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Published in the Dieterich Special-Gazette, September 27, 1945.
Contributed by
Karen Whitehurst Fink, Source #33

The first Bridges family get together was held at the Thomas Brown residence near Wakefield, Illinois, about thirty years ago, the next one was at the Brown schoolhouse, where the writer attended school in his boyhood days. Other family gatherings were held at various places until the last one which was by far the largest ever held, it was at Peterson Park, Newton, September 9, 1945, which meeting the writer failed to attend but he appeared on the scene a week later. We have a very concise history of the family, the founders of the family in America came over in the Mayflower in the year of 1620, finally settling in Old Virginia in Rockingham county near Fredericksburg the county seat. The first founders spelled their name Brydges. There was also on the Mayflower a family named Foote that married into the Bridges family and settled near old Carterville, Illinois. The heads of this family that migrated to Illinois some time in the early thirties, Edmund, named in another part of this article was my grandfather. My father was the engineer of one of the first flower (sic) mills in this part of Illinois, Judge Carter having built this mill. All of the people mentioned in the following record came to Illinois in covered wagons.
Walter N. Bridges

The Seven Bridges Brothers and their sister

1--Matthew Bridges - Born in Rockingham Co. Virginia October 3, 1798, married Elizabeth Jarvis January 25, 1827; she died Dec. 15, 1833. Their children were Joel R., Milton and Louisa Courtney. On September 6, 1836 he married Malinda Barnett. Their children were Thomas Benton, Editor of the "Western Star" published in Newton in 1860, he was also a law student and instructor; Anderson Barnett, B. Matthew, Elizabeth Jarvis, Rachel Ann (teacher), Margaret Esteline (Married M. W. Harding), Isabell; Matthew Bridges died April 5, 1853 and his wife, Malinda died in 1863.
2--William Bridges married Mary Bradshaw, their children were, Jane, Maranda, Virginia, Oscar, Courtney and Lyman.
3--John Bridges married Susan Bradshaw, their children were, William, Rastus and Gasner.
4--Edmund Bridges, Maria Bradshaw his wife, their children were Uriah, Martha, Mary, James, Priscilla Ann, Elhanan Roe.
5--Thomas Bridges, Nancy Bradshaw his wife, their children were Vernon (Dr. Vernon Bridges lived in Mattoon, Illinois, and called in consultation for president Garfield), Roe (an instructor, Euseba, and Mary. (Mary had one son Clarence.)
6--James Bridges, first wife's name unknown, their children Elizabeth, Albert and Tiffin; Second wife, Betsy, their children were Marietta, Diana and Sylvester.
7--Absolom Bridges, first wife's name unknown, their children, William, John, Mack, and Absolom; second wife Jane Simpson, their children were Delia, Charlie, and Allen.
8--Elizabeth Bridges married Rev. Doty.
The Mother of these seven sons and one daughter was Marietta Roe.

The following relatives attended the Bridges family reunion at Peterson Park in Newton, Sunday September 9, 1945.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tinnea of Springfield, W. R. Tennea of Charleston, Carl C. Bliss, Elizabeth H. Bliss, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. C. Alcorn, and Mrs. Ida Warren of Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Roe Bridges, and Miss Orpha Thomas of Olney, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark of Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Dale McKinney, Duane and Arlene, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jones and Veda, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bridges and Marsha, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. King, Ed. Brown, Alonzo Brown, of Bogota; Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Devore and daughters, Mrs. Irene Wheeler and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn Webb and son, and Miss Helen Becker of Effingham; Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Percival of Watson; Sgt. Ruby Whitehurst of Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky; Mr. and Mrs. Eber Whitehurst and Billy Lee Whitehurst, Mrs. Olin J. Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Myers, Ruby and Harvey Myers, Harvey C. Foote, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Sowers, Mrs. Edith Clennon, Mrs. Inez Wacker, Edith and Frances Clennon, Jackie and Connie Wacker, Mrs. Grace Brinton, Mrs. Otto Gust and family, Clara and Catherine Bunton, Mr. and Mrs. Scoville Groothius and Monte and Trudy Jan of Casey.

