Grove Family
Septor Grove

From the home of John G. Grove of Route 3, Greenup, this side of the Jasper-Cumberland county line, came the above photograph of his grandfather, the late Septor Grove, a Civil War veteran, who died in 1914 at the age of 86.

Make of the automobile in which he was photographed has not been identified although it is evidently of early vintage with carbide lights and chain drive.

Mr. Grove also has in his possession the metal identification tag worn by his grandfather in the war. On one side, inside a wreath engraving, is the inscription "S. Grove, Co. E. 123, Ill. Vol." The reverse side, showing a canon, crossed gun and sword with a shield beneath bears the lettering "Wilder's Lightning Brigade * 1861-65.

The Grove homestead of 120 acres was acquired by a U.S. government grant and was located near Advance in Grandville township.

Septor Grove in 1875 helped to organize and build the Methodist church in Yale, in which he and his wife held membership.

Mr. Grove's son, Amos, at whose home the above picture was taken, is now deceased, as are his two daughters, Mrs. Isadora Dunn and Mrs. Emma Hepner.

Mrs. Oscar Kennedy, Mrs. Merle Earnest and Mrs. Everett Russell are also grandchildren of the Civil War veteran.

Contributed by Michael Worthey

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