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Jasper County, IL Court Cases

& Miscellaneous Legal Proceedings
as reported in the Newton Press
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

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Newton Weekly Press, Tuesday, Apr 15, 1875: The Richland County Circuit Court convened at Olney on Monday last. Quite a number of persons are in attendance from this county as witnesses in the McFadden and Wakefield cases. The trial of Wakefield commenced on Tuesday morning, but up to going to press we have nothing definite as to the final result. The McFadden case, we understand, will be continued until the next term.

Newton Weekly Press, Aug. 19, 1875: Judge Allen last Monday at Prairie City released young Chas. Sethman, who was illegally imprisoned by Judge Carter for refusing to give an additional Bond in a certain case of bastardy, prosecuted at the relation of Margaret J. Gilbert. Margaret had been advised by counsel that Sethman's bond for his appearance at the next term of the County Court was insufficient, and consequently, became restless for fear the "gay and festive" Char ley would flee from the "wrath to come" and humbly petitioned his honor, Judge Carter, to issue a capia s ad respendedum to bring Charley into Court to "show cause why he should not give additional bond." Co unsel for Sethman moved to dismiss the petition and discharge the prisoner... (end of available info)

Joseph E. Wishard, administrator of the estate of Silas W. Wishard, deceased, and O.H. Mitchell, administrator of the estate of Uriah Hunt, deceased, give notice in to-day's paper that they will meet the creditors of said estates at the next January Term of the County Court. Newton Press, Thursday Nov. 25, 1875

Reported in the Newton Press on May 18, 1876

John and James Dyer, of Willow Hill township, were brought to this place on Wednesday evening and confined in our county jail in default of bail. They were arrested on a charge of obtaining goods under false pretenses. We are not in possession of any facts, but only numerous reports, and will, therefore, refrain from giving a detailed statement of the case at this time. We understand that the parties intend to go before Judge Allen, on a writ of habeas corpus, at the Special Term of the Richland Circuit Court to have their trial. Newton Weekly Press, July 6, 1876

On Monday night last, July 3d, Chas. Rhoades of this county stole a horse from Nelson Sherman, living near HIckory Grove, two miles north of the farm of A.G. Caldwell, in Grove township, and rode the same to Esquire Layton's at Bishop's Point, in Effignham county, and was there arrested on suspicion and taken before Esquire Wishard for preliminary examination. Mr. Wishard being a relative of Rhoades, refused to try the case, and he was taken before Esquire Boster and found guilty of the theft, and in default of bail was brought to town Wednesday morning and delivered into the custody of Sheriff Selby - John Parkison acting as his escort. Rhoades was 21 years old yesterday - the day he was lodged in Jail - and this makes the second time he has been arraigned.... [end of copy] July 6, 1876

May 29, 1889
Circuit Court
Jasper County, May 1889, Term


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