contestees-Gaines, Kasserman & Walker and Geo. N. Parker

Newton Press
Thanks to June Swick Kessinger for these items

The continunance in the People's case against David Williams for the shooting of Ed Ortman, which was to have come up yesterday, left but little to do in court this week, and an adjournment was taken Thursday till today.

Thomas Wenn, an ex inmate of the Reformatory at Pontiac, for stealing J. H. Berry's bicycle was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail and pay a $10 fine and the costs.

Harry Sebastian, Charles Adams and Moody Bain--alias Payne---were indicted for the larceny of Roscoe Jones horse during the fair. Their trial is set for Monday.

March 19, 1902, Newton Press
Both the Parties Well Known and Belong to Leading Families.

The quiet of the Sabbath at Hidalgo was broken by a terrible tragedy, the culmination of a long existing feud between David Williams and Edward Ortman, which cost the latter his life. As far as the facts can be ascertained they are about as follows:

Ortman and James Groves, a cousin, got off of the train from the south at about 11:30, and after remaining in town some time entered the drugstore of Dr. S. F. Williams; on the inside was David Williams, his son Dick, and Charles Wishard; almost instantly the crack of a pistol was heard, followed in rapid sussession by others until from six to eleven shots were fired-----the witnesses being uncertain as to the exact number; David Williams was seen to have two revolvers, one in each hand, and at the second or third shot Ortman fell to the floor; Williams continued to shoot at him, and when the smoke had cleared away, Ortman was dead and the two pistols were empty, one being a five and the other a six shooter.
It is reported, but on what authority we do not know, that Ortman said that he would kill Williams on sight; that he stated when he ? to Hidalgo sunday, he would ? things awhile himself; and that as he passed in front of Williams place of business several times, and looked in, as if waiting for a chance to meet his enemy.
Coroner Kilburn, accompanied by State's Attorney Davidson, on behalf of the proscution, and Sheriff Barker, as soon as he heard of the affray, went to Hidalgo and held an inquest, the juryman returning the subjoined verdict.

"We the jury find that, William E. Ortman came to his death by wounds from bullets discharged from a revolver or revolvers in the hand or hands of David Williams; shooting occurred in Hidalgo, ILL, the 16th. day of March, 1902 at about 12:30 p.m. in Dr. S.F. Williams drugstore ** We futher find that the said David Williams drug William E. Ortman's dead body from the north end of the counter in said drugstore to the door and commanded C.E. Byers and W. A. Torbutt against their will to assist in removing the dead body from there to east side of drugstore where it was left until removed to town house by order of police** We the jury recommend that David Williams be held to the grand jury for the murder of William E. Ortman, until released by due process of law. A.J. Lowe, J.P. Patten, J.H. Byers, W.S. Rice, George Sowers, John F. Kibler.

So far as the testimony at the inquisition shows neither Ortman or Williams spoke at any time, during the altercation. One witness observed Ortman make a move toward his pocket as if to draw weapon, but none was found on his person. In his pockets were some money, several cartridges and some other articles.
Dr. F.W. Kuechler, who made an autopsy for Coroner Kilburn, testified, at the inquest that he found the following bullet wounds: Lower part of neck; below the middle third of right clavicle, to the right and below the left nipple; on the right side, between the 7th. and 8th. rib, and about 4 inches to the right of spinal column between 8th and 9th rib; in head back of right ear; and middle of right thigh, outer surface; also burns and bruises on spine, nose near the eyes, and right arm.
There is said to have been an old grudge existing between Ortman and Williams, which has caused them to come together before. About a year ago Ortman drew a knife and advanced toward Williams, and the latter shot at him twice, but failed to hit; later they met at Rose Hill, and it is said that each of them drew a gun, but afterwards made up their differences.
Many other stories are afloat, but most of them are doubtless untrue. The principals to this lamentable tragedy are well known to Crooked Creek residents.
Mr. Williams is 51 years of age and the head of a family---a wife and six children. He has always borne the reputation of a good citizen, and so for as the Press is aware of, until the trouble commenced with Ortman, has never been charged with violence. His father was Dr. Joseph Williams, a pioneer physician of this county; and his brother S.F. Williams, has an excellent standing in the medical profession and in business circles.
Ed Ortman is the son of David Ortman, a wealthy farmer, who has always stood well at home and wherever known. Deceased, when sober, was an agreeable young man, but when drinking was regarded as a desperate character. He was nearing his 20th. year, and was to have been tried yesterday at Toledo, Cumberland county, for an assault to murder Otte Schilling, train-master of the Peoria and Evansville division of the Illinois Central railroad, while on an excursion train returning from Mattoon's street fair in 1900; a few months ago in this city he was acquitted on a technicality of slashing his brother across the face and neck with a knife----cutting an ugly gash that left a scar for life; and was engaged in other broils that gave him a bad name.
Williams is in the custody of the Sheriff.


