News Items from Jasper County, IL Early Days
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Here are items from  the Newton Press (from the good ol' pre-copyright days!).  These are just tidbits - if you've ever read the Press from the old days, you know they reported on everyone's comings and goings.  It was hard to "court" anyone without the whole town reading about it in the paper the next week! But they've done a great job throughout the years of keeping everyone up-to-date on the happenings in Jasper County. It's also an excellent source of genealogical information. Use your browser's FIND function since more than one surname is often included in each item.
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V-Z Surnames

Frank Vanderhoof has throwed down the shovel and the hoe and gone to teaming for a living. Goose Prairie, June 11, 1874

Vanderhoof is a greenback man. March 30, 1876

Mrs. G.V.
Vanderhoof, of Chester, has been visiting relatives in the county. March 20, 1889

Geo. V. Vanderhoof, who has been a guard at the Chester penitentiary for the past four years, has moved back to Newton. He still holds his job. Wednesday, May 13, 1891

A young female stranger made her appearance at the residence of Sam Vanderhoof, last night, and was taken in and furnished with clothing and other necessaries of life. Sept 13, 1877

Vannatta, was seen riding around last Saturday, offering to lick anyone who said he was not the happiest man in the county, because, he said, it was a boy and called him Pa, and would vote the Republican ticket.

Van Treese is erecting a fine granary. [Newton Press, August 2, 1893]

Following is a list of pupils from other places: Miss Audrie Vest, Falmouth; Misses Mollie McComas and Susie Kibler, Rose Hill; Miss Anna Feasel, Cherry Grove; and Mr. Irvin McMurray, Pleasant Ridge. Oct. 22, 1890

Anton Volk, a prominent farmer of Bogota, was a visitor Monday. He says he is 68 years old, but he doesn't look it and seems good for many more years yet. Tuesday, January 18, 1927

Otto Von
Reudgisch, our good looking candidate for the Legislature, has donned a brand new suit of clothes. May 11, 1876

A.B. Voorhees of Cincannatti, brother-in-law of T.R. Bishop, was in town Tuesday attending court. Newton Times-Mentor, May 2, 1884

Frank Wade closed his term of school at the Vanderhoof school house on last Saturday. Tuesday, Apr 15, 1875

Wagner of West Liberty visited in town Monday. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, January 9, 1914]

Wakefield, who resides in southwest Iowa, is visiting his brother, Newton, of this city, and W., of Buck Grove.August 17, 1892

Ed Walters and family are visiting here. Slate Point, May 15, 1899

A.N. Walker and H.M. Carrell of Newton, have been examined for original pensions and the following named person for increases: Joseph Fahrenbacker, Bogota; R.L. Bennett, Rose Hill; H.C. Orr, Advance; and Louis Spitzer, Ste. Marie. February 1, 1888

Miss Edith Walker has returned from a visit to St. Louis. [The Newton Press, July 19, 1893]

Will C. Walker was recently elected city clerk and assessor of Brookfield, Mo. April 30, 1890

"Dick" Wall says he's "lighting on the first train north." He didn't say, however, whether it was at courting the ladies or selling peanuts. "Dick," the public will expect you to explain. June 18, 1874

The partnership heretofore existing between R.B.
Wall and David Max is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons having claims against said firm are requested to present them for payment within 20 days from this date. All persons indebted to said firm are requested to come forward and pay up immediately and save cost. Wall & Max, Newton, Ill, June 10, 1874 (Newton Pres, June 18, 1874)

Wallace of Grove Township, was in town Tuesday. March 30, 1876

Mrs. J.F. Wallace is visiting in Peoria. [The Newton Press, July 19, 1893]

John Wallace returned, last week, from a World's Fair visit. [Newton Press, August 2, 1893]

James F. Wallace is at home on a short visit. He is working in Mt. Vernon. Nov. 25, 1891

Edward Walters spent Saturday at Oblong. [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Jan. 23, 1914]

Waltz has the contract for putting the roof on the schoolhouse dome. January 1877

Mrs. Tom Waltz left Newton last __nday morning for Ohio, where she will remain a few weeks amonger her friends and relatives. Tuesday, Apr 15, 1875