Third Annual Whitehurst Reunion
Contributed by
Karen Whitehurst Fink, Source #33

The Jehu and Lodica (Caldwell) Whitehurst family reunion was held at Liberty Park in Dieterich Sunday, Sept. 6. One hundred twenty-six descendants of Jehu and Lodica (Caldwell) Whitehurst were registered. Jehu Whitehurst came to Illinois from Ohio. He and Lodica had eight children. Those present registered their names under the name of each of the eight children.

Descendants of George Washington Whitehurst: Lillie Whitehurst Pickles, Noah Whitehurst of Pontiac; Bessie Drake Watkins of Montrose; Emma Drake Oberholtzer and Roscoe Oberholtzer of Odell; Jessie Frank Watkins of Montrose; Ora Rife Toland of Wheeler; William and Clara Drake of Pontiac; Clyde and Barbara Whitehurst of Battle Creek, Mich.; Zelma Whitehurst Patterson and Ralph Patterson, Streator; Lawrence Whitehurst of Peoria; Margaret Whitehurst Bennett of Fairview; Frances Drake of Streator; William Drake of Pontiac.

Descendants of Love Jane Whitehurst Lesser were Lola Lesser Knepper and Raymond and Anna Knepper of Newton, Madison and Lucille Knepper of Wheeler.

Descendants of Margaret Whitehurst Tarr: Emma Tarr Warren, her husband, C.V. Warren and Harold G. Leffler of Newton; Clara Tarr Leffler, Maxine Leffler Robins, Herman Robbins, Doris and Dorothy Leffler and children, Lora, Jimmy, and Jay Leffler of West Liberty.

Descendants of Samuel C. Whitehurst: Floyd Bower and his wife Opal Bower of Wheeler.

Descendants of William Whitehurst: Ora Whitehurst Foltz and Lucille Foltz of Danville; William G and Anna Whitehurst, Anna Margaret Whitehurst Cavanagh, her husband Bill, and son George of Peoria; Clara Hull Hinds and her husband Pete of Monticello; Goldie Hill Myers, and Orville Myers of Olney; Zola Whitehurst Knight and Ira Knight of Danville; Harold C. and Doris Knight of Ridge Farm; Betty Knight Uhrin of Danville; Lawrence and Dorothy Knight and Jack Knight of Washington, IL; Myrtle Whitehurst Jourdan of Newton; Genevieve Allen Crouse and Ira Crouse, Janela Jean Carlyle, Douglas Allen Carlyle, Marilyn Crouse and Connie Crouse of Delavon; Velva Allen Swisher and Oran Swisher of Newton; C.E. and Dorothy Allen of Lyndon, KY.; William and Ruth Allen, Judith Marie Allen of Effingham.

Descendants of Levi Whitehurst: James and Ethel Whitehurst of Dieterich; Dennis R. and Barbara Horn and sons of Washington, Ind.; Gettie Whitehurst Harmon and daughter, Phillis and Delores Wosley of Blue Island; Frank and Stella Whitehurst and children, Anita, Janeen, Sharon and Jimmy of Dieterich; John and Juanita Whitehurst and son Tommy of Decatur; Neva Whitehurst Pickens and Loren Pickens and children, Gary, Garlen and Janet; Doris Whitehurst Dunn, Warren Dunn and children, Kelly, Eddie, and Stevie of Dieterich; Gilbert and Zella Whitehurst and Eber and Mabel Whitehurst of Wheeler; Anice Whitehurst Kyle and Vernon of Tuscola; Glenn and Arlene Whitehurst and children, Karen, Dennis and Linda of Wheeler; Rudy Whitehurst Rutledge and Beryl Rutledge and children, William and Deborah; Mildred Whitehurst Henderson and Bill Henderson and children, Spencer, Kathy and Kay of Champaign; Homer James and Edna Whitehurst and Connie Lou of Wheeler.

There were no descendants of Rheuma Whitehurst Cathcart and Elizabeth Whitehurst Cox present.

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