Jasper County, Illinois Schools
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Richards (aka Ganderneck) School
1898 picture

richards school, 1898

From the Newton Press-Mentor:

"This photo of the Richards or Ganderneck school was taken March 7, 1898, and is owned by Mrs. Emily Flynn.

First row: Lola ___, Mabel Hines Redman, Eugene Hines
Second row: Addie Wilson Sprague, Carl Meredith, Al Trainor, G. Sprague
Third row: Mrs. Nannie Trainor Tate - teacher, Savilla Clark, Emily Gustin Flynn, Bill Roberts
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Richards or Gander Neck

This picture was taken during the school term 1909-10 at Richards or Gander Neck school when Earl Heady was the teacher. The photo was furnished by Mr. Heady.

Top row, left to right: Kenneth Harding, Pearl (Hartleroad) Wright, Crete (Harding) Marshall, Stella (Sprague) Burgener, Earl Gustin, Luella (Harding) Evans, Rue Nicholas and Curg Custin.
Second row: Medora Gustin, Jerome Maginn, Bessie (Hartleroad) Baker, Edith (Nicholas), Morris Gustin and Roe Nicholas.
Front row: Clarence Sprague, Nellie Brothers, Ruth (Brothers) Boehl, Gladys (Harding) Shryock, James Hartleroad, John Maginn, Lawrence Hartleroad, Bernadette (Maginn) Zuber, Lottie (Nicholas) Musgrove.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Richards School picture
Contributed by Randy Black, who says:
My grandfather, Earl Heady, was the teacher. He was born and raised on the Buck Grove Road about 8 miles south of Newton near the school. I don't have the names of the kids in the picture. It would have been about the same time as the picture you already have. I think he only taught one or two years. The blackboard sign in the picture says "Richard School E.E. Heady"

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