Mrs. Thomas
Waltz has returned from a visit to Hamilton, Ohio. December 24, 1890

Mrs. Thomas Waltz returned home from Hamilton and Cincinnati, Sunday morning, where she had been waiting upon a very sick sister. Sep. 28, 1892

Mrs. Hiram Wanzer, whose husband was recently killed by a C.V. & C. train, has accepted $1,700 from the railroad as full damages. June 5, 1889

We noticed a number of teachers taking holidays, Misses. Birdie Ward, Flora Shup, Winnie Brooks, Frank Brooks, Emery Andrews and others. Dec 30, 1885 (Contrib. by Source #28)

James S. Ward, of Willow Hill, killed a mountain rattlesnake Saturday morning, on Henry Chezem's place in Grove township, 4 ft, 1 1/3 in. long and 7 in. around the thickest part.  It had nine rattles and a button on the end of its tail.  Ward cut a large club and struck the serpent over the head, killing it before it had time to show fight. August 19, 1896

Mrs. Walter Ward of Newton went to Hunt City, Thursday to visit her sisters, Mrs. Lucy Clemons and Mrs. Otto Robinson of Logansport, Ind., who is visiting Mrs. Clemons. August 20, 1926

Mrs. Peter Warren and grandson J.W. Fuson spent Thursday with friends at Dundas. August 20, 1926

Jos. Watts has finished burning a kiln of brick. July 6, 1892

Joseph Watts has gone east on a visit to two of his sisters in New York and Cleveland, respectively. He has not seen either of them for 30 years. Nov. 23, 1892

Weelinghoff of Belleville visited his college friends, John Alblinger, of here and Peter Renner, of the Bend, several days late week. [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Jan. 23, 1914]

Mrs. J.W.
Wellshear, who has been visiting relatives and acquaintances in Newton and vicinity for several days past, returned home this week. Charlie Carter accompanied her. March 9, 1876

Webb is trying to deny that he belongs to the Newton clique. No use Quincy, that whitewash is too thin!.  Oct. 29, 1874

John Q.
Webb has been over in Hoosierdom the past week visiting his aged mother, who is in her 90th year. Oct. 19, 1887

Henry and Ben
Weber and John Niehaus of Teutopolis were business visitors here several days this week. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, November 14, 1913]

Weber was an Olney business visitor Wednesday evening. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, November 21, 1913]

Mrs. John
Weber visited in Effingham Friday. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, December 19, 1913]

Mrs. Ludwig
Weber and Miss Sadie Dash visited relatives in LaFayette, Ind., within the past week. [July 12, 1893]

Weber of Olney visited here several days this week. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, November 14, 1913]

Ludwig Weber, S.R. Barker, Joseph Genter, T.R. Barker, Nich Michl, Hi Kelso, Mrs. Daniel O'Donnell, Joe Therese, Benedict Weber, Charles Nix, Ben Fehrenbaker, Benedict Fehrenbaker, Mrs. Joe Fehrenbaker, jr., Anthony Zeigler, Gotfried Schnepper and wife, Lous Huss and wife, Joe Kuhl and son, Joe Kinsel, and George Hentersher were at Evansville, Monday, to see the German celebration. Oct. 8, 1890

Ludwig Weber and wife celebrated their silver wedding, Sunday, by giving a dinner to a few intimate friends. Among those present were Rev. John Molitor, Henry Ostendorff and wife, Joseph Ostendorff and wife, Felix Garnier and wife and Alec Lamotte and wife. Nov. 9, 1892

It is a girl and our postmaster T.H. Weck might have been happy had it not been for the election. Yale, Nov. 12, 1890

Newton's portion of "young America" paid our German friend, Mathias
Weirmert, a visit on last Sundy, and partook pretty freely of Mr. Weirmert's hard cider. Oh! shame, boys. Tuesday, Apr 15, 1875

Charles Wetherholt has quit the hoop-pole business and will go to teaching. Sep. 10, 1890

For Sale:  20 acres of improved land, with good house, barn, well, outbuildings and young orchard thereon; 9 miles west of Newton.  Mat Wetherholt, Latona, IL. March 8, 1901

