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WILLIAM BADGER was born in Jasper County, Ill., February 10,1839, and was the eldest of six children of Stephen and Sabrina Badger, the former a native of New Hampshire, the latter of Ohio. They were married in Jasper County, Ill., in 1837, afterward settled in Newton, making' various moves, and improving vast tracts of lands. He died in 1874, September 7. His widow still survives. The subject of this sketch was married December 20, 1864, to Samantha, daughter of Samuel and Clarissa Barrett. After their marriage, they settled on the same farm where they now live. Five children have been born to them, viz.: Minnie A. (deceased), Carrie L., Walter L., Fannie M. (deceased) and Omer R. Mr. Badger and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

ALBERT GALLATIN CALDWELL was one of the largest farmers, and the most extensive stock dealer, perhaps, in Jasper County. He was born in Vigo County, Ind., July 6, 1826. His parents are Robert and Jane (Watts) Caldwell, the former a native of Pennsylvania, the latter of Ohio. Robert came with his parents from Pennsylvania to Ohio, in 1808, and settled on a half section farm, eight miles southeast of Circleville. That farm is still owned by Robert's brother, John Caldwell, now eighty four years of age, the oldest resident, widely and favorably known in his (Pickaway) County, Ohio. Robert was married in Ohio, April 22,1819, came to Vigo County. Ind., in 1823, and died in same county, in 1832. Robert and Jane Caldwell had two children, Albert, our subject, and Robert Johnston. The latter was a farmer, well educated, and was married to Hannah Crews, of Vigo County, Ind., in 1854. She died April 30, 1856. He was next married to Sallie Bright, of Cumberland County, Ill., September 23, 1857. His death occurred before he was married a week, his disease being much like that of cholera, his age, twenty nine years. Robert's widow married James Beard. She died in 1863. Robert's father, William Caldwell, was born in 1764. He married Jane Moore, November 28, 1786. William died March 20, 1815. Jane, his wife, died September 1, 1823. Both had been consistent members (the former an elder) of the Presbyterian Church for many years. These parents and their youngest son, Johnston, are buried in the Mount Pleasant cemetery near Kington, Ross County, Ohio. These parents had nine children (eight sons and one daughter). John, above referred to, is the only one now known to be living. Albert G. Caldwell, our subject, was married to Lucy A. Crews, sister of Hannah Crews, before referred to, February 3,1848, by whom he had six children, Robert G., John A., Hannah C, Albert G., elsewhere mentioned, Elizabeth J. and Jane A. Elizabeth J. died December 23, 1855, in the second year of her age; James A., died August 1, 1856, in the second year of his age; Robert J., died June 30, 1871, in the twenty third year of his age; Hannah C, died December 13, 1872, in the twenty second year of her age. The last name 1, was the wife of Samuel M. Elhaney, married May, 1859. One child, Albert G., blessed this union. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Lucy Ann, the wife and mother, died May 3, 18?? in her twenty ninth year. John A. was married, July 14, 1882, to Anna Gordon, of Texas. Lucy Isabel is their child. Albert G., his father, was next married, September 30, 1857, to Mrs. Rebecca J. (Wagle) Arnold, of this county. She was the widow of John W. F. Arnold, who die 1 February 4, 1853. Her children are, Jonathan, Phebe  and J. Fletcher Arnold. Jonathan was married in 1871, to Sarah Clark, of Effingham County. Lillie and Fletcher are their children. Fletcher was married December, 187?, to Della Barton, of Jasper County. Edward and Eugene, are their children. Phebe is at the home place with her mother. To Albert G. and Rebecca J. Caldwell, were born Louisa J., Missouri C., and Lucy Ellen. Louisa died November 7, 1877, in her twentieth year. Missouri C is the wife of Philip Mason, married October 10,1883. Albert, the father, died April 23, 1880. The latter had a goo 1 common school education. Ha was brought up on the farm, and at the age of about seventeen years, was put to the cooper trade. He followed this business for about five years. He then again began working on the farm purchased by his father. This farm contained 32? acres, was located on Honey Creek prairie, a few miles southeast of Terre Haute, and changed hands about the year 1870, at $130 per acre. He continued on this farm until the year 1854, when he moved to Coles County, Ill., near Douglas, on a farm. He remained there about three years, then moved to Jasper County, near Island Grove, Grove Township. He traded, in partnership with James Crews (his brother-in-law) until 1859, when each began business for himself. Mr. Caldwell was remarkably successful in business. At his death he owned more than 1,500 acres of land, 170 head of cattle, 150 head of hogs, eight head of work horses, besides other stock and money. He was kind to the poor, and gave liberally to churches of all denominations, and worthy enterprises. He stood high in the estimation of the citizens of his county, and several times was urged to accept the nomination (the nomination being equal to an election) of Representative to the State Legislature. Mr. C. was a man of positive convictions, scrupulously honest in all he did, kind and obliging to the greatest extreme, loved and respected by all who knew him. His was a busy, useful and successful life. No one in the county, perhaps, had more friends or fewer enemies. He was a member of Newton Lodge I. O. O. F., and in politics a Democrat.

