in Jasper County, IL
©Transcribed by Kim Torp from the original microfilm of the Newton Press Newspaper

Newton Press, May 28, 1874
The following is a partial list of the persons who stopped at the American House, in this place, during the past week.

Frank M. Masquelet, of Duqoin, Ill. Mr. M. was formerly in the drug business at Effingham, Ill., and consequently is not to say a stranger in this section of country.

Wiley Honey, of Smallwood tp. Mr. H. was here attending the delinquent tax sale.

Mr. C.N. Warner, and family, from Gibson's Store. Mr. W. but recently removed from Ohio to this county, and we understand, is well pleased with our beautiful prairies.

Mr. Burnsides, of North Muddy, and E. Mohaney, of South Muddy, this county.

Wm. Legore, from Jewett, Ill.

R. Young and F. Larney, of Louisville, Ill.

M.T. Kelley and J.R. Adams, of Terre Haute, Indiana. Mr. Kelley represents the Wholesale Boot & Shoe House of crawford, Oboyh & Co., and Mr. Adams represents the Wholesale Hardware House of S.M. Cook, all of that city.
These gentlemen we understand, expect to visit Newton once in every sixty days, so save your orders until they come the next time.

The following named persons have stopped at the American and Miller houses in this place since our last issue:

Newton Press, June 4, 1874

M. Blake, Assessor of Willow Hill Twp
Wm. Weger, DeWitt Co., Ill
D.W. Smith, Piatt Co., Ill
J.T. Covil, agent Singer Sewing Machine Co., Greenup, Ill
E. Chapman, Crooked Creek Twp
F. Guthneck, St. Marie, Ill
Col. J.J. Rider, St. Marie, Ill
Jesse Fry, near Trexler's Mill, Jasper co, IL
James Hallester, produce dealer, Olney, IL
Wm. Codejohan, cigar manufacturer, Olney, IL
J. Mikesell, drummer for the firm of Andrews, Bates & Co.
M. Warren, drummer for Holman & Cox, wholesale grocers.
Charley Johnson & Bro, insurance agents.

Mr. Wilson, Sterling, IL
Dr. Comstock and Jo. Hodgins, Harrisburg, Jasper co, IL
S. Wishard and wife, Altamont, IL
Geo. Lewis, Greenup, IL
Clay Harris, Olney, IL
Mr. Duvall and family, South Muddy Twp
Rev. Mr. Reed, South Muddy twp
W. Funk, Wlliotstown, Ill
W. Lake, Elliotstown, IL
John Metz, Springfield, Ohio
Chas. Mason, South Muddy twp
Geo. Price, Indianapolis, IN
Bill Fipps, Grove twp, Jasper co, IL

June 11, 1874

John Moody, Olney, IL
John Goodrich, North Muddy township, Jasper co.
Squire Lemon, supervisor, Grandville twp
J.R. Johnson, supervisor, St. Marie twp
Geo. Trowbridge, supervisor, Willow Hill twp
L.F. Stoltz, Willow Hill twp
James P. Warren, Crooked Creek twp
Israel Whaley, supervisor, South Muddy twp
Aaron Landers, Crawford county
Dr. Comstock, Harrisburg
Col. Rider, St. Marie
Al. Hartrich, St. Marie twp
Frank Miller, Terre Haute, wholesale notion wagon, and Win. Neal, driver, Marshall, Ill
L.A. Watkins, drummer, wholesale house of Lyon, Poundstone & Co., Cincinnati
Jacob Furst & Partner, wholesale jewelers, Cincinnati


N. Dresser, jeweler, St. Louis
G.W. Ridgway, silversmith, Olney, IL
Frank Shambeck, Jewett, IL
Alex. Wilson, Grove twp
S. Burns, Olney, IL
John Mason, supervisor, North Muddy twp
Geo. Lewis, Greenup, IL
Wm. M. Jones, Crooked Creek twp
Dr. Epeprson, Grove twp
Dr. Williams and lady, Grove twp
John Parkison, North Muddy twp
Lyman Randall, Smallwood twp
Geo. and A.B. Bixler, Smallwood twp
Joseph Marshall, Oblong, crawford co, Il
R.W. Dalton, Oblong, IL
Dr. Dudgman, Grandville, IL
Dr. Youngman, Richland Co., Il
John Hays and son, Grove twp
John Duvall, South Muddy twp

