Kerns School Pictures


Grove Township, Jasper County, IL

1899 Picture of Students attending Kern's School

Many thanks to Leah Davis (my new-found cousin!!) for sharing this picture with us!

From the Newton Press:

"This picture of the KERNS school was taken in 1899. The school was located one mile south and two miles east of Gila. Dora Myers is the owner of the photo.

First row, left to right: Emery Coverstone, Claud Coverstone, Cleo Strole, Ben Smith, Flora Trimble, Elcie Trimble, Vella Isley, Iva Dart.

Second row: Harry Linthicum, Milo Jack, Herman Salzman, Charles Strole, Edward Strole, Rachel Lee, William Decker, Carl Beard, Jessie Jack, Minnie Lee, Tom Eagleton, Martin Salzman.

Third row: Inez Feezel, teacher, Lida Dart, Myrta Linthicum, Jocia Bush, Lizzie Shumard, Amy Coverstone, Clista Isley, Lora Eagleton, Addie Strole, Ella Strole, Mollie Beard, Docia Hix, Orvil Isley, William O'Dell, Nellie (Beard) Kibler.

Fourth row: Hal Isley, Eva Eagleton, Dora Coverstone, Maggie Sappenfield, Nettie (or Nellie?) Isley, Mary Kushner, Lawrence Coverstone, Chester Beard, Frank Lee, Orley Isley, David Coverstone, Bud Kushner, William O'Dell."

List of Kern's Students in 1908:

Lenna Coverstone, Dovie Lee, Dortha Isley, Pearl Hicks, Viva Trimble, Clista Coverstone, Lille Trimble, Ila Strole, Emery Strole, Marvin Hicks, Marvin Wilson, Lee Koontz, Willie Selby, Floyd Koontz, Wilbern House, Clarence Brackney, Dell Stroud, John Brackney, Echo Lawrence, Charlie Brackney, Frank Trimble, Inez Hicks, Dola Isley, May Trimble, Eliza Erwin, Lucy Coverstone, Marie Hicks, Opal Hutton, Royce Trimble, James Admire, Raymond Lee, Willie Hicks, WIlliam Erwin, Loyd Koontz, Robert Erwin, William Koontz, Roy Strole, Neva Cullums, Cloren Hicks, Julia Brackney, Herbert Koontz and Roy Lee.

The members of the school board were Lewis Patterson, Owen Hicks and John V. Strole

[Provided by Mrs. Emery (Stella Weber) Strole] and re-printed in "Jasper County Heritage"

Kern's School - 1912

Taken from a newspaper clipping (probably the Newton Press-Mentor).

(Webmaster's note: My personal thanks goes to Rhonda Swisher for contributing this picture because it has some of my family members in it and has supplied me with the only pictures I have of them. One note: Marie Hicks' married name was Kugler, not Kruger as the newspaper item states (Marie and her brothers Marvin & Roscoe were my first cousin twice removed, my half first cousin twice removed and my 4th cousin 3 times removed, while Willie Hicks was simply my 1st cousin twice removed).

"This photo of Kerns School in Grove township was made in 1912 when W.I. Ross was the teacher. The photo is owned by Roy W. Lee of Newton.

First row: Dale Strole, Roscoe Hicks, Lloyd Koontz, Floyd Koontz, Dell Strowd, Frank Trimble.

Second row: Ila Strole Foltz, Clista Coverstone Clark, Echo Lawrence, Mabel Coverstone Clark, Mabel Koontz Whiteside, Roy W. Lee, Roy Strole.

Third row: Pearl Hicks Hensley, Lennie Coverstone Isley, Dorothy Isley Watkins, Opal Hutton, Lucy Coverstone Eck, Lillie Trimble Tucker, Marie Hicks Kruger (sic), Raymond Lee, Emery Strole, Royce Trimble

Fourth row: William Selby, Virgil Shumard, Earnest Beard, Marvin Hicks, Willie Hicks, Herbert Koontz, Guy Isley, James Admire, William Koontz and W.I. Ross, teacher"

Kern's School - 1915

From a newspaper clipping (probably the Newton Press-Mentor) and contributed by Rhonda Swisher:

"The above photograph of Kerns school, which was located 2 miles east and one mile south of Gila, was taken in 1915. Owner of the picture is Lucy Eck of Newton.

Seated in front are Lillie (Trimble) Tucker and Ocie Moomaw, teacher

First row: Hazel Stalker, Echo Lawrence ---, Lucy (Coverstone) Eck, Dortha (Isley) Watkins, Marie Hicks ---, Ila (Strole) Foltz, Clista (Coverstone) Clark, Mammie Stalker ---,

Back row: Frank Trimble, Floyd Koontz, Les Koontz, Roy Strole, Lloyd Koontz, Emery Strole

Lloyd and Floyd Koontz are twins. The Stalkers lived on the old Sappenfield place, which is now owned by Garland Diel."

[Webmaster's note: Behind the 2nd girl in the 1st row is Frank Trimble .....his head is only partially visible to the left of the girl.]

"Probably taken in the fall of 1937"

1930 Kern's School Picture
Contributed by Archie & Hallie Strole.

Hallie Strole states: "There are errors in the names. Reading from left to right:

Front row: Sarah Jane Trimble, Jim Jester, Hallie Strole.

2nd Row: Louise Jester, Anita Lee Ochs, Danny Nichols, John Strole.

3rd Row: Bobby Nichols, Charles Jester, _______Carter.

4th Row: Helen Strole Simpson, _________Carter.

J.W. Trimble was not old enough to be in this picture. Mary Nichols got confused between the Jester family and the Carter family. I don't remember the Carter family, other than they were here for just one school year and lived in the same house that the Wilson family lived in. I believe the oldest Carter boy's name was Elwood. "

The school closed at the end of the 1946/57 school year. President of the School Board at the time of closing was Everett Beals, the Clerk was Charles Linthicum, the director was Hugo "Pete" Newlin. The students were Hallie Beals, Gladys Beals, Larry Kibler, Paul Linthicum, Juanita Newlin, Walter Trimble, Joan Trimble, Omer Beals, Arlin Bloemaker, Rex Kibler, Charles Albert Trimble, Doris Bloemaker, Richard Kibler, Harold Newlin, Margaret Newlin and J.W. Trimble.
On Oct 4, 1947, the schoolhouse and grounds were sold to C.H. Wooard. On Oct 25, 1971, he sold the one-half acre to Dean Beard.
[Information from Hallie Strole]

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