Albert Gardner Caldwell, farmer and stock dealer, was born in Jasper County, Ill. His parents were Albert G. and Lucy A. (Crews) Caldwell, elsewhere mentioned. Albert G., the subject of this sketch, had a good common school education. Working on the farm and attending school were his occupation during his boyhood days. He was married, December 2,1875, to Alice Robertson, of this county. She is a daughter of John and Rebecca Robertson, well and favorably known in Indiana. They now live in Texas. Robert J. and Lucy A. are their children. Mr. C. has been very successful in business, as he now owns 90? acres of land, 760 of which are well improved. He has on hand at present writing 125 head of cattle, 42 head of horses, 16 mules and 40 head of hogs. He has a pleasant, happy home, has a flattering prospect before him and may well be classed among the wealthy, influential and responsible citizens of the county. He has an eye to business, and is always ready to buy when the price suits him. In politics he is a Democrat.

REBECCA J. CALDWELL, (wife of Albert G. Caldwell, deceased), was born in Montgomery County, Ky., February 15, 1827, and was the daughter of Asa and Cassandra Wagle, both natives of Kentucky. Her mother died in 1827 and her father married Phoebe Rickman, and in 1840 moved to Jasper County, Ill., where he died in 1877. Rebecca was married to Fletcher Arnold, January 10, 1842, and settled in Grove Township, where he died February 4, 1853. Her second marriage occurred September 30, 1857, to Albert G. Caldwell. Her children are as follows: Jonathan A., Phoebe and John F., children of Mr. Arnold, and Elizabeth (deceased); Missouri C. and Lucy E., children by Mr. Caldwell.

JAMES L. CREWS was born near Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Ind. , November 14, 1825, and was the son of John and Elizabeth R. Crews, the former a native of Tennessee, the latter of Kentucky. The grandfather, James Crews, was a Revolutionary soldier, born in Virginia and settling in Tennessee at an early period, where he remained until his death. He raised a large family, among whom were six sons. His son, John, the father of our subject, came to Vigo County, Ind., about the year 1820, remaining there until his death, which occurred in 1876. His wife survives, aged eighty six years. Their son James settled in Jasper County, Ill., in 1850, purchasing a small tract of land and commencing the business of stock raising, in which he has been very successful, being now one of the most extensive dealers in stock in Jasper County and owning a large farm of 1,400 acres. Mr. Crews was married September 19, 1850, to Mary A. Green, of Cumberland County, III. Eleven children were born to this union, viz.: John (deceased), Mary, F. Franklin, Harriet, Alexander (deceased), David, Lucy A., Ella M., James, Maria (deceased) and Joseph, (deceased;. Mrs. Crews died February 6, 1883. Mr. Crews is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and a worthy citizen.