J.O. Wheeler, first lieutenant of Co. I, 98 Ill Vol Regt., is visiting his aged father. O.H. Wheeler, of this city. Wednesday, May 13, 1891

Lt. O.H. Wheeler stopped over on a short visit last week, while enroute to his home in Kansas from Indiana. Feb. 17, 1892

Frank A. Wheeler of Chicago attended the funeral of his grandfather Mr. O.H. Wheeler on last Thursday. August 5, 1891

Mrs. Frank A. Wheeler, of Chicago, is down on a visit to her parents, Louis Kinsel and wife. [Newton Press, July 26, 1893]

Mrs. J.P.
Whightsil is down from the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Whightsil will go to housekeeping in this city ere long. August 24, 1887

Mr. Ben White last week threshed 75 bushels of millet seed from 1/2 bushel of seed corn.-1883, ROSE HILL [contrib. by Source #28]

The home of Rev. M.L.
White in Turkey creek vicinity was destroyed by fire last week. Week of January 25, 1902.

White and J.H. Butler bought out Milt Mathews' butcher shop. [July 12, 1893]

Mrs. Laura B., widow of Col. John E. Whiting, of Carmi, was recently granted $9,600 arrearage and a life pension of $30 per month. Mrs. Whiting is the mother of Charles and Phil Whiting well known here, the former marrying Miss Lillie Scott several years ago. Feb. 25, 1891

Williams is the sole possessor of the only piece of valuable territory in Jasper county, as shown by the "town plot." Ahem! May 4, 1876

Williams and K. Vanatta are hunting for a living. T.R. Larimer and Henry Aten contemplate forming a co-partnership with them at an early day. 1878 (Contrib. by Source #28)

Frank Williams was found guilty of an assault in chawing the Rev. John O. Sutton's ear.on an indictment for mayhem and fined $25.00 and costs. For carrying a concealed weapon he was also muleted in the sum of $15.00 and costs. 1885 [contrib. by Source #28]

Our efficient Circuit Clerk, W. ?.
Williams, has gone to Vandalia after his wife, who has been there visiting her relatives during the last three or four weeks. July 2, 1874

The Olney papers speak of the marriage ceremony which united Christian
Wilhour and Rosetta Zerkel as having been performed in Preston township, Richland county. As this couple obtained their license in Newton we would advise them, if they haven't, to don't; and either to get new license in Richland county and be married there, or have the ceremony reperformed in Jasper county. February 5, 1890

Mr. And Mrs. Chas. Wilkerson of Perks attended the funeral of the nephew, Samuel, "Jess" Armstrong, Tuesday.
[Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, January 9, 1914]

Dr. S.F.
Williams was called to Casey Sunday morning, to the bedside of his grand-mother, who is very ill.Hidalgo, July 20, 1887

W.G. Williams and A.I. Midkiff have formed a copartnership in the real estate business. Mr. Williams is one of the best abstracters in the county and Mr. Midkiff a good judge of land. July 31, 1889

W.G. Williams, who has been down in Tennessee for several weeks, has returned home. He reports W.L. Heath and family and Mr. and Mrs. Hywel Davies, all of Jellico, doing well. Dec. 17, 1890

Circuit Clerk W. G.
Williams and Sheriff Wm. Trainor will accept thanks for recent courtesies shown the Press office. The Newton Weekly Press, Sept. 31, 1881

Miss Ellen Wilson of Kalamazoo, Mich., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Cooper of Newton. August 20, 1926

Mrs. E.
Wilson, of this place, left Wednesday morning for Ohio, where she will spend the winter with her relatives. Oct. 26, 1876

Joseph A. Wilson, of Newton and Wm. Babbs, of Falmouth, are among the lucky ones who get pension increases through their attorney, David Trexler. November 23, 1887

Misses Rilla
Wilson and Lulu Love have returned from Chicago. They, like all others, deny the reported extortions. Accommodations are very reasonable. [July 12, 1893]

Thomas Wilson, who lives near the line between Jasper and Crawford in the Bend, was in town yesterday. March 23, 1892

Wilson went to Mattoon last week, to work at his trade as a carpenter. He has a good job there. May 15, 1889

