Jasper County, Illinois
School Class Pictures

Jones School

Jones School 1900
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher]

Jones School
c. 1903

Jones School

Printed in the newspaper (probably the Newton Press) and contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher:

"Pictured above are students of the Jones school taken about 1903. This picture is owned by Elza Brooks.

Front row, left to right: ----, Roger McNeese, Lewis Williams, Thad Jones, Earl Cummins, Roy Quiatt, Mamie Brooks, Zola Earnest, Ora Rutherman, Velva Brooks ---.

Second row: Effie Williams, Vera McNeese, Bettie Williams, Willie Earnest, Elza Brooks, Audry Jones.

Third row: May Rutherman, Clara McKinney, Audry Stuckard, Betty Williams, Nellie Bliss, Carrie Rutherman, Corda Price, Cynthia Price, Lizzie Brooks, Lu Bliss, Rachel Byrd.

Fourth row: Guy Bliss and Wiley Lewis, teacher.

Two boys in the window Claude Ping and Fred Bliss. Girls in the other window were not identified."

Jones School

This photo of the Jones School three miles northeast of Falmouth was taken in 1910.

First row: Charles Coad, Everett Uhl, Earl Scott, Coral Brooks, Cecil Williams, Emil Williams, Ethel Dougherty, Beryl Brooks, Fern Byrd, Winnie Dougherty, Arthur Uhl, George Sala, Willie Sala, Lee Holmes.
Second row: Joe Coad, Jesse Walls, Wendell Holmes, Victor Turner, Dorothy Coad, Lucy Sala.
Third row: Betty Williams, teacher, Etha Coad, Myrtle Holmes, Bertha Holmes, Alma Fencl, Mayme Price, John Jones, Dewey Allison, Everett Turner, Hazel Scott, Stella Skaggs.

Everett Turner of Hoopeston owns the picture.

Fairview School - 1923

Printed in the newspaper (probably the Newton Press) and contributed to IL Trails by Rhonda Swisher

(Names were hard to read)

"This picture shows the Old Fairview school, one mile north of Hunt. Clyde Farley of Willow Hill is the owner of the photograph, which was taken in 1923 (? maybe 1925 - it's hard to read)

First row: Eugene Crandall, Gordon Farley

Second row: Eva --, Clyde Farley, Mar? Rude, Don Crandall, Margaret (Lindsay) Chapman, Bertha Crandall

Third row: Alma (Rude) Chapman, Chester Race, Susie Rude, Harlin Rude, Avis Crandall, Ethel (Rude) Baker."

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