JOHN T. HANNA was born in Fountain County, Ind., October 9, 1829, and was the son of Albert G. and Mary (Stoops) Hanna, the former a native of Indiana, the latter of Kentucky. The grandparents of the subject of this sketch were natives of North Carolina but emigrated to Indiana at an early period, locating in what is now Union County, afterwards moving to Carroll County, where they died. John Hanna's father was twice married and was the father of thirteen children. The subject of this sketch was married September 6, 1858, to Catherine E., daughter of James T. and Elizabeth Morris. Eight children were born to this union, viz.: Mary E. (deceased), Emma M., Anna B., Clara A., Morris W., Eva E. (deceased), Alvira E. and Lillie I. After his marriage Mr. Hanna resided in Carroll County, Ind., until 1860, when he moved to Jasper County, Ill., where he has since resided.

C. G. HESS was born in Montgomery County, Ohio, October 5, 1829, and was the second in a family of twelve children of David L. and Ann V. (Grove) Hess, the former a native of Maryland, the latter of Virginia. The grandfather of the subject of this sketch was a native of Germany and emigrated to America in an early day, settling in Maryland, where he raised his family, from which State David L. moved in 1828 to Montgomery County, Ohio. C. G. Hess was married September 29, 1864, to Sarah J., daughter of Robert and Nancy Dawsou, a native of Brown County, Ill. Five children have been born to this union, viz.: David L., Annie L., Robert D., Ida V. and Emma E. Mr. Hess has been a resident of Jasper County, Ill., since 1867, and is much respected and has an interesting family.

WILLIAM C. JUNIOR was born in Spencer County, Ky., October 18, 1820, and was the eldest of ten children of Joshua and Elizabeth (Romine) Junior, the former a native of Tennessee, the latter of Kentucky. In 1830 William came with his parents to Vigo County, Ind., where he lived several years, and where he was married March 4, 1844, to Margaret J., daughter of James and Jane Beard. In 1855 Mr. Junior moved to Jasper County, Ill., and purchased the same farm where he now lives, and has developed from wild land a finely improved farm of 180 acres. Seven children have been born to this union, viz.: Elizabeth J. born April 26, 1846, died September 3,1848; Rebecca A. born November 1, 1849; Sarah A., December 14, 1851, died September 20,1852; Alice B. born January 7, 1854; Martha J., born February 29,1855, Lucy E., born May 28,1858, and an infant daughter unnamed, born and died September 26, 1861. Mrs. Junior died June 10, 1878. Mr. Junior is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and an esteemed citizen.

MATHEW MEINHART was born in Upper Austria, March 6, 1838, and was third in a family of seven children of Mathias and Turissa (Krois) Meinhart, both natives of Austria. In 1860, the family emigrated to America, settling first in Stephenson County, Ill., afterward moving to Jasper County, where Mathias now lives. His wife died in 1865. Mathew, the subject of this sketch, emigrated to America in 1857, landing in New York City, where he remained until the following year, when he came to Stephenson County, Ill., and in 1865 came to Jasper County and purchased land where he still resides, being now a prosperous farmer with 260 acres of land, well improved. Mr. Meinhart was married September 13, 1880, to Ann M., daughter of Joseph and Caroline Weishaar, a native of Germany. One child has been born to this marriage, viz.: Jacob F.

DR S. B. METHENY was born in Licking County, Ohio, March 22, 1830, and was a son of James and Rhoda (Bell) Metheny the former a native of Virginia, the latter of Ohio. The grandfather of Dr. Metheny lived in Virginia in 1770, and remained there until 1820, when he moved to Licking County, Ohio, thence, in 1846, to Jasper County, Ill., where he died in 1851. Dr. Metheny's father died in 1849 in Grove Township, and his widow married Thomas Wisemore, and died in 1851. The subject of this sketch was apprenticed in 1849 to the carpenters' trade, which business he pursued for several years. He was married March 29, 1849, to Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Mary Soven, and a native of Hancock Co., Ind. In 1855, Mr. Metheny began the study of medicine with Dr. Norman Cornstock. After reading three years, he commenced the practice of his profession in Harrisburg, Jasper County, remaining there until 1871. He then moved to Grove Township, where he successfully practices his profession. Ten children have been born, to him, viz.: Norman, Joseph H. (deceased), Herman , Mary J., George W., Jonathan C, James A., Nancy A. (deceased), Samuel K. and Sarah E.

