1896 Latona School Class Picture

Thanks to Karen Fink for contributing this picture!!

picture of 1896 Latona school class

From the Newton Press:

"Students of LATONA School, as of 1896, from photograph brought in by Mrs. Capatora Price of Route 1, Newton:

First row, left to right: Belle (Palmer) Clark, Nell (Wetherholt) Dukes, ----, ----, ----, ----, Merritt Murphy, Cappa (Trexler) Price, Lala (Wetherholt) Knight, Edith Palmer.

Second row: Pearl (Minnick) Wetherholt, Rose (Gorrell) Worthey, Elizabeth (Kirkham) Kaufmann, Charlotte (Filinger) Bryan, Edward French, Dan Kirkham, teacher, Brett Clagg, Marion Murphy, Mary (Palmer) Knepper;

Third row: Chloe (Minnick) Ochs, Maud Murphy, ---- Whitehurst."

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