Wilson was down from Mattoon over Sunday. He and his brother James are employed in the Big Four shops. Oct. 22, 1890

Wm. P. Wilson, living about three miles southwest of Newton, we understand, has sold out his entire property - personal and real - and will remove to Arkansas in a short time. Mr. W. is a clever farmer and valuable citizen and we regret that he is to leave our county. [The Newton Press, Mar 6, 1874]

Austin College, Effingham, graduated a large class of students, last week, among them: Dale
Wiman, Yale who took a collegiate course, and Arthur Bower, Falmouth, short hand, Mr. Wiman is employed at Robinson as a High School Teacher. June 24, 1904

S.B. Winsor of Olney was in Newton yesterday closing up some loans. [The Newton Press, April 24, 1878]

Rev. Lewis
Winter, who is attending McKendree college at Lebanon, is visiting home folks. April 10, 1917

Wise and Lew Miller returned home last week from a trip into the State of Missouri. They report times as hard there as at home. Nov. 25, 1875

Ed Wisenran of Willow Hill who has been absent neary 2 years in Birmingham, Ala., returned yesterday. He is not in very good health. Aug. 20, 1890

Mrs. E.J.
Wishard has moved from near Gila to her farm in North Muddy. March 23, 1892

Our friend, Si Wishard, has permanently located in Newton for the purpose of practicing law. July 2, 1874

Wishard of Grove was in Newton today. 1876 (reprinted in "Ye Olde Days" Sept. 21, 1926)

Witcher, was re-appointed master in chancery of Richland County, last week, by Judge Youngblood. Nov. 19, 1901

Witting visited Mattoon, Monday. The Newton Weekly Press, Sept. 31, 1881

Uncle Dicky
Woods and Sonny Clark graced our streets last Tuesday with their stately proportions. Oct. 8, 1874

Woods will offer at public sale, at his farm four miles south of Newton, on Saturday April 1st, 1876, a lot of personal property, consisting of cattle, sheep, farming utensils, etc. March 16, 1876

Woods writes from Bonham, Fannin county, Texas, for the PRESS. All right Uncle Dick, you shall have it. Jan. 25, 1877

Uncle Dixon Woods and wife, of Bonham Texas, are visiting their son A.J. Woods, the east side restaurant keeper. Mr. Woods is in good health with the exception of the rheumatism. He thinks Texas is the place for him on account of the climate. George Barnes and family and Thomas Stapleton and family, old Jasperites, are doing well there he informs us. [The Newton Press, April 13, 1887] 

Rev. Mr. Woods, of Mattoon, held religious services a at the school house,Saturday night and Sunday. [Hunt City, The Newton Press, April 20, 1887]

Woods, formerly a citizen of this ocunty, but now of Fanan county, texas, writes to Frank Klair, of this county, in very flattering terms of his new home. He says that Texas is one of the finest stock countries in the world.

F. Woodward, living in Smallwood township, lost about $225 worth of wheat last week by fire. He was having the wheat threshed out with a steam thresher, when the straw was ignited by a spark from the engine -- and that little "frolic" was soon ended. Aug 19, 1875

Mr. and Mrs. Barney
Worland attended the funeral of the latter's sister, Mrs. Francis Smith at Neoga, Saturday. Mrs. Worland was at the bedside of her sister at Trowbirdge, Ill., when death came. Newton Press, Tuesday, July 13, 1926

Worland, Leo Bolander, Lester Barthelme and Walter Doran are back from the northern part of the state, where they have been working on farms or in the corn fields. [Ste. Marie Tribune - December 12, 1913]

Worland and Alois Ochs visited friends in Newton and St. Peters Sunday. [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Jan. 23, 1914]

Worland left Thursday morning for Chicago where he will visit his brothers, Paul and George. He will remain there for the summer if he finds employment. [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Jan. 23, 1914]

Mr. J.I.
Wyckoff and lady are paying their friends at Noble a visit this week. Tuesday, Apr 15, 1875

A Mr. J.E. Lee, of Lawrence county, has taken charge of the Wright hotel in this place, Mr. Wright having moved to Bugtown. Sep. 14, 1876