April 8, 1904
Newton Press
Thanks to June Swick Kessinger for this item

Frances L. Swick, through her attorneys, Davidson & Isley, has instituted suit against A .J. Laugel, Morton Cox and Hamer Ream, Newton saloon-keepers, for damages in the sum of $5000 jointly, alleging that they sold to, her late husband, Henry Swick liquor and that while intoxicated from the effect of the spirits he left this city on an Illinois Central train on the night of February 21, last, and either fell from or jumped off of a moving car near Hidalgo, receiving injuries from which he died a few hours later. Swick lived in Crooked Creek township. The case will not come up in the circuit court next week, on account of a failure to get service on all of the defendants.


Newton Press
Thanks to June Swick Kessinger for these items

Clarence Foltz, of Northwest Wade, for disturbing a lawful assembly in the neighborhood, $5.

Ira Ball, of South Muddy, $25 for flourishing and discharging a revolver in West Newton on the street, last summer.

David Williams, guilty on 17 counts of an indictment for selling intoxicating liquor without license in Hidalgo. Williams run what was locally known as a "Hop Ale Joint", but the patr ons swore that it was a wide-open thirst parlor, where several brands of whiskey were drawn from the same keg, and that the "Hop Ale Joint was beer. The jury in writing the word "seventeenth" put it "seventh ", which was a repetition of that count, and the penalty for it will probably be dropped. The minimum fine on the remainder, if the court sustains the finding, will be $320, or $20 on each separate count or charge in the indictment. A motion to arrest judgement will be argued next Monday, and the case disposed of that time.

Allen Beeman, $25 for an assault with a deadly weapon. This is the out growth of a row in Newton last summer when Beeman got into an affray with James Jackson and Will Redman, in which a knife was used.

Charles Williams and Wm. Lemay for breaking a lamp and destroying fencing at the Fleek hotel in Hidalgo were given $10 each.

Charles Williams was aquitted of assaulting John Fleek at Hidalgo, Williams justified his throwing stones at Fleek by alleging that the latter struck him with a hand saw. The trouble originated over Fleek's attempt to fence in a walk so as to compel Williams to wade through the mud in getting home.

Robert Harvey, of Fox township, was found not guilty of assaulting his grand-mother, Tabitha Armstrong. The lady is more than 80 years of age, and it was said that the offense was really only a wrestling match between herself and grand-son.


Circuit Court

as reported in the Newton Press on Nov. 1, 1927

Circuit Court reconvened Monday, with Judge F.R. Dove presiding. Criminal cases are being taken up and several jury trials are in prospect.

The first case was the People vs. Martha Jackson, who was accused of selling intoxicating liquor. She was tried by a jury and acquitted, the jury taking several hours to arrive at a verdict.

Monday afternoon and this morning have been taken up with an attempt to secure a jury in the case of the People vs. Arthur Deckard, who is being tried for manslaughter in the death of Joseph Shryock. Four men, Grove McClain, A.M. Radke, Alva Weber and Alois Spitzer, have been accepted, and three others, Alva Allen, Thomas Garwood and P.A. White, tentatively accepted for jury duty in this case.... Deckard was tried in the April term of circuit court for murder and the jury brought in a verdict of manslaughter. He obtained a new trial on the ground that the jury was not properly locked up, but was allowed to separate and might have conversed with other parties, and is being retried at this term for the lesser offense.

Shryock's death last spring resulted from loss of blood from the effects of gunshot wounds in the ankle. It has been the contention of the state that Deckard shot him following a quarrel, while the defense claims that the shooting was accidental, occurring while Deckard was cleaning his repeating shotgun.

1939Files Judgment Suit
A $224.76 judgment suit was filed in circuit court yesterday by Katherine Inman against C.W. Metcalf, Jasper county.  The suit charged that Metcalf had given the plaintiff a promissory note Dec 28, 1928.  The total judg ment represented principal, interest and legal fees. [Daily Illini, 18 May 1939]


Unknown Dates

Former Willow Hill Citizen Under Arrest.
(unknown date; contributed by June Swick Kessinger)

Tried to get a womens's money....
Aaron Boyd, age 26, formerly of Willow Hilll township, who lost a leg in a Vandalia accident about two years ago, and has a very unsavory reputation as an associate with the idle and dissolute riffraff of the slums and gambling houses, is under arrest at Terre Haute for attempting to swindle one Nancy J. Higgins, a silly old fool widow, who until recently lived near Oblong. Mrs. Higgins has been twice married, and not content with that number of matrimonial ventures fell in love with Boyd, and very considerately sold her farm, got what money she could out of it, and then gave him $300 on condition that he was to make her his wife.

The twain went to Terre Haute, where Boyd had a joint, and he there got drunk and abused his intended spouse, which almost caused her to lose faith in him, which considering the fact that they hadn't yet called in-to requistion the services of the preacher, was rather premature, to say the least. He is in jail, but before going to the bastile said, "I kept company with her (Mrs. Higgins) daughter, but beauty don' t go very far with a poor cripple like me. I intended to marry Mrs. Higgins, for she has the mon to set me up in business, and that is all I need".

Mrs. Higgins has seven children. She ought to be sent to the asylum and Boyd to the penitentiary. The police compelled Boyd to give Mrs. Higgins back part of her money, when she went home


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