PETER MYERS was born in Fountain County, Ind., December , 1835, and was a son of John and Catherine Myers. He remained with his parents until twenty six years of age, when he began life for himself. Mr. Myers was married August 6, 1861, to Susan, daughter of John and Mary Krout, of Fountain County, Ind., in which county he resided, working at the blacksmiths' trade until 1873, when he removed to Jasper County, Ill., settling on a farm, where he now resides. Ten children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Myers, viz.: Ephraim, infant son unnamed (deceased), Austin (deceased), infant daughter unnamed (deceased), Nettie V., Charles O-, Rosie A., Stella L., Harry C. and Clara C. Mr. and Mrs. Myers are members of the Lutheran Church.

DR. N. D. MYERS was born in Fountain County, Ind., February 17,1843, and was a son of John and Catherine (Fine) Myers, the former a native of Kentucky, the. latter of North Carolina, and of German lineage. His grandfather emigrated from Germany to America before the Revolutionary war, and participated in that struggle, dying in 1792. The father of our subject came to Fountain County, Ind., in 1829, and engaged in farming, also devoting some time to mercantile pursuits and saw-milling. Here he married, and with his wife now resides in Jasper County, Ill., they having lived together fifty-one years. Dr. Myers, after availing himself of all the advantages of the district school, entered Harmonia College, Russellville, Ind., where he remained three terms, after which he entered the State University at Bloomington, Ind., taking a scientific course. He afterward engaged in teaching, and in the spring of 1868 began the study of medicine with A. T. Steele, of Waveland, Ind., reading two years. He then entered Rush Medical College, Chicago, but that institution being burned he went to Cincinnati, where he received his diploma March 1, 1872. He practiced medicine first in Veedersburg, Ind., afterwards in Brownsville, Ind. His marriage occurred at Crawfordsville, Ind., March 13, 1873, to Mattie J., daughter of Samuel and Sarah A. Ward. Three children have been born to this marriage, viz.: Bessie L., Minnie M. and Lulu P. Dr. Myers has resided in Jasper County, Ill., since 1874, and is an esteemed citizen and skillful physician.

JOHN SOWERS was a son of Noah and Catherine (Griffith) Sowers, both natives of Page County, Va., where they were married, and from whence they moved in 1844 to Licking County, Ohio, going thence, in 1849, to Jasper County, Ill., where the father died in 1853. The mother still survives. John was the eldest of nine children. He was married February 2, 1853, to Mary E., daughter of Reuben and Mary Carr. He lived in Crooked Creek Township on a farm of his father-in-law's until 1865, when he moved on the farm he now owns and occupies, consisting of 160 acres of land under good cultivation. Nine children have been born to them, viz.: James W. (deceased), an infant son unnamed (deceased), Mary J., John H., Martha C., Christian C., Reuben H., William T. and Owen. Mr. Sowers is one of the progressive and energetic men of Jasper County.
ALEXANDER WALLACE was born in Orange County, Ind., June 23, 1836, and was one of ten children born to James H. and Serena Wallace, the former a native of Kentucky, but moving with his parents to Indiana, where his marriage occurred, and thence in 1850 to Jasper County, Ill., where he died. The son, Alexander, was married April 2, 1857, to Clarinda J., widow of Elisha Wilson and daughter of John E. and Eveline Goodwine. Since his marriage he has lived in Jasper County, Ill., all the time except one year. Nine children have been born to this marriage, viz.: John, J., Millard P., Ellen (deceased), Charles (deceased), Alvin (deceased), Theodore (deceased), Warren (deceased), Effie and Byron.


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