Wright transacted business in Newton Tuesday. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, December 19, 1913]

We are requested by William
Wright (colored) to state that he will not treat persons for Cancer in the future, unless he receives a fee of $5.00 for the same, in each and every case. Aug. 6, 1874

Mrs. V.C.
Wuerth and baby girl of Olney visited Mrs. Wuerth's mother, Mrs. C. Miller last Saturday. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, January 9, 1914]

V.C. Wuerth and Alvin Wagner of Olney spent Sunday here with friends and relatives. [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 16, 1914]

Peter Wolf who spent the holidays in the Bend with old acquaintances returned to Wisconsin Tuesday. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, January 9, 1914]

J.I. Wyckoff, merchant of this place, and wife returned on Tuesday from a visit to Noble, their old home. [The Newton Press, Feb 27, 1874]

Misses Mary and Ruth
Yager came down from Newton Wednesday morning to attend the Rennier-Lobmeir wedding in the Bend. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, November 14, 1913]

Capt. Chas.
Yelton, of Newton, visited his daughter, Mrs. Anslem Armer, from Thursday until Monday----- Toledo Democrat. December 11, 1903

This city has been in a feverish state of excitement since yesterday morning over the disappearance of Tommy
Yelvington ?, a boy whose mind has been impaired by disease, who wandered away from home Monday evening. The country in every direction was thoroughly searched by parties and all of the pools and ponds of water dragged without learning anything concerning the lad, until today at ten o'clock, when it was learned that he was at the poor farm, where he had been taken yesterday by Mr. Frank Sheckle, SR., who found him in the road going north toward Yale. Newton Press 1884

Yelvington and lady attended the Sunday School PicNic at the grove, near the brick school house last Thursday. Harve reports that there wasn't many present, but a good time was enjoyed all around. Aug. 6, 1874

Yelvington's brother, a resident of Indiana, is here on a visit. Feb. 10, 1876

Yelvington is now in Indiana. He will probably remove to that State in a short time. Feb. 24, 1876

Yelvington and family will start June 1st for the grasshopper State of Kansas. May success attend them. May 11, 1876

County Superintendent Milo D.
Yelvington, wife and baby spent a few days the first of the year with Wm. Houser and family. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, January 9, 1914]

Otis Yelvington went to Casey to see his girl Saturday. [The Newton Press, July 19, 1893]

Yingst of near Pesotum is down on a visit with relatives. Jan. 20, 1920

Arrested for Murder
Sheriff Wm. Trainor, Deputy Sheriff S.D. Leffler, Constable John Kern and Policeman Mat Hubbard arrested
Perry Yoder at the residence of his father-in-law, Mose Lewis, near Wheeler, Friday night and lodged him in jail on a charge of murder. Yoder is under indictment for killing Wm. Hogg in a fight in a house of ill fame at Bryan, Williams county, Ohio, about 2 years ago. Sheriff J. C. Bailey of Ohio, armed with a requisition took the prisoner to Bryan, Sunday. [The Newton Press, July 26, 1893]

Our young friend, John
Young, is now prepared to do painting on short notice. John is a first rate painter and those who need work in his line should give him a call. June 18, 1874

Mrs. Milo Youngman and daughter Esther of Newton spent Wednesday in Evansville. August 20, 1926

Rev. J.P. Yungling has moved to Robinson and his successor Rev. C.W. Sabine occupies the M.E. parsonage. Rev. Yungling was an able minister and we congratulate our sister city in securing him for the ensuing year. Oct. 22, 1890

Zeller of the United Brethren faith, preached at Fairview school house last Sunday. April 18, 1883 - Slate Point

J.L. Zook, of Sugar Creek Prairie, this county, on the night of the 25th ult., lost his dwelling house and a portion of his household goods by accidental burning, the fire originating by the accidental explosion of a lamp. The loss we understand is mostly covered by insurance. Oct. 19, 1876

Misses Clara and Stella Zuber who have been employed as domestics in the vicinity of Somonauk, Ill., are at home for the winter with their parents, Mr. And Mrs. Sam Zuber of Pond Grove.
[Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, January 9, 1914]

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