June 18, 1874

Mr. Warf, Olney, IL
J.L. Lefever, Farmington, IL
Thos. Ryan and John Attey, Martinsville, IL
C.L. Vincent, Carmi, IL
Joseph Shyrer and Mr. Orman, Terre Haute, Ind.
Nathan Lambird and Daniel Perrine, Smallwood twp
Capt. Long and Geo. McCrellin, Oblong, IL
Wm. Wilson, Grove twp
Geo. Arnold, Grove twp
Dr. Shamhart, South Muddy twp
Dr. Cook, Tail Holt, Effingham county, IL
Joseph Doyl, Grove twp
John Dawson, South Muddy twp
Thos. Lewis, Grove twp
F. Tossey, Prairie City, Ill
Dan. Dennett, Charleston, Il
Dan. Pritchett, South Muddy twp
Wm. Babbs, Effingham county
Jack Scott, Effingham county
Albert Caldwell, Jack Lowe and Bob Caldwell, Grove twp
Mr. Marsh, Bloomington, IL

B. Crosby & Co., Van Amburgh's advance agents.
Wm. McClure, Olney, IL
T.G. Martin, Springfield, Ohio, agent Champion Reaper & Mower
Harvy Evans, Habel, Ill., drummer for Merrell's medicine
Cyriac Kauffman, St. Marie township
Jo. Fifer, Jasper county
H. Jahart, Middletown, Ind.
Mr. Stotler, Richland co
Mr. Krouse, St. Marie twp
G. Clark, Jasper co.
Nat. Bogard, St. Marie twp
John A. Rider and G. Gill, St. Marie
Al. and Eugine Hartrich, St. Marie twp
Joseph and Dr. James Picquett, Sant Marie
Col. J.J. Ryder, St. Marie
L. Cobb, St. Marie
Gangloff and Son, St. Marie
Dr. Harris, St. Marie
John Brynhart, Louisville, IL
Mr. Rotan, attorney, Louisville, IL
Dr. Hecker, Oblong,Il
D.N. Deems, New Liberty, Ill
Alex. Manns, cattle agent, Edgar co, IL
Jack Scott, merchant, Jasper co
Dave Johnson and wife, Jasper co.
J.A. & D.P. Worcester, map agents, Effingham, IL

June 25, 1874

Jo. Randolph, New Liberty
Frank Thompson, Grandville
Avery Hankens, Smallwood twp
Dave Bogard, St. Marie twp
J.M. Evans, St. Louis
Charley Wakefield, Smallwood twp
George Gill, Jo. Picqett, Gus Rider and I. Thompson, St. Marie
J.B. SMith and Capt. WM. Wood, Crawford county
Messrs. McIntyre & Chapen, Mattoon
Al. Hammer and Dr. Comstock, Crooked Creek
Van Amburgh's show company - 40 in number
W.A. Wright, Sigourney, Iowa

S.S. & C.E. Stevens, Terre Haute
Sam. Parks, Park Co., Ind
Jesse Fry, South Muddy twp
David Trexler and Geo. Bixler, Smallwood twp
Nick McCullum, Parkersburg, Ill
Dr. Thompson, Cincinnati
Thos. Whitmore, Urbana, Ill
Van Amburge's show company - 19 in number
Jack Lowe, E. & B. Filer, John Mason, Mr. Musher and Mr. Lewis, Grove twp
Wm. Funk, Elliottstown, Il
Mr. Dole and family, South Muddy twp

July 2, 1874
The following persons have stopped at the
American House since our last report:

Wm. McElwee, Greenup, IL
A.J. Hunter, Paris, IL
J.J. Fouty, Granville twp
John Byan and lady, Terre Haute, Ind
Wm. Tippitt, Richland county
Charley Grube, Springfield, OH
Chas. Seeley, E. Lawrence, Wm. Mann and Joseph Bird, Crooked Creek twp
J.F.M. Reese, Willow Hill twp
Dr. Clutter and Partner, Noble, Il
J.R. Adams and J. Kelley, Terre Haute, Ind
Mr. Mickewell, Cincinnati, OH
Mr. Mann Warren, Terre Haute, Ind
Mr. Marsh, Smallwood twp
E.M. Clark, Mattoon, Il
R. Cleghorne, Greenup, IL

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