Foltz School picture
[Contributed by Archie and Hallie Strole]

We're fortunate to have Bud Nichols himself write in to clarify who's who in the picture:

First row: Danny Quick, Violet Foltz, Marianna French, Mildred Foltz, Duane Watkins, Bud Fouty (probably), Dean Watkins
Second Row: Deaver Foltz, Maxine Nichols, Gladys Nichols, Dannie Britton, Bud Nichols, Rosellen Clark and Teacher Dorothy Clark.

Bud goes on to say that Bud Fouty was raised by John & Marge Fouty. Violet Fouty is his sister

Hallie Strole adds: "The school had two different locations. First, it was located a half mile west of Ray Foltz Garage- later Reba's Store, then it got moved to just north of Reba's Store. I knew every one of the people in the picture. However, there is one error in the names given. The Bud Foltz that is listed would be Bud Nichols, a brother to Gladys and Maxine Nichols - their Mother was Mabel (Foltz) Nichols."

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