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Jasper County, Illinois
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1889 letter from Leander McCulloch to J. Melvin Hicks as printed in the Newton Press

1874 Letter to the PRESS from George Burr

1874 Letter to the Press from W.H. Wade in California

"Down on Oklahoma" written by former Hidalgo resident Oscar Burwell  

Hotel Arrivals - Folks staying at the AMERICAN HOUSE and the MILLER HOUSE HOTELS in 1874

A Letter to the Newton Press from John W. Richards concerning his relationship with Mrs. S.J. Buntain - 1870

Jasper's California Colonists - gives an update in 1902 on some Jasper folks who moved to California

Jesse Robnet Johnson's account
of his trip to New York on 15 Oct 1913 published in the Newton Press-Mentor


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